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Dream About Deposit meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dreamed of an elephant and a bank. what does the dream mean?

in my last night's dream i see a very large and angry elephant running down the streets and scaring the crap out of people. People climb on trees, enter buildings, and also bury themselves under bushes. I am the only person left who cant find any place to hide and the elephant than runs after me.

I then enter a building, but the building then becomes a bank and the teller asks me to deposit the cash. As i was depositing my cash, the elephant breaks into the bank and i jump out of the bank window in fear.

the elephant than grabs me with his trunk and throws me into the sky where i just keep going higher and higher but never seem to come down. I fear i am about to hit the sun, and then i awaken myself because i get horrified that i will be burned in the sun.

What is the meaning of this bizarre dream?

To see an elephant in your dream, signifies that you are laying a solid groundwork for wealth and success. You hold a position of honor and dignity. If the elephant was wild or untamed, than it indicates tyranny and uncontrollable forces.

To see many elephants in your dream, symbolizes tremendous prosperity, strength, power, memory, and intellect. Elephants also possess an introverted nature which may describe your personality.

To dream that you are feeding an elephant, denotes that you will elevate yourself in your community through your kindness.

To dream that you are riding on the elephant, signifies good news from afar and your future travel plans will be fruitful. But to dream that you fell off while riding it, signifies that enemies are looking to harm you.

To see a bank in your dream, denotes your desires for financial security. You dream may serve to reassure you that your fears of financial instability are unfounded.

To dream that you are robbing a bank, signifies that you are expending too much energy and are in danger of depleting your inner resources.

Example: My daughter's father dreamed about her dying in his arms what does it mean?

idk all the details of the dream , i just know that he dreamt about her passing away in his arms. please give me an answer , i am worried , just want to know what it symbolizes. he's not as active as he should be in her life btw.

Example: What does it mean if you dream of your teeth?

i had a dream that i had a strand of hair in my mouth and when i pulled it out my teeth started falling out as i pulled the strand! it was like when you drop a stich in knitting...
does anyone know what it means?

Example: Dream Meaning about door lock removal?

In my dream, I am asleep in my condo. I awake because of my cell phone ringing. I look around and both of my pets are asleep on the bed (as normal) and Seinfield is on the television. My grandfather's mini pocket knife is lying out (which is in a safety deposit box in a bank in real life). I pick it up and fidget with it while on the phone. I then notice that it looks like the microwave has turned itself on. It is sparking. I open it and there is a metal mixing bowl in it. I panic and run to check the lock to the complex hallway but the door is already ajar. I look outside and no one is there. I then try to call the front desk or the cops but I can't lock the door as the deadbolt and chain have physically been removed. Knowing that I have all wood floors and all furniture on sliders, I realize there is no way to brace the door. I walk around with the little pocket knife (odd because I am a proud gun owner) and just practice holding it as if to stab anyone who comes in.

Is this a normal dream? I awoke fully awake and sweating. I also then had to check the microwave and the door.

Maybe I should mention that the sparks in the microwave were more like cobalt blue orbs than sparks and the microwave was vastly larger than mine. It was the size of an oven door. Also, the door is not my door. Instead of my heavy woodenish door - it is an old heavily painted white door. Looks like it has about 40 layers of paint on it and old school locks (like skeleton key locks).

Anyone got any ideas on the meaning? Should I be reading into this or am I just being silly?

Example: What does it mean to dream of my long time boyfriend and the father of my children going into the hospital?

it took me all night to go to sleep i finally got into a deep sleep and it was of my longtime boyfriend and father of my kids. he had went to the hospital and his uncle came to tell me i couldn't leave had no one to watch the kids then someone else came to tell me that he had had something and that they were going to send him to the hospital in mississippi i do have family there and a good friend of mine was just murdered there and i live in ga at the moment.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well i dreamt that me,and my bf,were in class working on hw. Then a girl sits by him. She trys to pull his work away so pull it back...then she tries pulling my bf away from me but he wants nothing to do with her and starts hugging and kissing me? Someone tell me how to take this?

Example: Dose my dream mean anything or nothing?

Last night I had a non sexual dream which involved a transsexual female who I feet like I was emotionally connected to for some reason, it took place in a few settings throughout the course of the dream which I as far as I can make out were in colour.

In the first setting me and this girl was somewhere by the sea holding hands and sitting on edge of something like a wall or something similar, but I don't think I could see people around, just her. I remember crouching down in an area what could only be described as a ship dock area and I remember looking out and seeing a ship in the distance, then the water started to very slowly head into the dock area and this girl said we best go now and I followed her out of the dock through a wooden fence I think it was, it was in a twilight setting, that period where the sun isn't visible but it just leaves a glow like dawn or dusk.

I don't know how I got to the second setting, but it was at night and we was walking down a road talking, some people having an argument up ahead, she didn't want to continue forward and behind us I could see what I think was some sort of police car at an angle in the road, yet we seemed separate from the situation. This setting was also wired because it looked like my area but not my area at the same time if that makes any sense, it looked slightly Americanised :S

There was a 3rd scene but I can't really remember it that well, but this girl who was actually very pretty was with me in each scene and Iike I said before I somehow felt as if I was connected to her in some way, as if she was my partner and for some reason this dream told me that this girl was a transsexual even though there was nothing erotic about it, so what could all this be about, dose it mean anything or nothing?

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream i had means?

i recently had a dream that frightened me very much, and though its been almost a week, i still think about it sometimes and its been hard for me to get to sleep.

in the dream, it was nighttime and i was sitting on a bench outside a bank while my mom deposited some checks. i was listening to my ipod and i glanced up and saw an older man (maybe late 40's) walking towards me, but i assumed he was just going to the bank. i continued listening to my ipod and then looked up again and the man was towering over me. when i looked into his eyes, he said "this is where im sleeping tonight." he didnt look evil or anything, but his eyes never blinked and he just stared at me with a blank face. i said "um...okay" and i picked up my ipod and cell phone and left my bag behind and walked quickly towards the bank. i kept looking behind me and the man just stood there staring at me. when i got inside the bank i told my mom and a police officer what happened, and we looked outside the window...

Example: What does these strange dream mean?

It's about my one and only bro. He's abnormal (autistic). But its not exactly that also. Coz he's nt like othr kids, he tries to talk. Once one of my aunty had a dream that he was beautifully reciting Quran tilawat. And few months ago someone dreamt that he was talking and arguing in his dream. Also the same my mom did.. Does these show any point that he will talk or be normal in the future? It will be very helpful if anyone explains me this. We are very worried about him.

Example: What does this dream mean?

in the dream my boyfriend of one year and i are alone sitting on a hideous green couch and he is on one side holding a dustpan and mini broom and i am on the other side holding my own hand

this shouldn't concern me and i originally tried to blow it off... but its really bothering me now... please someone try to tell me what it means

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