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Dream About Dawn meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream about me living in a town near a beach... i didnt give sum evil spirit a item and he made a huge tsnaumi and it gradually flooded the town badly..like hurricaine katrina then suddenly railroads popped up and the trains was hitting the survivors walking on the water.. what do this mean? my boyfriend was with me the whole time rescuing me

It means that you slept well, you were in REM sleep, good rest for a weary body/mind...that is all anyone's dreams have ever or will ever mean, they are meant to vaporize by dawn...and they mostly do, unless we intentionally use our waking hours pondering that which is not, was not, and shall not be...we have 9000 years of recorded dream <mis>interpretations to prove that as factual.

I'd persoanlly let this, or any, sleep induced illusion, go its merry way, and I'd go on with my day being really thankful that it was only a dream, that I had a bed upon which to sleep last night and may have one again tonight too if I live today.

Example: Dream/Nightmare Meaning?

My girlfriend started having this dream about 3 months ago about some woman trying to take over her body and kill people/kill her. It went on for a couple nights then stopped. It starred back up about 1 week or so ago and now Im in the dream, whenever this lady appears it is when Im with her.
Does anybody have any ideas as to what this means or to what could possibly cause a dream like this?

Serious answers only please.

Example: What does my dream mean -_-?

Last night I dreamed that the world was like over run by zombies, like in resident evil/dawn of the dead.

Me and 3 other people i knew (2 girls, one guy) escaped to a military aircraft lander strip in the middle of the ocean. There was no materials there - shelter, boats, nothing.
Were there thinking "there's no way to get off this is hopeless". One of the people said "hey at least were gonna starve and not get eaten by zombies.

The other guy that was there said "the fish are infected, theres nothing to eat, we'll get infected if we eat them". One of the girls played with one of the zombie fish and made it bite the other girl as a joke. No one noticed she was infected but me.

I was talking about a giant, manlike dragon squid creature in the water - like cthulhu. Then suddenly it appeared. Everyone else feared it but me, in fact I embraced the monster. It approached - the other girl that was bitten by the fish began feeling sick and my dream ended.

What does this stuff represent?

Example: What does my dream mean - geese?

i was walking around a pond it was quite dark either dusk or dawn , and there was maybe 500 - 1000 canada geese surrounding the pond

Example: What does my dream mean?

Usually I have really weird dreams where people die. (PS I'm a girl)
But last night I dreamed I was going on my choir trip and this guy approached me, he flirted with me and I flirted back. Right when he was about to kiss me I woke up, what does that mean?
(PS he looks like the dude from Damien dawn- your heart music video)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, so I dreamed my parents were gone like on this trip and I was home alone, and it was nighttime and I went out on the porch to get some fresh air. but when I did, some drunk guys started yelling at me to come over there, so I ran towards my friends house. only when i was running, the wind was slowing me down, so I couldn't run as fast as I usually do, but I got there. Only when I had got to her street, i heard someone getting raped. I hid in the bushes, and he didn't see me, but i got a good look at his face. I spend the night there in the bushes and when I woke up, I went to the nearest house, which was right across the street from my friends house. it ended up being my science teacher's house. I whet there and stayed with her for the day because I was scared to go home. but that night, I somehow got outside and the rapist turned into a tiger, and i turned into a mouse. He was throwing blades at me, But i caught them and threw them back. I killed him, and then I found this baby that was like making everything evil, and I had to like, take it apart. the only problem was everytime I took it apart, it came coming back together. So I took it apart, and I spread the parts out evenly. then Everything was ok. I walked home, My mom was home and we went for a car ride and out the window,I saw the rapist.
And I think I woke up after that.

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I listen to my iPod when I go to sleep so you have to factor that in also.
I was listening to The Bird and the Worm by The Used(and it was playing in the background of my dream also)

I was looking around in this dark forest looking thing and I had nowhere to go. I was calling out this unknown name into the middle of nowhere.
"Michael!" I yelled over and over again, yet I know no Michael's.
Then, out of nowhere I hear this teenage boy yelling my name and I followed it, running for my life, or his.
I finally got to him and I saw this circle of people around him with their hands turning into claws as the looked at him onto the ground, quivering in his blood. I was scared for him, yet I didnt know him.
I shoved my way through the circle of people and then, everything exploded into a new demension, yet everything was the same.
I turned toward the circle of people and I got into this unknown crouching position like I was going to fight them off. Then, I think I growled and as a person stepped toward us, there eyes were blood red. Then, i attacked that person.

People have been informing me that it was a scene from Twilight or Breaking Dawn but I haven't watched/ seen that book/ movie. Please help me. I don't think that it was a scene from Twilight if it has happened to me for the last week and a half. Please help me.

Example: Help with dream meaning?

Crazy dream last night. I dreamed I was in some sort of a bus with lots of other people and we were looking out the window at Twilight or Dawn (Can't Remember which) and there were four suns in the sky, lined up perfectly horizontal, equal spaces apart. There were also these horrible huge winged creatures in the sky. They were all black. I can only remember one being a Stalk and the other being a hippogriff. I know there was some man there, who might have been one my high school teachers and he worried about the sun rising because we would all burn to death because there were four suns instead of one.

Any idea what this could mean. it was super spooky, especially all those winged creatures because they were so huge.

Usually when I dream crazy things I could tell where it came from but this was just out of the blue.

Example: What does my dream mean?

To begin with I was sat in an old-fashioned metal bathtub in my sitting room with a lightning storm outside. I was worried my dad was going to enter the room so I held a towel over my naked body. It was either dusk or dawn so everything was pretty dimly lit. A blackbird and a jackdaw came through the window. A black cat was also in the dream. Suddenly I was outside being chased by white horses with lightning striking all around. The road I was on isn't far from my home.

I don't know how accurate this description is as I dreamt it a little while ago now. I seem to remember the horses were owned as their carer was chasing after them. I didn't feel at all scared during the dream.

Example: What does my rape dream mean?

Ihad a dream that I went to a house at dawn to buy some tools for my bf and then the two guys there were trying to rape me and laughing and stuff so I ran out and saw three ladies there who I asked for a cellphone but they didn't have one than one of them gave me more than 50 bucks and I told her that I had money in my purse that I had left in the house and when I got it back I would pay her back I do remember seeing 5 cops that were taking some other guys and telling them what happened

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