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Dream About Death Penalty meanings

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Example: Death Penalty Dreams! What's it mean?

I have dreamt of being sentenced to death several times. It's always euthanasia. They give me the shot and I absolutely panic. It's just terrifying, but I don't die. They give me more and I still don't die. I know this is really effed up sounding! haha. I'm a 21 yr old girl if that helps. Just wondering i anyone else had has a dream like this. thanks!

generally when someone dies in their dreams it could mean a few things.

when you die in a dream it could mean that a part of you is growing, and your becoming a different person, or just somthing in you is changeing. seeing that your only 21, its probally this.

now if someone you love is watching you die, or the person giveing you the shot is a loved one, perhaps you need to take a look at your relationship with them. if it is a boyfriend that is killing you that means that your relationship is being dragged on. things like that.

always remember that most dream readers on yahoo are ammatures and stuff. and everyone has their own dream dictionary. the interpretation is only correct if thats what you think it is.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about an owl forces its way into a window and attacks you?

I had this crazy dream last night where i was with my g.f in the house. We were just hanging around. I remember trying to close a window in a room because it was cold or something. The next thing I know what appears to be an adult size owl attempts to fly right inside my window. The owl is just acting irate trying to claw and bite. I remeber asking my g.f to offer me some assistance so she held the curtains open, i think they were yellow. The last thing I can recall is I end up grabbing the owl and smashing it against the wall outside the window because my body was halfway outside the window. Once I did that it stopped attacking and I threw it out and it landed on the ground. When it landed on the ground it appeared as something else was going on because there were many people sitting down in white chairs who looked at the dead owl and finally they all looked at me. Can any one tell me what that means?

Example: Whats this dream mean?

i had another weird dream and its so... crazy So i was 13 in my dream and i was in school and in class trying to take notes then these police officers came in and said they were looking for a girl named _______ and i said it was me they told me to step out and i got sooooo scared and right away they hand cuffed me and took me to the police station... i had no idea what was happening and they said that i killed someone when i didnt! i had to go to court and i was guilty for murder and i got a death penalty AT 13 years old i was so scared and sad ;( it felt so real but i was so happy when i woke up.
Anyways they were gonna hang me by my neck with a rope in my school in front of everyone it was so so crazy and the police people let me have one last day to do whatever i wanted i spent the day with my mom and we went to go eat pizza(my favorite food), and i told her "are they really gonna kill me" and my mom started to cry and she said that they were then i started crying (i woke up with tears on my pillow) then she drove me to school where my death penlty would take place. i stood in the large gym where everyone was looking at me AND THEN I WOKE UP before i got hanged and i was so relieved it wasnt true :DDD but what could this mean?! is it like a clue to not do bad things in life? its so interesting...

Example: Do you ever wish that the U.S. government could make the death penalty the answer to every major crime?

I don't mean to sound morbid or anything, and I realize that the death penalty is a very, very tricky concept, but sometimes I just wish that it was the answer to all major crimes. If one choses to make the choice of driving drunk and taking an innocent life or murdering somebody for personal reasons, I think that that person also deserves to die.

I don't know.. sometimes I feel that if the death penalty was there to scare criminals there might not be so many wandering the streets. Is anyone with me or am I dreaming?


Two nights ago, i had a dream where my mum gave me a crucifix, it was tiny which i could hold in the palm of my hand. Last night i had a dream where someone broke my actual crucifix from my room and in my dream i vividly remember crying.
i don't understand why i would have 2 nights having a dream about crucifixes
can someone please tell me what this means i would be VERYYY grateful

Example: Anyone know what this dream could mean. I was about to be killed due to the death penalty?

I had to choose if I should go by hanging or another way which I couldn't see properly. Very strange, anyone know what it could mean. I do not know how I arrived at this place in my dream but in my dream I kind of accepted that it had to happen. Don't usually remember my dreams so strange that I remember this one

Example: Poll: I'm obsessed with deathrow and the death penalty. what does this mean?

I can't stop talking about it, I even have dreams of getting the death penalty :O :O :O :O

Suggested Category > Society & Culture > Cultures & Groups > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered

Example: What does this dream mean?

I don’t usually remember my dreams, but last night I had a weird dream that I couldn’t find any answers to in my dream dictionary.

I dreamed that it was night time (around 7pm and getting later as the dream went on, for some reason that time just sticks). I had to go to court at midnight to be on trial for murder of some guy (don’t know who), but I didn’t do it, and there was no proof that I could show to prove I didn’t. I was facing the death penalty if I was found guilty so I was really worried and stressed because it was for something I didn’t do. My fiancé and I were acting like it was our last night together. I also remember we were at my parents house and it was a darker type atmosphere (not pitch dark, but not bright either). That’s about all I could remember. I probably should have wrote it all down right after I woke up, but I didn’t think about it until I a hour or two later when I started remembering parts.

Any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean, very very detailed & elaborate death?

The following is the entirety of my dream:

Me and a close friend were diagnosed with a fatal liver disease that was too far along to prevent. So both of our families, and us, opted for pulling the plugs on our life early.***I should not before the next part I remember attending an event in my dream that was just like the following, just not me going into the coffin*** When it was time to be buried there was a big group of people and some sort of announcer standing by two coffins in some water. In the coffins were two teen girls in each. The announcer asked if all bets were ready and then let both of the coffins fall and my friend's ending up winning (This had really nothing to do with anything we weren't even in the coffins yet). Then when it was time to get into them I started having really nervous feelings and thought to myself, I'm going to starve to death in a coffin in the water. So I went over to ask someone about it and they said that I would just be getting like the death penalty shot. Then, feeling at peace with the whole thing me and my friend climbed into our coffins.

That's when I woke up.

Example: What does this disturbing dream mean?

I just had a dream. In it, I was not earning enough money (true in real life as well). Then my boss asked me if I wanted to work on Sundays for extra money. I asked what it was. He said it was... decapitating prisoners. And since they lacked people to do that I'd be paid quite some. I was reluctant but then accepted it. Then the first job he handed me, it turned out to be a friend of mine that I needed to chop. I argued with my boss, saying I had known him a long time and no way such a nice guy could be a criminal to get a death penalty. Then I woke up.

What the heck does that mean?

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