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Dream About Desks meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

so.. i had a dream that me and my ex boyfriend and a couple other people were in this classroom. we were sitting at desks that were 2 desks wide and 3 long, in a group. my ex was sitting directly in front of me. this one girl, andy, who has some disability so shes really skinny and like doesnt wash her hair and pickers her ears and nose in public and talks weird and doesnt understand things (im not saying shes weird or i make fun of her you, you just have to know) so anyway she came in and was like by adam and they kissed, and his kiss was longer then the way he kissed me (he only pecked me) and i was really aware of that. then he sat back down and sunk into his seat, acting like nothing happened.
then i was at my friends house, and she told me that he was going out with this odd girl colleen (im not making fun of her... but she isnt his type..?) because he wanted the emotional connection with a girlfriend, and he was going out with andy to do stuff, to "get some" i rmember thinking that was weird because andy would never ever do that unless someone somehow talked her into doing it at school... she wouldnt understand what was happeneing.

anyway, so then adam was suddenly at the house. i got mad for osme reason and i kissed him twice really long. on the second one i opened my mouth and used my tongue but it didnt feel like i was using my tongue, like his mouth was closed, but when ipulled away he had a look of amazement, and instead of ignoring me he said something causual later that day.. i cant remember.

then i woke up.

backround info: me and adam went out for two months... he was to shy and awkward he wouldnt makeout with me or do anything like put his arm around me.. ever.. even when i told him i wanted him too.


Only you know the meaning of your own dream...its part of your subconscious trying to work things out that are bothering you and that are on your mind.

But it sounds to me like Adam has given you a bit of a "rejection complex"
You probably feel a little rejected by his lack of initiative towards you while you were dating, so now your mind is trying to work out the reasons why, by trying to come to terms with what prevented him from being more affectionate with you.
The other girls seem less attractive & desirable in the dream, so you just can't figure out what he sees in them, and why he'd be showing them more affection than you...because it just doesn't make sense.
Don't let it get to you though...I liked someone who was that way and it totally gave me a rejection complex for the longest time, till I figured out the reason. I used to have dreams like that all the time until I figured it out. =)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that I was in my Language Arts class and that all the desks were pushed aside at the wall, and everyone was sitting in their desks at the wall, and I was like "What the...?", then my crush came behind me and hugged me from the waist and kissed me on the cheek, then he gave me a red rose and I hugged him back and kissed him on the cheek back, then one of my friends picked up a radio and played tango music, and then we just starting dancing romantically, and that was it... What does my dream mean? Please, be serious and no rude, hurtful, or offending comments or I will report you. Thanks for the answers!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a very strange dream last night. I dreamt that I was at what seemed to be a hotel. But I only ever saw the front desk, so it may very well have been something else. But I dreamt that I had several piercings: snakebites, 3 in my right ear, and 2 in my left ear. One of the piercings on my right ear was empty, the other 2 were filled with one of the dumbell looking things and thinner, longer version of a dumbell looking thing. The long one had a chain connected to it. I remember pulling on the larger dumbell piercings and causing myself a bit of pain. I also dreamt that a small part of my hair had been dyed green. I was very upset by that fact. However, I noticed that the green reminded me of a computer hardware company, which sort of seems silly, but that's simply what it reminded me of. After all of this was established, I began to remove all of the piercings. Throughout all of this, I had a faint image of a boy that I've recently realized that I have a major crush on.

Example: What does this dream mean...?

I had a really weird dream last night and I can't figure out what it meant, so if you could please help me interpret it, I would really appreciate it!

I was in my bedroom, sitting behind my desk just writing in a notebook, and then I saw a dragonfly right next to my notebook. At first, I kind of freaked, and I watched the dragonfly fly all the way to the curtains, and it just stayed there.
Then, I went to my mom to tell her "There's a dragonfly in my bedroom! What do I do?!" And she said "Just kill it!" And I was like, "No! Poor dragonfly, I can't kill it!"
And then I went back to my bedroom, and I saw that the dragonfly was still there, and then the dream ended.

What was it all about? What's the meaning of dragonflies in dreams?

Thanks for your help!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I had parked my car which was a baby blue Bentley and went to the back seat of the car to go through some outfits to change into before I got out of the car, like some lacy hand gloves, tops, shoes etc cuz I wanted to look good. I rolled up all the windows which were tinted for privacy but when I looked behind me I saw the trunk of the car popped open so I feared somebody was robbing the car. I then looked out the side window and saw this lady standing there with an expression that I knew meant trouble yet I stupidly opened the car door at which point I instantly knew was a mistake as she dug the end of a long gun she had right onto my belly button at which time I woke up in fear.

Example: What does this dream mean?

This is the question related to 3 nights ago. Me being in a school desk with a gray hoodie and my crush flirting madly with me and he put my hoodie on my head. But also, we were both in hoodies, my face was covered by the shadow of my hoodie and we were both hugging each other. What does this mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

In the last few months ive been having dreams about being in this room. Its almost like an older style room. Leather chairs and old paintings, stuff like that. A few days ago I had a dream someone was watching me sleep. In the dream I knew the person but I had never met them or seen them. I could describe what they looked like and everything. I also had this dream last night as well. I feel like the two dreams tie back to eachother in a way. Please no sarcastic answers, this is real and its bothering me quite a lot.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a strange dream last night. My mom and I were at the beach and I was on my period. I didn't have tampons so I couldn't go smimming. I don't like my mom and never ask her for anything. So I went into a store. I stole one tampon and got away with it. I couldn't find a bathroom to change in. Next thing I know, I'm in one of my favorite teachers classroom with all my class mates including my bestfriend. I even had my backpack. Instead of desks they were beds. Just big beds. I put he tampon in on he bed! I think there was covers on the bed and I was under it. My bestfriend then asked for a pad and I gave her one. But by the end I never went swimming.does this dream mean anything?

Example: I had a dream of a girl who has a really short neck, talking to someone at a reception desk. What does it mean?

@Jasmine That's soo not fair though! If that's true I'll never find her anyway. Maybe it means something else because I'm quite sure the girl that I aim honing in on isn't that person; I've had erotic dreams before and I don't ever remember that sort of stuff ever happening. Although I was a on a boat once in Spain and got blazed by some girls, and then 10 years later I had a dream of being with a nice girl on a boat where I think she actually liked me for real.

Example: What dose my dream mean?

i had a dream and i was wondering in old school and went in to a vary dark class room with 2 people at both side of the room, both were female and was also sitting in a desk, one girl looked like a student and had long black hair with a red light behind her. the other seemed to be a teacher that told me to watch tv with her, that showed a tiger ripping off a man's face

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