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Dream About Delivery meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do baby-delivery dreams mean?

I keep getting recurring dreams that I give birth to a baby or twins. I see faces of the babies bundled up like newborns .. in my arms. I am not a mother yet. I do not have an urgent desire to be pregnant but it wud be nice. Would definitely like to have my own kids eventually.

You dream about things on your mind. It doesn't mean you are pregnant or will be soon, your mind is just playing out a scenario where you have babies.

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a delivery of flowers?

i had dream of a delivery of flowers of variety of colors what is the clarity of this dream

Example: I had my delivery all by myself with a twin baby boy normal nd a girl having an eye defect in my dream...mean?

Example: What does a dream of delivery of flowers mean?

hi i had a dream a box of flowers was delivered to me i just need clarity they were variety of bright colors

Example: I am 4 months pregnant and last night I had a dream that I gave birth to a baby boy,it was a easy delivery.?

What does my dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean ?

Had a dream that i was at church and it was really big and beautiful then the prist ( exuse me for bad spelling) told everyone to sing with him so we all did but the moment i started to sing i felt so happy i cryed so much like i was so happy my heart pounded and i just couldnt stop i kneeled down on the floor cryed more but i felt happy / at peace in my dream i was pregnant then when song ended my water broke i rushed to hospital but i had it before i got there i cryed so much i was scared i went in hospital begging n saying " please someone help me my baby isnt breathing please help me " then this guy came took her away from me n after a while he smiled and said shes alright n shes beautiful just like her mother n he said but whos the dad & i said my bf then he said what n i took a deep breath n said my ex but then i woke up

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that my best friend was pregnant. And my other best friend came with me to tell her mother, and she ended up yelling at us. We found my pregnant friend in the snow (it was weirdly Winter) and I ended up crying, and she hugged me and told me she was leaving with her boyfriend for 8 years, So we all 3 went up into a treehouse with a bon-fire in the middle (yeah i dont know) and my pregnant friend started sing a song. We all started crying. What the heck does this dream mean?

Example: Dream Meaning!? Help please :)?

I had a dream that me and my fiance had a baby girl, she had jet black hair & blue eyes. She was no older than a few days. We drove to his aunties because I was worried because she'd slept for a day and wasn't feeding. I finally woke her and fed her. Both our families were there cuddling her but none of them asked her name. My fiance was so happy he couldn't stop smiling.

Sub conscience maybe? I really want a baby girl but won't tell anyone the name I have in mind for when I have a baby girl because its so unique.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i dreamed i was pregnant in a hot tub which i really am 34 weeks pregnant and every pregnant person knows not to go in a hot tub.but i finally relized this in my dream and jumped out.

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