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Dream About Dark Room meanings

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Example: Dream Meaning?

I had the most bizarre dream last night. There was a young woman with dark, long hair who was in a room alone with me. (I was scared of her). This lady came up to me and mentioned my lungs. (It seemed as if I owed her something, but I am not sure). She said something about a “chip” in one of my lungs that she needed to take. I agreed. She sort of breathed onto or sucked air from me (to take it). I realized that this “chip” was something that I needed. Then, I remember thinking it was too late and woke up. At some point in the dream, I remember seeing the “chip”. (Chip is the word that was used in the dream). The chip was just a white spot in my lung like you would see in an X-Ray. Does anyone have any insight into the meaning of this?

Dreams are from our subconscious mind- this means that only our subconscious mind can make sense of them. People can submit all kinds of ideas and opinions about what it means, but in all honesty we're not supposed to remember our dreams. On occasion we do recall parts of a dream but nobody can ever recall an entire dream - only the parts that can makes sense to our conscious mind.
The two sides of our brain (conscious and subconscious) don't really communicate as you and I do, so this dream could have likely been the culmination of an attractive woman you saw at a scary movie and a fear of lung cancer because you smoke.
I don't know if that's anything possibly true, but it's nothing more than a dream and should be treated as such.
Now if you were having recurring dreams that were traumatic I'd suggest taking stock of them.
It's human nature to try and assign logic and reason to everything, but in this case I'd have to say you just had a strange dream.

Example: What does my dream in dark room mean?

Please can someone tell me what my dream means, pleaseeee

I was locked up in a pitch black room with only one window and some small curtains. Some light came through the window, but it was hardly anything. The room was VERY small, and I felt ridiculously scared as the door was locked. I asked if anyone was there and screamed and shouted. A person replied saying: "I'm not going to unlock the door for you. You are staying there. " I cried and begged for ages and it was still the same response from that same person on the other side of the door. The room felt stuffy, and then suddenly a fairy appeared and whispered me some advice and told me to be calm. The fairy supported me, cheered me up a bit. She then gave me a big black bag full of special materials and equipment. One, was a pair of glasses detecting fairies and two, there were a pair of inflatable shoes that I could walk on water. There were other stuff as well, but I didn't look properly.
The person on the other side of the door felt suspicious since I becam quiet all of a sudden and opened the door quickly and cornered me in the room saying: "did you get help? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I felt intimidated and did not escape and lied saying in a shivery voice: no one helped me. I'm all alone.

Example: Meaning of hidden room dreams?

This is so strange but it keeps happening to me every night. I'm at my aunts house and there's this strange dark room. You go up a stair case and there's a strange way to getting there like going under this wood thing. But i feel like there's something in there. Something that im very afraid of. I don't know what it is though. Maybe a spirit. And because of being so scared of going in there. I must have taught myself not to go in there anymore. It's very creepy, and i never really thought of it, until now and i really need some explanations .

Example: What does it mean to dream a white room in a landscape with a bloody box waiting inside to be opened?

Why did I have this dream it's been haunting me since I was small and I also opened the box to see blood and the room became really bloody red...

Example: What does my dream mean?very weird? people say its interesting?

had a dream that my crush and i where in a square grey room and he was frozen and i tried to speak to him but he was like paralyzed and i was wearing a dress and i was freaking out then he jumped up grabbed my hand and took me down narrow hall to another dark room and pointed out a window to a starry night watching a solar and lunar eclipse pass by and we where both smiling.

i have been talking to my crush a couple days on facebook but he seems like he isn't interested bcuz his responses are short and he usually ends with (: please no rude or stupid answers!

Example: HELP: i dreamt i was in a dark room with no light! whats the meaning?

Dear yahoo friends and angels i need help to interpret my dream please read on!

Just a few hours ago i woke up to shock.
i dreamt i was in a room with no light and i even couldn't see in front of me, i walked towards a theatre curtain, and i discovered i was in a bedroom, as i looked outside the curtain i saw a sunrise!

i felt so much better seeing the sun rise outside of the window, it was like the light of my saver, i felt like i was being saved by the light? i cant explain my feeling, it was like a relief to have light when stuck inside a small black room...

as i saw the sun rising very fast it stopped in the middle of the sky? and then it was behind a big gray cloud! i was so angry! i felt like i wanted to move that stupid gray cloud and let the sun shine on me!

then! the dark sky emotionally moved and the sun began breaking through the gray clouds! i felt sooo happy and i heard the stormy weather moving away and it was slowly becoming clear! i felt so relieved and happy and a release of sooo many emotions released... ahhh

then i teleported to a silver room, and in the middle i saw a girl i currently know! she was frozen? sitting on a silver shiny chair...

nooo ! i wanted to talk to her! but she was Frozen! why! who would do such a thing? is she ok? why is this happening to my friend?

AAAAND THEN! i zoomed into her beautiful eyes and i heard my cell phone ring! then! it was black again!

i remember feeling stuck in my bed and trying to move to answer my cell phone but i felt like a heavy item was on top of me? i couldn't move for 2 minutes, then i woke up in shock!

i was relieved i could move! it was like some emotions were holding my body back from answering my cell phone! to my surprise there was no call? it was only just a dream!

my body felt so tired like i was running a marathon, i was soo scared that something has happened to my friend, i haven't even called her to check if she's ok yet? should i? it is saturday in india so its an ok time! (my timezone)

So what do the 3 things mean in my dream?

1 - seeing the stormy clouds break away and the sun shine through in the middle of the sky?

2 - seeing my new thai friend in a silver shiny room sitting frozen on a chair? :( i cried i thought someone did something to her!

3 - hearing my cell phone ring when i zoomed in her eyes? and waking up unable to move for 2 minutes?

Example: What does this dream mean. I was in a dark room listening to metal and the walls were bleeding. Then a picture?

Of my deceased dad was burning on the table. Then my dad put his hand on my shoulder and said "your growing up". Then I woke up in sweat and breathing heavily. What does this mean

Example: Dark Dream, what does it mean?

It began in my workplace, it was dark, almost dull however the store was still open. I felt like I was lucid dreaming but wasn't fully conscious, so I stopped jumping over counters and looked around me thinking that I would get into trouble of I continued.
The next thing I know I am in my house talking to my sister about being tired and going to bed however instead of this I went outside to look for my grandmothers house I believe to smoke weed as I knew it was abandoned (it has been knocked down and re-built over for years). It was dark again like before. I then noticed metal fences up around the area, as I neared the primary school I began to lose control of my movement. I was stumbling around as a woman and her pram went by me, she looked around in almost disgust or confusion. I was almost begging the woman in my head within the dream to help me but felt almost too sick to speak. I kept falling into the fence around the school and continuously got my hand stuck in the gaps which were painful to take out. I felt very uneasy and was determined to get home, as I ran, I again lost control and went into a metal fence feeling immediate pain. This triggered me to wake up within an again "almost" lucid dream as I realized I was dreaming when I felt paralyzed and the room was dark, as I tried to move a black mist with the sounds of a black panther was flashing in my face almost as if it was coming at me. I shouted No, Never! and put all my energy into freeing up my hand so I could punch it.
I woke up feeling as if I had successfully repelled whatever it was meant to signify in my dream however had an uneasy feeling that it was a warning and it would be back.

Can anyone shed light on this whole thing?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I would be in a pitch black dark room and then a light would come out of nowhere and shine on 3 little girls playing jump rope singing the freddy kruger song and then it wont be me anymore in the dream its now a ghost that looks completely different then me and the girls would just be there singing the song over and over again.

Example: Dreams in little dark room help help?

I have dreams in little dark room with no windows small as a closet and very dark help help what does it mean is it bad

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