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Dream About Die Cast Car meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I was eating a subway with my cousins from philedlephia... we were going to go ao korean bbq but ended up eating there instead and the guy at subway was ripping us off... my father had a long argument with the guy and then the guy was afraid to rip us off... but we could never shop there again because we had argued with the guy at subway..

And then I was at middle school... and I was carrying a hbuge load of books in my two hands.. I decided to quickly steal two textbooks that the middle school kids were using (some kid left his school books unattended) And there were really good books but I didn't have time to discriminate between books so I just chose the first two I could get my hands on and they were the cheapest out of all the books there... which were two grade 8 textbooks. ONe brown with a white square in the center that had photographs of machinary landscape ans cuh. Then I rode my bike back home. In this dream I was living in this poor house that I used to live in when I was around 13 years old... and my friend monica who is 20 years old right now... but in my dream she was only 7-10 years old... came up to me and asked me what I was doing... I didn't want to get caught stealing the books so I threw them on the ground... and then I decided this was God's way of making sure that I don't steal anything...

Then I was man sleeping with a girl... or dating her... her boyfriend comes up to me and starts attacking me and we get into this fight. He was big, strong, tall, intelligent, wealthy, and fast but I managed to beat him up and kill him... Then his head was severed and his dead body was lying in the car. Somebody I think God told me to steal his car and drive off... but I was afraid to do that because well... people would be able to identify that I was the killer of the man if they saw his license plate number and ran a check on it so I left without the car.

Then I was in an elevator, the wife of the man that I just killed (he was cheating on his wife with the girl that I was dating) had somehow found out that I killed her husband... even though this happened less than 5 minutes ago, and she began to attack me... She was very short about 3-4 feet tall, and had very small eyes... kind of ugly... but she was extremely strong... I tried to trap her by rapping my legs around her body the way you would when you are cross legged, or hugging the trunk of a tree with your legs... but she was able to hit me anyway. She lifted me up and swung me around and almost threw me out of the elevator. I realized she was too strong for me to beat.. so I decdied to ask the dream to give me magical powers... Then I commanded the lights to light up... these lights were magical lights that could you make you float in thin air... And then I commanded the fire down below to burn her so that she would die... And then I started to float in the air while she was being burnt up...

Then an idea came to me that Christians who follow the devil are cast into the lake of fire... though I can't think of a scripture verse that mentions this... It says that fire from heaven comes down to consume those who were following the devil but does not say that those who follow the devil are cast into the lake of fire...

I was meditating on this and then I started to reflect on all the people who refused to help me when I was in need... even though God loved me SO MUCH... these so called christians did not love me at all and were not even willing to acknowledge my existence or spend a single ounce of time with me... It was for this reason that I choose to turn away from GOd.

Then I woke up...

It means whatever you think it means. Plus, there is a section of Y!A for dream interpretation.
Peace and Namaste!

Example: Whats this dream mean?

i died in a car crash badly from an 18 wheeler head on and then i felt mybody getting sucked out and up to the gates of heaven. but then when i got there they had this book called the "book of life" and they saidmy name wasnt in the book. so then a very big angel grabbed me by the arm and took me away. i asked "where are u taking me"? but hedidnt answer. so then he threw me in a little dark brick room and then i waited while i was really scared.then i heard loud footsteps coming down the hall and two big scary angels came and grabbed by feet and arms and threw me into this big firey hole. i landed right in the steps of satan. he was on his throne and really scar. he was chaining me up and right when he was about to hit me i woke up. scariest dream ive ever had. so what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?( kind of long and excuse grammar)?

Last Night i had this weird dream. At the beginning of the dream as i recall,I was standing in the living room with my mom and we were just looking out the window.The window has very sheer curtains and they were so sheer you didnt have to pull them back because we still had a good view of the outside. They were a crimson/ violet like color. Anyway all of a sudden the sky got dark and it started raining really hard. My mom and i had a brief conversation about the rain then the sun appeared in the sky. The sky was still dark and it was raining. Which is very odd and the sun was like a pale yellow color. I was just looking at it and then it turned into a clock and in the middle it had like different symbols such as the sun , moon and some other stuff. I was like what the heck. The short hand was on 12 and the long hand was on nine. Then all of a sudden it moved to ten. Then when it hit ten we heard a loud thump.Then it kind of stopped and my mom and i both gasped. It was like we somehow knew whenever the second hand hit twelve it was gonna be the end of something. Then somehow I ended up in a ball field and i am guessing it was field day or something. Reason being is because every one was running around throwing frisbees and baseballs and there was some guys playing flag football. I was standing there looking around and i saw this girl i knew of that i went to school with.She was sitting on this small metal sliding board ( she was the most popular girl in school and we rarely conversated so i wouldnt dare to do this in real life but..) So i walked over to her and we both spoke and had a very brief conversation. It was almost like we were buddies then she said something slick and pushed me about a good 3 feet from her. She laughed then I got up and walked back to where she was and pushed her hard right off the slide and the slide fell right on top of her. She pushed the slide off her and then i saw her cuddling her knee she has a very small gash in her knee and she just looked at me. Then it was like everybody stopped playing and all these girls which some i recognized from school came where she was at to see if she was injured and was talking junk to me and was saying they was gonna jump me and beat me up. I walked past them and walked up to the girl and i told her i was sorry and she wasnt trying to hear it but i kept apologizing even volunteered to help her up. she was still not trying to hear it. Then i ended up at my church. It was kind of packed in there, which was odd cause in real life its half way empty. the same girl was sitting at the second bench from the front with i think a cast and crutch as if i hurt her that badly. I stood right at the bench still apologizing and she was talking junk so i just walked away.Then those same five girls surrounded me again threating to jump me i just did walked back in the direction where the girl was to the front and went around the front bench and this guy said something to me. I told him in church to shut the F up. then i saw my mom and she was like lets go since there was so much drama. I was like ok and i was on the porch and then i told her to wait i was gonna put my dress on. I had this black dress in my hand. I only got it almost half way on then i decided to just wear the undergarments i already had on. Then my undergarments turned into a very bright yellow dress. So i was walking to the car when someone stopped me and my mom and said that they had something for us so we went back in and there was i am guessing about 6 big bags full of something.( bags were dark grey) My mom took three bags and went out, and left me responsible for the last three. I could only handle two of the three bags so i left the bag until i put the bags i had in the car and i would come back to get the last bag. I went to put the bags in the car and when i went into the church to get the last bag. They were doing a exorcism not to far from where my bags where. The whole time i was thinking i hope that demon doesnt get inside or come after me when it comes out that man. They were trying to get the demon out but it wouldnt come out and the guy was just laying there then the demon spoke. It said money then paused cars then paused clothes then paused fame and i grabbed the bag and just got out of there. then I was in my living room with my mom and daddy( who died a couple years ago) and we was just watching tv. When i heard this knock and the door and a eerie gasp and a groan. I knew off the bat it was a demon. I was hoping my mom didnt hear the knock. The thing knocked again and my mom was about to go to the door. I tried to hold her down and i told her not to go to the door. She giggled and said dont be silly l'm just gonna go and see who it is. She went to the door and i heard her ask who was it. It didnt reply . She opened the door. for a good minute there was silence and i was like damn. Then she came back in the living room and i knew it had got her she walked over a

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was on a roadtrip with my dad ( always wanted to have a roadtrip and I love the ocean) and as we were driving we were looking at the o dan it was dark, but beautiful we later stopped in a strange family's car where both the car seats had signs, I forgot what they said though (one of them a negative conation, the other one a positive conation) well anyway the other seat was up and mine was stuck down, by the driver, and once I got it back up, a cat that was white with author bit of mixed brown escaped (I love cats though, in case that can help what it means). Also I'm in a point of change but also concern if that helps. What would you say my dream means?

Example: Your Preference for Classic Cars: Customization or Restoration?

I am somewhat of an amateur auto enthusiast. Right now, I find myself in a pretty good position to purchase a 60s-70s model fixer-upper to either customize or restore... but one primary concern is the car's future value as it relates to my immediate choice of customization/modernization, or total restoration.

My personal preference since I will be driving the vehicle often, is customization. I would like to modernize the interior, electrical, A/V system, engine, exterior, etc. I have no problem with restoration, but I just feel like customization/modernization is the best bet for me to be comfortable driving.

I have heard professional car customizers/installers say that CUSTOMIZED classic vehicles often do not hold value throughout the years... and often lose value beyond the cost of what was actually put into upgrades... but that factory-condition/RESTORED classic cars DO hold their value. Is this true?

What, if any, value loss am I looking at if I customize vs. restore?

Example: What does this dream mean?

When I was little I had a couple of dreams about the world ending but not a lot. But, now that I've gotten older it seems to be getting worse. I'm 14 and having disturbingly vivid dreams is normal for me. I hardly ever forget my dreams and if I do they usually weren't that important, didn't last long, or vivid enough. The most vivid dream I remember having of the world ending when I was little was that a news cast was saying that there was "going to be mass destruction happening all over the U.S. in most parts of the..." and I can't remember what they said after that. But my parents took me and put me in our truck and I remember that they brought a lot of water. I also remember the news saying that there were going to be a lot of wrecks like car crashes and stuff.My parents started driving towards downtown trying to get of of Georgia (which is where we lived at the time) and my dad was barely swerving out of the way of a bunch of collisions and cars that were completely out of control. For some reason there were bees flying everywhere and people were also crashing because they were being attacked and stung by them. As a child I had a terrifying fear of bees so that may explain why the bees were there. Before we could get to the the stop light we got into a crash and that's all I remember. My most recent dream of the world ending is very confusing and vivid. I was at a school I've never seen before and I was about 17 and had a motorcycle I was driving down a long endless road and next to it was a clean up crew type thing and they were trying to get the pollution and litter off of the side of the road where the trees were. And with each level of destruction the trees would get more and more bare and destroyed and it just scared me to death and absolutely depressed me to see nature and humanity like this. I'm not exactly sensitive when it comes to subjects like humanity and stuff like that but seeing people trying so hard to fix this just sort of tugged at my heart strings a bit. The man who was supposedly the principle of the made up school I went to told me to race to the school and warn the teachers and students and everyone there that they had to get to safety because there was unfortunately no way to fix the pollution. Also next to the trees was a marshy land that used to be a clear ocean *I'm not sure how I knew or understood this but I just did* but each day they tried to fix the pollution the water just kept getting browner and foamier and more disgustingg. So I raced to the school and one teacher and another girl already knew and were trying to get everyone evacuated. So we all went to this church down the long endless road and stayed in the highest part which was where the bells are (I can't remember what it's called but it's where the bells are that ring when it's time to go to church). Well there were about a hundred of these things and the children (mostly teens about 15 to 19) were all crammed into these things (which were actually massive and had no bells inside them) and I was with 2 other girls and one of them was a girl who had a little baby and was angry at herself and started crying because the baby wouldn't eat and she thought it wouldn't eat because she ate too much food and didn't leave enough. I offered my own but she refused. I offered again and again she refused. She then bordered a bus that somehow was on a platform type thing connected to the bell tower thing. I'm not sure what happened to the other girl, she may have bordered the school bus as well. But, then after that I woke up. Can anyone help me understand the meaning in these 2 dreams? Thnx. P.S I probably pray the most between me and my mom and dad but I'm not a very spiritual person. I'm not obsessed with God but when I do pray it's usually to thank him if I had a good day or if I just haven't prayed in a while. I like to pray for other people a lot especially my friends and a lot of times when I look up meanings to my dreams the dream has something to do with my spirituality. I don't know if this little bit of P.S. info helps but I just wanted to clear some stuff up or help a little. Please help me figure this out. Thank you for having the patience and curiosity to read this far.:).

Example: Dying in a dream possible?

I've been told by many people you cant die in a dream cause you'll always wake up before you do. But a few nights ago i had a dream wich was extremely bizarre but the beginning was unimportant, eventually i was by the shore of some place by an ocean(looked maybe like hawaii) when a tsunami hit and i remember the moments of this part so vividly like it actually happend. I was being thrashed around and i actually remember feeling like i was numb and in shock until l i couldn't breath anymore and passed away.

Now this is were some of you might say "well, what could of happend is the dream ended and a new one began" but then i remembered the second part of the dream being directly connected to the first.

The second part started with me just all of a sudden being in a place that seemed to be night out and completely silent with a single street light casting a hazy fog over a run down playground in wich a few kids were walking, not jogging or running, but walking with expressionless faces up the stairs and down the slide over and over and a few other walking around playing "tag". Then i began noticing people older then me, maybe late 30's early 40's. Some were standing in a group of three or four with the same expressionless faces as the kids, none of wich were talking, just standing. till i noticed one person my aged, then i realized i knew them, it was a friend of mine i knew when i was a child who died in a car crash but somehow i recognized his body after it had aged 15 years or so and i caught his eye and he opened his eyes a little wider, the first emotion id seen since i got their and he walked over and said "you shouldnt be here" i then asked "why? where am i" he thinks a little then responds "nvm, i was wrong, your in the right place, drowning is a hell of a way to go man" i then freak out and ask "what?! im dead?! am i in hell?!" then he replied with "Hell is the place you go for a vacation from here".

Basically some other things happend but thats enough typing for me and enough to get my point across. So what the hell does this mean?!

Example: Can anyone interpret this dream that I can't stop thinking about?

I keep thinking about it in hopes to find the answer, but I can't find anything...

Last night I had an extremely vivid dream. It went from a feeling of happiness (regular happiness x 1,000,000) that I've never felt before which was so amazing that I just stood still and didn't even react to a feeling of being unwanted and the fear of death.

Details of the dream:
It started with my whole family and I in our car (mercury sable) and my dad was driving us on a one-way dirt road (I was in the back left seat) through an infinite field of sunflowers that were waving in the calm breeze as you could see tiny debris in the air. When we were driving through I had no idea where we were, but as I looked out at all of the flowers I felt that unbelievable happiness that I described in the paragraph above and I was in so much awe that I could not move. Shortly after, we stopped at a wooden sign which was rectangular on a wooden stick and had slim red lettering that read "danger." And when I looked ahead in the road, I saw an enormous apple tree with bright red apples. And the tree was so large and thick that it casted a pitch black shadow underneath it (I could barely see the base and roots of this gigantic tree). But then a dark feeling of fear came over me and I felt that if I were to get out of the car and walk past the danger sign then I would die. I didn't see anything, but I was completely scared. Then my dad slowly backed up and drove backwards out of that area. What does this dream mean? Please, if anyone can interpret this dream correctly, it would really be a huge help. I can't stop thinking about it. Thank you for your time.

P.S.: The flowers and the apples on apple tree looked like amazingly clear computed-generated imagery.

Example: Can someone please interpret my other House dream. I just woke up?

Okay so earlier tonight I posted a question on a dream I had about the House cast and my best friend, cousin and I on a talk show. Well almost straight after I posted that question I fell asleep on the couch and had another House dream. It was one of the most vivid, lucid and frightening nightmares I have ever had. OK so it went sort of like this.

I'm a character on the TV show House and I'm on set filming with Chase (I'm using character names for the people who don't know the actors/tresses) anyway we finish up the scene and I decide to go somewhere to finish up some homework, script reading and stuff. Suddenly I'm walking up an empty corridor when a janitor wheeling a big trolley of mops and stuff comes toward me, he's obviously some sort of cleaner. There's a janitors closet along the wall of the hall and he asks me if he can have some help moving a little something as apparently he has some sort of injury. Well like a idiot I follow him into the janitors closet. In there he corners and and tries to kiss me and starts touching me, putting his hands up my t-shirt and down my jeans. I try to run away intent on telling someone what happened (though in real life i don't think I would). but he grabs me by my arm and looks really angry. He threatens someone I know but I don't remember who it is I remember starting to cry. Then the guy rapes me. After he's finished he let's me put my clothes back on and I think that I thought it was all over but it wasn't. He then pinned me down and removed his belt from his waistband, he used the belt to tie around my neck to strangle me to death. As I'm strangling to death the janitor takes a small metal thing, like a pipe and starts beating me with. I eventually die and that's when the dream changes from my point of view to sort of like a TV show, watching what's happening to me. He then shoves my body over his shoulder and stuffs it in some bin he's been wheeling around. After a while of wheeling my body around in a bin, he's approached by some people who have released I'm missing about what felt like in the dream an hour or two after my death. The janitor offered to drive around the city to search for me. So he goes down to his car and puts my body in the trunk and puts the rest of his stuff away. He then drives to his house and carries me inside. Once inside he rapes my dead body, removes the belt from around my neck and puts my body under my bed. After this he leaves and goes and dumps the belt and the little iron thing now covered in my blood in different places. Some people from the House cast and crew ask him if he';s found me or anything else of importance. Apparently my mother is sick with worry and the police are now involved. It's too late for me though coz I'm already dead. When he gets back to his apartment he gets my body then puts it back in his trunk and drives me to a secluded location where he sets my body alight and let's it burn until it's unrecognizable he then buries my body in a ditch.

Then it cuts to a week later a reward has been put forward to my whereabouts but then my body is found by police. They find out who killed me and he's sentenced to death and I don't even know if that's possible, does California have the death penalty?

Not all of it was particularly vivid. The bit at the start when I was filming was very blurryish, so was when he told the House people that he hadn't found me and his sentencing. Everything he did to me even after I was dead was very vivid. So could this mean something or do I just have a very vivid imagination?

Example: What is the name of the actress who played the little girl in the car in episode 21 of "The Event"?

Yeah, it is Isabella Acres. I was asking because she looked familiar to me but the makeup she had to wear in the scene sort of obscured he features, at least enough so I didn't recognize who exactly she was. I couldn't find a cast list online for that episode so was at a loss. Now I know why she seemed familiar.

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