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Dream About Deadline meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other day I had a dream that went like this:

mom: Morgan, I need to fix your heart.
(she takes my heart out and there is a gaping hole where the heart should be on my chest. And she gives me a shot that lets me live 1 hour without a heart)
I walk around for a while, and I end up in a field. Eventually I can't breathe that well and I run back to my mom and demand she give my heart back.. She luckily fixed it early and she put it back in.

What does this mean? Dream decoders needed!

i have noticed dreams are linear to the previous day you've just had.

this dream sounds interesting...i hope this helps.

your mom needs to fix your heart. someone close to you knows you need help, and you don't know it. if someone offers you help or gives you oppurtunity, take it. they know it's best for you.
taking your heart out. you should trust people who care about you if they are trying to help. they probably know what's best for you.
the shot tha lasts one hour: you have free time to do what you want. just be sure to absolutely meet deadlines, because if you don't, you'll be under heavy stress adn be in danger of a heart atack or something. the feild is your endless possibilities. you can plant a crop or a graden and let it prosper with the right amount of work, or you can ignore it and let it turn into a dust bowl and destroy everything and everyone around you. luckily, your mom and those who care about you will always be there for you. the entire time you were gone, your mom was helping you. she fixed your problem for you so you could be set on the right path.

that is a beautiful dream, by the way. i had one like it a while back, and it pt everything into perspective for me.

Example: Wat does this dream mean?

i had a dream where i was being chased by a guy with a knife in jay st borough hall, which is a train station in brooklyn nyc on the F and A line.

i went up a few flights of stairs to evade him then what saved me was a fireman that tackled him. then i woke up

it was weird and random what can it possibly mean?

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had this dream a few times and I am curious to know what it means.

I am in a deserted car park and turn around and there is a man with tanned skin and an afro heading towards me. He doesn't look scary at this point but i speed up walking. I glance around a he is a lot closer and his t-shirt which was white is now ripped and has blood on it. I run and get to my car and get in and look behind me and he is catching up on me. I lock the doors from the inside and look in my rear view mirror and he is sat in the back seat of my car. He pulls out a knife against my throat and then I wake up.

I've had it a few times and I really want to know what it means.

Thanks guys


Example: What does my dream mean?

A while ago I had a dream and it was one of those that feels very real so that when you wake up you're really disorientated and it takes you a long time to realise that you're back in the real world again. It made me feel really strange afterwards.

I dreamt that me and my cousin were being chased through a city, it looked like Masyaf or somewhere similar back in roughly 1000AD. The chasers were shooting arrows at us and narrowly missing. My cousin and I ducked into a house to escape them but they were closing in on us and there was nowhere left for us to hide. We lay on the floor with our hands over our heads waiting to be killed, but we weren't. When I looked up there was a man standing in front of us, protecting us. He leapt in front of the arrows and was killed. My cousin and I were saved, and then I woke up.

I know what you're all going to say when you read this, but, even though there was no evidence for it I knew that the man that saved us was Jesus.

I'm not religious in any way, I never have been. I'm not against religion and feel that if people need something to believe in then as long as it doesn't harm anyone and they don't push it on me, it's fine, but I don't personally believe in any 'higher power'.

So, any idea what it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was at the beach and there were limestone cliffs that all of the people were standing on. (it was night time) and there was a HUGE tsunami higher than a 5 story building. The water was pitch black. Then, right before it crashed onto us, it swooped down and started whirlpooling into a giant twister. Many people died, then I woke up.
What does that mean?

Dream #2
I was in a city, the sky was whitish grey, cold outside. The only building in the whole city was a giant clock tower. When the clock striked 12, all of the pigeons on the top of the tower flew away. Then the dream ends. I've had that dream about 4 times now

Example: What does my dream mean ?

I had a dream that my throat was closing in & I screaming at the top of my lungs and I was in a lot of pain :/ what does that mean ?

Example: Meaning of a dream.?

A friend had a dream that she was falling through a rock tunnel. As she was falling she was surrounded by digital clocks on different ledges and all the clocks read 3-1-4 and the numbers where in red. what could the meaning be?

Example: What does this means in my dream?

Well like 1 year ago i had this dream where my family was sleeping together, everything was silence except the clock. it kept ticking and ticking then when it strikes to 12pm my whole family awakes and argued against each. That woke me up , every since i think bout it ,it gives me the creep

Example: Crazy twig dream meaning?

I had this really weird dream a while ago, and no one can tell me what it means...

I was in a friends car on the way home from school, in the back seat with her sister.On the way home, we met up with another friend (she was stood on the pavement and i rolled down the window to see her) and i said that i needed to go and visit Booths (our local supermarket) even though i had no money. So we went looking around Booths and some strange stuff happened. I think it had something to do with cereal boxes and African masks. But then we were back outside by my other friends car, and she was stressing a bit because there was the remains of a feather cushion in the back seat. My friend said her mum would be angry at her because her sister and i had made a mess. All of a sudden we were in some kind of department store looking at something. And then we were TWIGS running down a hill away from something that had imprisoned us. There were quite a few of us. At the bottom of the hill was a long hedge and in the hedge were about 6 or seven fridges. The hedge ended at the right and came out onto a jetty that lead out to the sea. But the sea wasn't normal. It was sort of cartoony, like the sea on Jelly Car, and the waves were big. Really big. Flipping huge in-fact. But the waves were crashing down out at sea. Then there was a really big wave, and we knew that this time it would get us, and because we were twigs, it would probably kill us. So we turned and tried to run from the wave which was about 20ft high, but i knew it was no use. So i ran to the hedge, thinking, "if i can get inside the hedge, the wave won't go through it and i shall still be able to breath." So i tried to get through but there were too many branches in the way, so when the wave hit, i just clung to the outside of it, but with my face still in the hedge, and i could breath through it. When the wave had gone, a voice came from the sea and it said something like "Join me or feel my wrath". Anyway, i knew the worst was still to come, and that the hedge wouldn't be able to protect me. Then i remembered the fridges. I ran to one of them and pulled all of the food out of it, and the trays so that i could fit inside it. I managed to convince my friend who had somehow survived as well, (she was also a twig) to get in too so she could be safe. All the other twigs were just casually eating the food off the ground, as was my friend. I then realized that there was a gap at the top of the fridge where water could get it, but i didn't worry too much about that. There was also a window on the side of the fridge, where you could see out at everything. It all looked like it had been rained on.

Please help me figure out what this dream means?! All help will be much appreciated.

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