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Dream About Delivering Water meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a dream about being raped mean?

I Had a dream last night that it was back "in the day" and i was a slave. & my slave owner beat me the most because he liked me. One day he called me and my friend (another slave girl) i was living with to the "big house" (witch was small btw) and had us get undressed and suck him off and crap. Then he stop wanting my friend to come and he wanted me to come only. after a few times of having to come to the Big house at night he started falling in love with me. and i think i fell in love too O.o .
Then the last time was when we went into the bathroom of the Big house to do it again..And this time he wanted me to really have sex with him (all the times b4 it was all oral) So i climbed into tub filled with light water. And i did it ..(NOTE: imma Virgin so this is a big deal for me) Not to be nasty or anything but im just giving you guys details..Anway..I rode it -Gag- For about 5minutes all i see was gross moaning and groning , it was loco because i was acting as if i was loving was i was doing like enjoyed having a man be with me in that way ya know? and them SPLAT he came..inside :'( ugh. And when i climbed off he wanted me to suck it v.v so like an idiot i did. And well i woke up screaming i gave it away i dont have it anymore. (my virginity) :l im scared. does this dream mean im going to lose my virginity to someone who doesnt deserve it? ..just for extra detail i went to the bathroom and i felt jelly sticky stuff this usually happens before my period. (the white/clear stuff). I think i was raped in my sleep or something. im really freaking the heck out.


I'm 15
Still a virgin i hope.
And well idk ! Someone tell me something

Please dont assume that dreams mean something. I'm sorry to deliver a rain of truth :(

Many people think that dreams mean something. But that isn't necessarily true. Dreams actually mean nothing. Although it probably is not what you want to hear, but it is the truth! Although it may be disappointing but, modern medicine has proved that dreams are nothing more than a succession of images recalling past memory. I'm sorry if this is not what you want to believe.
I will start off telling you that ALL dreams mean nothing! Dreams just express you or your emotions, they express what you feel and what you do in real life. thats why they feel so real. Dreams cannot create people, places and things thats another reason why they feel so real! dreams recall past memory, -for example if you see a person you don't recognize in dreams, you probably saw him before on TV or walking in the street (you probably didn't pay attention to them). Dreams express your emotions and thoughts in a negative way

Nothing. The dream was about nothing. dreams mean nothing they just express your emotions and feelings in a symbolic way.

Dreams are simple synapses in your brain firing off all sorts of things. Your brain gathers all this random information, sights, sounds and so forth. And as you are sleeping, these sights and essentially memories are jumbled up into one big mess, just random nonsense, and your brain works and works for an hour or so trying to create a nice little story with all of these sights and sounds because it wants to make sense of it. It wants to make sense out of nonsense! So, then you end up with this dream. This happens several times in one night but when you wake up, you forget all of them, and when you do remember one of them, when you do remember at least one dream, we try to make sense of it. We tell ourselves, what is this? What could it mean. When in reality, it means nothing, it is just complete nonsense. So stop trying to make sense of it, it is nothing!

Dreams are a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

For more Information read the "about me" section when you click on my account. Hopefully this resolves your problems.

took courses in dream interpretation and psychology

Example: I keep having dreams about fish, what do they mean?

The first time I was mainly just walking around an aquarium admiring the fish. I remember paying particular attention to the eels.
This more recent dream is a little stranger. I'm in a small pet store, once again admiring the fish. I stop at a row full of Betta fish jars. I always feel sorry for them in those tiny things. The colours of the fish were unlike any Betta I've ever seen. There were neon pink and blue, bright green. I sit and watch them for a while. I then proceed to explore the rest of the store, there's some more eels and a few other types of salt water fish I'm not familiar with. I got to the front of the store where all of a sudden I see my own home aquarium, with my goldfish (R.I.P) and a zebra danio (look it up, it's a kind of fish). I remember being confused as to why my personal tank is in a pet store. The front door of the store then opens, some men are delivering a new display tank (one of the men is my mother's boyfriend for some weird reason). They set it up, put the fish and plants in. It looks great. They open the door to leave and then the tank falls off it's shelf and smashes, glass shards and fish fly everywhere. The dream then flashes to me holding some kind of aquatic plant and handing it to the women at the front desk, she then says to me "A plant for a plant, I hate doing this". She then goes through some boxes in the back and hands me a different aquatic plant then I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that my son and I were in a bathroom and I saw the devil, he broke a window and water started pouring in. I prayed for god to help us, then god appeared and saved us from drowning. The weird part is he feed us sausage with syrup.. what does this mean ?

Example: What's the meaning of my dream?

i dreamt of seeing a clear water but below it there are worms and a small snake. then the 7 coins i was holding fell to the water...actually the coins didn't sink and it floated only...i want to get my coins but i'm afraid of the small snake(looks like it's resting) in the water...then i decided to go home when i stepped in a sea urchin...then i woke up after that...my dream's kinda weird for me...

Example: Dream interpretation?:) No clue what these mean, God, water, stained glass ect?

This is a super strange collage of dreams, first one that i remember I was in the sky about 50 feet off the ground over water, God was holding me in the air and speaking to me, turning me every witch way to show me things and the first thing was a statue of a man, he looked kind of like Trident or at least somebody very important and high up. The statue was pointing forward and had a long beard and long hair, he was very detailed and a beautiful statue really but i have no idea what God was saying when he showed me that. Then he turned me some other ways i was going all over the place, but staying in one position and God was saying things that i thought were against him, like things your not supposed to believe he was telling me about as if it was okay to believe them. He said something about goddesses and then he dropped me into the water and i turned into a very small cartoonish looking mermaid. I kept changing back into me, then the mermaid while i was under water. The water was very clear and clean besides it was greenish tented. Btw when i was in the sky i noticed it was grey.

I don't actually think i talked directly to God, but maybe he is trying to tell me something.

Anyways the next dream i was on a boat with my whole family, the boat broke down for some reason and we were worried we would be stuck for awhile, we were actually but everyone besides me knew that right on the other side of a wall there was civilization. So my cousin went under the wall, dug a hole through the water and got help.

I also dreamed a dog kept attacking me, there was 3 or 4 people with me at the time and they did nothing to help but this dog kept biting my hand and it hurt so bad i could feel its teeth crunching my hand and so in return i started to crush the dogs mouth with my hand. It also bit my leg, but i think i ended up killing it. Was an ugly, ugly dog. The other night i had a dream about a ugly dog with a really big lopsided nose that kept bothering me and barking so i killed it, i snapped it's neck and i saw it laying on the ground and it was twitching i started to cry like i didn't really want to do that. I even want to cry in real life, i would never actually do that, i like animals.

So then i was in a very beautiful, fancy, house that belongs to some extravagant rich person and was at a party there with some of my friends. (nobody i know in real life, didn't even look at them) and i guess one of the people was renting out the house for the party. While we were walking around looking at the nice things and talking i began to start to feel my feet slipping it was hard to stand up, as if i was on ice and then these people started playing around and decided to push one another including me and we kept falling into things and breaking them. It was all nice exspensive things of somebody elses, glass mainly and i felt bad so i started to leave down this huge 3 or 4 story staircase. It was made of white marvel stairs and the sides stained glass with red, white, and black trimming. It was really hard to get down but eventually i did and was very relieved to be away from them.

So anybody that knows what they're talking about feel free to interpret my dreams i can't figure them out. Thanks

Example: Can you interpret dreams?

I deliver my baby from my own stomach-(i'm male). The stomach dissolves away like sugar in hot water leaving a baby panda in my hand that looks like an animated teddy bear. I instantly get a vibe from the panda that it's evil and up to no good.

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream of delivering a baby girl?

I was in labor delivering a child... i looked down and my painted toenails were in the water from my womb and it was almost too hot to keep my feet there i looked up and saw my deceased grandmother...she looked at me and said its a girl...your in some pretty hot water now huh? I just birthed my newborn son 4 months ago...of course i tested and they were negative but my blood level still showed a trace of 0.05 hmmm any thoughts

Example: Strange Dreams?

I have been having really weird dreams lately. I heard that it was because of horomones during pregnancy. Is this true? I had a dream the other night that I was 35 weeks pregnant and I delivered the baby by peeling the skin off my stomach one layer at a time. The last layer looked like a water balloon with a baby inside. Anyone else have dreams like this?

Example: Has anyone ever had a dream of the day they will deliver?

I'm just curious. I had this extensive dream last week that my son was going to be born on the 21st of December. It was a really neat dream. Just wondering if anyone else has had a dream like that and how true it was? With my daughter I said she was going to be early, and said that she'd be born on March 25th, due to feeling semi right. She ended being born on March 27th at 36weeks 4 days, although she was really on 3 weeks early due to the tests they perform, but very healthy! She was 7lb7oz.! I'm just interested in anyone else's stories. Thanks!

Example: Water and birthing dream?

I had this dream that these people kidnapped me and this other person (I forgot who it was) but we had to go on these big rocks in a river everyday to look for something. When we were done, the people took us on their boat, road off, and dropped us off the next day to do the same thing. One day there were lizards in the water and I tried to grab them, but they slipped out. Then the kidnappers came and told us there was a flood coming. We got in the boat and left. Then the dream changed and I was in a big cabin in the woods with my whole family. There was also this guy I hate named John that goes to my school. For some reason he was dying, but he was also pregnant, so we had to get the baby out of him. While he delivered the baby, me and my little cousin went to the window and it started to snow. It was only at that point that I knew I was dreaming. Then I forgot I was. John delivered the baby. My cousin wanted the baby to raise him as an evil person.

What could this mean?

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