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Dream About Digging Up The Past meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this zombie dream mean?

Okay, well, I was in my high school. I'm a teenager, so that's where I usually am. Zombies scare me half to death, like no other, and I hate them all the time. So I always wake up scared that I am going to be eaten by them... Anyways...
So I am in the high school. There are zombies all around, and I am in a room that has just normal people. One of them turns zombie and chases us out, so i run into this bathroom with my friend. Zombies are scratching at the door, and she falls asleep... Then I hear a voice that says 'you need to ditch her, and get out yourself...' so, it scared me. I decided to throw her body out of the door, and climb out the window in the bathroom. When I climbed out I met up with a lot of other kids going to the seminary building. I followed them, and we were all in a single file line. None of the zombies were touching us, and it was very strange... The main bishop guy asked "Do you kids know why they aren't touching you?" and some kid answered "Our cell phones are repelling them!" and I guess that was the right answer... So then we went into the chapel. I was in the very back, and to my right was a door. All around us the zombies weren't trying to get inside, because we were in the church. They locked the doors with big metal bars. I looked to the left, and there was a guy at a computer. On the computer was a picture of the church, and little green blips all around it. He looked at the door to the right, and almost screamed. He ran to it just in time before the zombies opened it, and he slammed a door in front of that one, only for the zombies to keep trying to get in... So he turned around and yelled, 'Tell my mother I love her!' and went outside to distract them while a steel door came down in front of that one... So then I saw the guy I liked, and I went and held his hand, and everything was alright... We then went back into the school and my dream was over.

Any interpreters willing to do this?
This isn't the first time I have had a 'zombie in high school' dream...
I also have dreams of zombies just attacking my house...
So it would be nice to know what you guys can help me with. (:

that's wierd. becos two years ago, i had 3 dreams, back to back. all of them had to do with Scooby Doo on Zombie Island (a movie that scared the crap out of me when i was little). one of them involved my hs. your dream probs doesn't mean anything. dreams are just weird mish-moshes of memories, vague thoughts, daydreams, experiences, recollections, and things you are thinking about subconsciously. that's a wierd dream but as long as it's not bothering you don't fret! if you start experiencing mroe and more troubling dreams, see a psychiatrist or a therapist or something. not that your crazy, but they might be able to dig past the dream to find out what thoughts are bothering you and causing it.

hope this helps!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a disturbing dream where I was at a caravan park and there was a dead body under the caravan so at night I go dig it out and then for some reason I needed to hide it into a different place so I go to the pool side and chuck it into the pool where loads of kids are playing and suddenly I climb onto a roof and jump of it onto the floor and die...

What The Hell? Does anyone know what on earth this dream could mean?

Example: Does This Dream Have a Meaning?

Last night I dreamed I skinny dipped at a public pool. I don't know why, but there was dirt at the bottom of the pool, so I dug down a bit and found a chest full of treasure. Did it mean something or was it just a weird dream?

Example: What does my dream mean?


Example: Dream meaning?

Ok so in the dream I was in this school maybe, of talent? So I was in this class room sitting in a class room chairs in rows. Then the teacher said something like who wants to try out for vocalist, 3 or 4 girls got up , in the dream I wanted to get up but I knew my voice wasn't good. Then my friends called me over, I went with her and we got out of that room, we went to a room with a big bed in the middle and there was a hamster or gerbil on the bed. It was hers. She told me to take care of it, then she left. Her pet was sleeping, and I was just checking under covers, then the pet woke up then jumped then went to sleep again. My friend came back then we went outside to a playground, there was a boy and a little girl caged in the playground, my friend told me tht thier mother did tht cuz they are bad. Then this Italian man with a long black leather coat walks past us and says "grazie". I said it back. But I kept looking at him, then I saw him digging and looking around, like he was hiding something. Then i heard name was called, it sounded like a man but not at the same time.

(So what do you think?)

Example: What could this dream mean?

I just had a dream that was really powerful for some reason. It started off where I was in this cellar with these random upperclassmen plus this guy who hates my older brother. I started yelling at the guy and then left, and was in my neighborhood. Suddenly it was dark out, and I remembered I had to go to this party at this house in my neighborhood for this girl I'm not actually friends with. We were making a video project for school, in the dark and there was snow out. There were cars out driving and I was scared because I always get nervous when it's night time and a car drives slowly past me. I ran away and into the house because I was scared, but then I remembered about the party. I was upstairs at the friend's house when I all the sudden got an invitation for another party that was going on downstairs. It was the "1981 New Years Party" (I'm 15 so I wasn't alive then). On the invitation it said that I would be "revisiting my old family," so I went downstairs where the New Years party was happening and immediately saw my family+ extended family laughing and talking together at the dining room table. I saw my old self, when I was a 3 or 4 year old, and so I picked up my younger self and started dancing with her, going around the house, showing her the different rooms and things going on. My younger self seemed to have slightly different hair and eyes that were changing colors and shapes, but I didn't notice it, because I knew it was myself. I was super happy but then I was told that I had to leave- so I said goodbye to her and went upstairs to my friend's party. Then I woke up.

Example: Do dreams have meaning?

I don’t normally think dreams mean any thing at all. But when I woke up this morning this one was bugging the hell out of me. So here goes: some old guy was telling me that I need to find the body’s of 3 dead girls that were wrongly killed for being witches. He told me that I need to look toward the ruins of an old city. So then this girl and boy were with me and we were running though a swamp of old ruins to try and find theses dead girls but we were being chased by a mob that didn’t want us to help the witches. All I remember next is a lot of running. Though old buildings that were all connected with the girl and boy. We get to the end of one building and there be a door to the next. Some times a lock we needed to brake. As we were running all I think was the swamp and ruins were to our left. So once we can to an end of the building we ran out a door and jumped in to some lake. Once we swam across it we were digging around in some freaky woods, there were tails all over the place. And people dressed in black. They had a little girl in a red dress on a board. I started arguing with one of the people saying that little girl wasn’t one of the dead witches. I was upset that I hadn’t found them. Them my wonder children woke me up. I don’t remember dreaming a lot but when I do there’s a lot of detail. And in this one the long connected building that I was running though had places that I’ve gone to in other dreams but places I have never actually been to. I don’t know. Does anyone know what it means? No asshole answers please.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Lately, I have been thinking abot my ex. I believe one of the reasons I am thinking about him, is because we didn't leave off on good terms. We both have had anew partner for at least the past 2 years, but his mother still stays into contact with me.. I rarely dream about him, which is why I'm confused abbout my dream

MY DREAM: ( I don;t remeber exactly )

One of the parts of my dream, I was at a store. Half of the store was a sprint store and the other part was a salt water fish store ( the fish store is a store my current bf and I go) anyways, as I was at the store by myself, my ex's little brother shows up, and he is buying a phone.. The brother and I were very happy to see eachother..

The next part of my dream, I remeber looking at pictures of my ex and his current gf. I dont know if someone was showing me, or if they were on facebook? i think it was facebook, because i remeber seeing captions under the photo.. it said "candy and lucy and the new addition" I don't know who candy is, and lucy is his current gf. In the photo was my ex his gf and some other women. the other women loooked like a mother and a possible friend i guess.. I remeber in my dream i was upset and angered, bc in the piction i noticed that the "new addition" was coming from Lucy. SHe was pregnant..

what does my dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I slept at my mother in law, we were chatting about ghosts and stuff like that. So I fell asleep and in my dream was someone like shaking a chain with a lot of crosses, and a huge lock in my face. I didn't see a face or anything, but it was a quite big black figure. I don't know if this could help I lost a few people that were close to me in the past two years!

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

Well i'm not exactly sure if it means anything but it's been bugging me so could you interprete it maybe?(:

Okay well it was really vivid. I was at my rec football field that i cheer at. And i was with a couple people of my team. Also a friend i've been fighting with a lot lately. She started giving me attitude and i told him off an than we were fine.

Than we were going up the the game field so we could go to the game that would start in 5 minutes. And i was walking with one of the football players that i'm close with, that i have feelings for, and that i'm fighting with. But than i forgot my shoes?

So my guy friend offered to walk me back to my car to get them. I looked and i couldn't find them. But than they were just under the seat haha

Well i don't know why but i felt tired and sick. So my friend gave me a piggy back ride. And i don't knoww we were just being cute together like usual. Haha

But yaa. I know its a stupid dream but does it mean something? It's been bothering me..

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