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Dream About Daisy meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a dream with a boulder crushing a white flower that is surronded by a white picket fence mean?

I want to know what this dream means.
I started to have this dream when I was six and it comes to me rarely, like once every two years. I'm fourteen now, and the last time I had the dream was thirteen. i think the flower was a daisy, I'm not sure. the whole scene was glowing with a soft light. I don't know why, but whenever the boulder crushed the flower I would wake up scared out of my mind.

someone help?

Sometimes a recurring dream centers around a problem or issue, and when that is resolved, the dream goes away. Other times a recurring dream is a signal pointing to feelings or reactions you have toward situations in general, and that is what this one sounds like. The imagery implies a situation where your happiness was crushed by a problem or issue. It makes me want to say "So who's been p---ing in your Cheerios?" a question that's been asked of me a time or two when in a foul mood. (It's a question that implies that someone else came along and did something to disrupt cheerfulness) It sounds like this dream is stress related, that you wake up scared when you have it is a clue.
To get a better idea of what this dream means to you in your personal language, whenever you have it, write it down and date it, and also write down a journal entry of what has been going on in your life for a few days prior to having it. It may take awhile for you to get some entries together, since it doesn't happen on a regular basis, but when you get a few together you can start to study the entries to see what they have in common, what kind of situations come up in the entries that may have something to do with it. For example, x thing happened during the week, and you reacted x way, then in another example, y happened during the week and you reacted x way, then in another example z happened and you reacted x way. Or possibly x thing comes up in all of the examples...good luck...

Example: What does my dream mean?

Anyone else have that dream where you lick caramel off Daisy Duck's fingers? What do you think it could mean? I've heard Donald is prone to jealousy. Should I start looking over my shoulder?

Example: What does it mean to dream about vampires?

I had a dream that I was a princess named daisy
And a group of vampires were trying to
Attack me in the woods . By the way it was night time . What does it mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a really weird dream last night that somebody sawed my right leg off because i had broke my leg just below the knee cap and i was left with a stump they bandaged it up and there was blood coming threw the bandages, No body cared that this had happened to me and i just got on with life but i was asking for a wheel chair or crutches because i was still walking everywhere and it was painful lol What does it mean?

Example: Pink flower dream meaning?

Ok so i had a dream a few nights ago about a bouquet of pink flowers. I dont know The name of flowers or anything but they had circular petals. Like round petals. Any idea what the meaning of this dream Is?

Example: What would freud say my dreams meant?

what would freud say these dreams meant?

Dream 1) i had a dream that i invented wafer thin aero chocolate bar.
Dream2) i had a dream that i was stuck in a really thick bubble and couldnt get out and i was flyin in the wind.
Dream 3) i had a dream that i had bright blue eyes and bright blonde curly hair with really fair skin, (ratherr than my bluey green eyes and brown hair) i was wearing a white frilly dress and was sat in the middle of of a field that was full of daisies.
Dream 4) i dreamt that i was in year one again and had just moved to a new school, where i walked in and was automatically approached by a girl called maddie who said i could share her apple with her if i wanted and then we were instantly friends and then i met her friend called beckie and then me and her became inseperable for the rest of primary school ( and the scary thing is ...is that this is what actually happened to me when i moved schools in year one)
Dream 5) i had a dream that some incennt sticks that i was burning had run out of there orange smell and so i decided to dip them in my lemon bodywash
Dream 6) i had a dream that a ghost of my great grandma was sat on my bed reading me a story like she used to when i was 4 and that she read to me all night until i fell asleep in her arms
Dream 7) i had a dream that i was a famous author selling vampire novels aaround the world and had so much money that i took a trip to the moon.

could someone please tell me what freud would say to these... its for phsychology project.. i have to anaylse my dreams for a week like freud would have only i have no idea what he would of said to these dreams i have done so much research but cant find it out :/ x

Example: What does my dream really mean?

I had a very strange dream the other day that makes no sense to me but it did upset me. I have a 12 year old son & in my dream he was very young. Maybe 4 or 5. We were living in a different house and on the patio was a very large flower pot with small daisies. There were distant family members that we haven't seen in years in this dream. Coming outside on the patio one evening we found my son laying on the flower pot dead. Everyone in the dream were so calm & comforted me. I woke up when i started crying in the dream. I was hysterical. I rushed to check on my son & just grabbed him & hugged him uncontrolably. I didn't tell him about my dream so he thought i had lost my mind! Is there anyone out there that knows how to interpret dreams? Any thoughts?

Example: What does my dream mean?

its my dream house:
the walls are dark purple and all the furniture and carpet is white.
its huge and spacious.
im sitting on my couch shaped like an egg when suddenly i have the urge to shower
i get up walk into my bathroom and am taking a bubble bath when all of a sudden a lot of people from the paparatzzi open the door and make all this loud noise
and then i close the door and there is no noise at all again.
but then i open the door and i see myself laying on the ground of an open meadow holding what used to be a daisy but there is only the middle part left
and then i close the door
and i realize that i am about to die from drowning
and i wake up...
what does this mean?

Example: Bouquet of Flowers and envelope at front door?

What does it mean to dream of a bouquet of white daisies and an envelope at your door?

Example: What does my dream mean ?

i had a dream one of my best friends called daisy said to my face that she never liked me & she only hung around with me cos she had no other friends at that time, laughed at me and walked off linked arms with a girl i HATE !

when she left she laughed at me, and then my other friend corrine came up and said just forget about her, she was never really your friend.

i never have normal dreams but this one felt really real, and i didnt like it cos i lost a close friend.

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