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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream.?

What does it mean to dream about eyeglasses? A few days ago I dreamed that I was putting on my glasses, even though I ALWAYS wear contacts, but the glasses either were, or turned into, the first pair of glasses I ever had, when I was 8. It seems like it means something.

If it's worth anything, I was probably thinking about some guy I'd just met before I fell asleep. ^_^;

Dreams almost always mean something.
Especially something from your own thoughts.
Not something that is from a bad movie.
Glasses mean clarity of thought. You have
something, that you need to think out more clearly.
You see yourself, back in the time, when you thought
that things were a lot more simple. We often dream
of ourselves as carefree children, no worries. Or dream
of ourselves flying above all others. With no problems to
bring us down, no pain or fears. It is important that the age you were in the dream was 8. If it were 5 it is below the age
of reason. Being 8 is an age that can think more logically.
You are trying to be logical about making a choice. You are
not clear, as yet, as to what is the right thing to do. You are
the only one who can know what this dream is about. Think
about what has been on your mind lately. Is there something
new happening in your life, or someone new coming into it.?
You're trying to be logical, so be logical. The glasses only mean you want clarity , so think things out clearly. You have
all the information you need to figure it out. Dreams just try to teach us and help us. We just have to let them.

Example: Meaning of my dream? .?

Last night I had a dream of a fire in my garden. My family and I were outside the front sitting down talking and friends of the family were over too. There must've been a little fire burning earlier or something and we'd ignored it because as I looked round the side gate my garden was on fire so I called my father and said look how big the fire got :O. And we ignored it, soon the entire garden was filled with a lava looking fire. For some reason I threw a bucket of water and the whole fire went away and left us with a burnt garden then it came back twice as faster. I woke up then and could not get back off to sleep. Does my dream mean anything? I know it's quite vague but you know in dream you don't realise how you get to different places and what really happens. Please help I'm worried x

Example: Meaning of this dream?

My mother had a dream about my dad, her ex-husband.

She dreamed they where alone and he was naked,
he told her he wanted to be with her but she refused because she was in a relationship.
in her hand she said she had a hanger with a white shirt.
She walked away from my father to a closet fulled of colorful dresses she said she saw no white clothing, just colors.

i'd really like to know the meaning of this dream.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream where I and some guy was being chased by these three people. Two had pitch black eyes and they were chasing us down a hill in an oak grove forest to this one lake. Then one caught me and I told the guy to run to the water because he will be safe there. The one with black eyes tried to choke me and somewhere out of no where I received this decorated short silver sword that was glistening in the sun and I stabbed the two. Black blood came out. But the other person was coming who was impersonating my father, but I knew it was not him. He was stronger than the other two. I finally reached the water and he followed me in. I tried to kick him away while I was swimming. The guy, who I was saving, said he sees the light at the bottom of the lake. We went down to the light and the guy, who was chasing me, stopped and we went into the light. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

My mother had a dream that I came out as a lesbian to her. She says that in the dream I told her that I liked girls and she said that she'd always known that. I'm not actually gay, but I've never talked about guys or anything like that with my mother. Does anyone know what this dream could mean? Thanks

Example: Dream meaning?

Okay so someone asked me what this dream means and I don't know and now I am randomly curious too so does anyone have any idea?

"This is a dream I had Saturday night, and I'm not mentioning the actual people in it (ask if you want to know who they are).
It's rather short. So, I appear in a church, there isn't a mass going on, but there are a bunch of people, some kneeling and praying, some are just sitting quiet in their seats. So, there's a guy to my left and a girl to my right, both my age. The guy to the left loks over at me, then looks at the girl, they whisper something (I can't remember) to each other. The guy then gets up and leaves. I look at the girl, she takes out a paintbrush then starts painting on her arm in green paint. She paints a quick tree then looks up and smiles.
That's where it ends."

Example: Last night I'd dream of attending the b'day of a celebrity(a very famous film star). What does this mean?

Also I wasn't invited to it but when I went everyone welcomed me. Please give me what does this dream mean? Also have you got such dreams? Till now in my life I've never attend any big parties and also people surrounding me din't throw such ones. But how then I attend this without even being invited?
Also that film star's a man.

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

last night i had a dream about an old work colleague. never really fancied him although hes a good looking chap. my dream was that of the beginning of a romance, where boy likes girls and girl likes boy but neither has made a move yet. my dream mainly contained looks at each other and the little things you do when you fancy someone. at the end was me looking back at him and him watching me walk off home but i could hear him think should of kissed her. does any of this mean anything?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Yesterday, I dreamed about this girl but somehow I went to the future, or in the past and she no longer exist, I was freaking out. Then I woke up..Any ideas of what it means?

I've also had another dream 2 weeks ago same girl.. I was with some friends, going down the town walking, my friend called his dad and a motorcycle was waiting for us at the Pizza shop, he rode the bike, said to slow and he jumped off from the bike and it crashed and walked away to the news stand, there I saw this same girl, she knows me, but in the dream she didn't recognize me, I was sort of hiding, I went back home to surprise her. So, somehow this guy try to pick pocket me, I caught him, a big dude, I say let's take care of this in a fight in the ring, which he had one, I saw my uncle happy (around that time they were removing 3 of his toes) while I was using the restroom before I pee on the dude.. When I was walking to the ring, I saw her sitting with some guy they were talking, but I don't think she saw me, this got me angry for some reason and then I woke up.

Any Clues to what my 2 dream meant? The one with the ring happened first and then the one where she doesn't exist in the past or the future..

Example: What d lots of snakes mean in dreams?

had dream of lots of snakes some were casing me others trying to bite one looked like cartoon

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