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Dream About Death Of A King meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean ?

I keep having this dream and attempting to interpret the meaning but no luck so far can any one help ?

It starts that im in a huge dark room with a massive empty swimming pool, with the only light coming from the white tiles oft the pool i look below my knees and my phone charger is plugged beside me, i take it out and continue to stare at the empty pool. After a while i notice very small hairy creatures trying to get out of the pool by climbing out but they cant reach the top, when i look closer i notice they are unusually small monkeys.

I take my mum and dad to a theatre, were sat in the seats waiting for the show to start but im very anxious i know that a large monkey (king kong size ) is going to be revealed and im fearing more than anything about my dad seeing this, at the same time of fearing for my parents being in dangerous grounds, i rush them out just as the curtain opens and millions of monkeys climb out and start attacking the audience but we make it out.

I return home and become angry with my dad ( something that never happens) i show him a video of a monkey to hurt his feelings he gets angry at me and start to attack me but i run out and down the street and hide whilst he's searching for me.

Later on i discover my uncle's ex girlfriends daughter died who i was once relatively close too i go to their house on my own but instead of him being with his current partner he's back with his ex girlfriend in a house ive never been too before with her son i was also close too, they are back together as a family and i feel responsible for her death.

Notes, i was very close to my uncles girlfriends family, id spend some time with her daughter ( the one that died in my dream ) but not a strong friendship or anything

ive only seen king kong once but im aware of the theatre seen i dont have a fear of monkeys and didnt particularly enjoy the film

First, a quick note. The word "too" means "also". I saw that you had a lot of typos where you used "too" instead of "to". Okay, 'nuff said... ;-)

I have a couple of theories about the dream, but it could easily change. It is more important to know that you think of, when you think of monkeys. Playful and fun loving? Wild and untamed and unpredictable? Hyperactive? Gross (hairy and smelly)? Evolutionary ancestors (or de-evolutionary descendants)? Childlike? Maybe little kids are -- monkeys? Your primary concept of the monkey may suggest different interpretations of the dream.

Not knowing the above, here are some thoughts.

Maybe your dad is more a believer in Biblical creation, while you are a believer in evolution? (Or the reverse may be true.) If the first, the monkeys may be your feeling that the truth will come out. If the second is true, the monkeys may be a warning that believing in evolution is a mistake and will lead to great harm.

Attending the theatre may mean that some great truth or news is going to be revealed, which may be unwelcome or dangerous. When the monkeys (the news) were in the pool, you didn't help to free them. The news (secret, truth, etc.) is better off hidden.

I guess the later part of the dream is about you feeling guilty about this. Your uncle and the ex are back together so that he is also affected and hurt by the (whatever). If little kids are monkeys, then maybe the dream is about you being pregnant, and the effects that would have on your family?

I hope that some of this is helpful for you. :-)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Just before I start, I just thought I'd add cos it is kinda relevant to the dream, I'm a male-to-female transsexual (basically, I was born male but I identify as female and have taken medical steps to make my body match).

Anyway, like my dream was set during the reign of King Henry VIII and in my dream I was blonde (I'm naturally brunette in real life) and like I was in jail for rebelling against the King and I was going to be killed and like for some reason I was in Exeter.

Anyway, shortly into the dream I'm saved by this guy and there is a break out of prisoners and well the guy who saved me was me back when I was male, which was kinda weird, I used to be called Corey so I'll refer to this guy as Corey from now on. Anyway, Corey wanted to take me to London where I'd be safe cos the soldiers who recognise me and looking for me are from Exeter, but like I was like no, I want to stay in Exeter and continue to rebel.

So like I leave Corey and as I do some soldiers come up to arrest me however there leader shows me sympathy and lets me go for some reason.

After this I go to see my Dad at this farm where we apparently live, but like some more soldiers were their looking for me and like I end up having to run into the woods to hide and that is basically it.

What does this dream mean?

Especially the stuff where there was me back when I was male in this dream, that was just weird.

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok in my dream i was with friends and i was pregnant with twin boys and each month something bad would happen and on the due date at exactly nine months me and my friends were laying outside looking at the sky and stars started to shoot across the sky then i looked back up and the sky had a blood red crack in it then the whole sky cracked open blood red and fire and flames shot everywhere so we ran back inside and my mom told me not to open the door to this guy trying to give me a note she said it was satan then i asked her if i was gonna burn to death and she goes maybe but there are tornados on their way and a few days before that dream i had another dream two days in a row about a HUGE tornado killing people what could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this weird dream last night. I was in a huge valley. There was an army there that was under my command ( i am not sure if i was the king but i was in chief of the army). An opposing army was ready to battle mine. The battle that followed was fierce, reinforcements were coming for both sides and the battle was going for hours. I was always in the first line fighting and watching my troops get killed. At some point when most of my soldiers were dead a handful of enemy troops regrouped and battled us again. Eventually we won but the casualties were very heavy. All i could see around me was death and suffer. I was so powerful before the battle with a huge army in my control and after it i felt so weak and alone. What does my dream mean?

Example: Dream Meaning I need Help?

A couple years back I started having a Dream. It keeps recurring over and over again. from age 14 or 15 to 18 now. It starts while I am on top of a huge building and its storming really bad.. There is another man on the building and we always fight.. usually we have variety of weapons sometimes none. The other man is always wearing this mask.. It has a slit for an eye inside of jagged diamond shape. With a etched in line from the top and to the bottom of the mask (also jagged) and its glowing red. He also has a tribal symbol on the other side. its a Phoenix symbol i have a necklace of it. During the fight i always rip off the mask and its my face and he starts laughing and the dream ends.. I want a serious answer on what it means please..

Example: Meaning of this strange dream?

I had this dream a couple of months ago, I remember it being very vivid, I also don't believe in god

I entered a small church next to some trees, the door was open, and walking up some steps there was a small angel statue in front of it with a splodge of blood? on it, the angel looked like it was aggressive. Inside the church nobody was there and the dream was completely silent with no noise as usual, and objects in the church had been knocked over. I found an untied an angel with long or short brown waved hair and she was very tall and pale. She didn't seem to notice I was there and she left the church without even looking at me. I left the church as I was worried I would be blamed for whatever had happened as police cars were arriving. I felt scared and anxious inside the church even when I noticed the angel.

Example: What does seeing a king cheetah in a dream mean?

last night i had a dream where i was walking up the stairs of my front portch. i then sensed a presence and i turned around and a king cheetah jumps onto a stair scarin me to death cause it caught me off guard the cheetah stared at me for a few seconds then i woke up. wat does that dream mean? could it be a spirit guide i have trien to make itself known? or was it a messenger?

Example: Does this dream symbolize a certain death?

I dreamed I was being chased by a jar of Jif's Creamy Peanut Butter when suddenly, I ended up on the top of NY's Empire State Building accompanied by the evil Peanut Butter, a rabid deer, and Samuel L. Jackson, who proceeded to scream "Get this motherf**king peanut butter off this motherf**king tower" and shove me. I fell to what I assumed my death until I landed on a soft bed of lemon merigue pie. I was just feeling happy and safe when down plummeted the deer, ramming me with his antlers and what I assumed killing me, since I woke up at that instant.

Is this a death omen?

♥ Clare.

Example: Whats the meaning of king crimsons epitaph?

im doing it for art project, so what are your visual imagery when you listen to the song.

and if you happen to know the meaning of the song, its even better.

Example: Can you find the meaning in my dream?(warning gore)?

In my dream i was watching tv and a news story comes on about dead bodies being found in a flooded sewer drain there wear 100's of them and it was way more graphic then any news cast i have ever seen and ever will be. The bodies were blue and had long arms and legs with skins streching down. They said the guy was called hand thief. So that part just randomly ended and then i see a blue purple ish head grinding down a streen and the skin was almost like mucus and was just getting grinded off almost like if you got a snowball and grinded it lightly on the pavement. There was a bit of blood and it seemed to zoom in showing graphic detail. then that dream ended. a random website name appeard in my dream and what wierd was my dream had a rectangle shape and the website name was right in the midly in a normal white font with a black backround. it was something like steve.. (i dont know what the dots were) then that dissaperd and then i was in this well light brick room what looked to be a cellar and saw a tall man like thing that was naked he was also purple and blue like a bruise and had lon arms and legs. my eyes focus at his hands and they were in almost like sign language letters but stayed like that. i felt terriefied like i was going to throught up and my head was pounding. he tounched my face with his hands and it was like rough sand paper. suddenly i had a vision like from his point of view and i felt very calm. i saw 1 by 1 people he killed and how he sewed hands on to there body those hands were also in shapes and i remember thinking it looks very nice oddly.thank you for still reading i cant stop thinking aobut it. i also see were he buried the people and how in real places near me and i went into a old shed that i had never went in in real life. i stop viewing the people being buried and im back in the brick room. i see him staring at me and then i start feeling sick and in pain. he is just staring and starts walking away. i dont feel any erge to move or anything. i just sit there feeling horrible. i see the same website name slowly fading away. then i wake up and still after hours of my dream i feel really sad and horrible. when i woke up i rememberd the website name but now i cant. im not a very emotinal person but this really scarred me and i feel really scared. also i slept for 15 hours which is very unusal cause i sleep 9 hours every night im in winter break so i had no were to go and no alarm. i norally have very lucid dream. thank you for reading this i hope i dont get scarred for life from it . is there any meaning that could help me under stand.

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