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Dream About Cussing meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

In my dream I was walking to my therapist's office (i dont get it) I saw a couple friends from my old highschool on my way there. inside the therapists office I told her about my moodswings then all of a sudden she turned into a guy who was trying to corrupt me by giving me a corona. the corona didnt bother me because im 21 but the forcing me to cuss, and beat kids was a little far because i am trying to be a christian and a teacher too.

That dream means you are crazy as $#!%. But seriously, much of it could be due to pressures you are feeling right now, whether internal (trying to be a good Christian, i.e. guilt feelings about something), or external (peer groups trying to influence you). The beating of little kids probably has something to do with being at the other end of the spectrum from your belief...something you would never do. So your subconcious brought it up because your concious mind abhors it.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well, I like Jeydon Wale, (internet legend)..and I had a dream, I went to his house, and he hooked up with my sister...and i started cussing at them. Please tell me what this means</3

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night. In it, I was pregnant, but it didn't really look like me, but it was me. I remember being in a school library and asking all the questions about a baby...if I can still cuss, etc...and this chick was nosy, and asked me what was going on.I remember being really happy about having a baby. Then I remember some weird Halloween dance, and some guy kissed me and said that I'm coming home with him. Supposedly, he was my boyfriend. Then, some time passed, and I had a son. By then, he was about a year old, and me and this guy broke up. The kid was with this guy, and I was seeing someone else. The kid said something to this guy, about me and this guy being together again...Then my alarm woke me up. What could this mean? I am not pregnant. I would like to have kids some day, but right now, my goal is education, and there is no way I'm letting a kid interfere with me going to college.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was 13 and this was my first time dreaming about this stuff. After a couple of days it didn't occur again. It happened when I was sleeping straight (usually I don't like to sleep straight) and Thank You for reading it if it was long! :) and I'm Buddhist not catholic or Christian

So I was at some mall with my mom and we were walking in this store. A lady kept following us and I cussed at her to stop. After that we left and went to the bathroom. Then this dude was following is and he began throwing these scissor like things at my mom's back. I screamed and cussed at him to stop. But all he said was he was sorry. Then I was at my grandpa's living room. I was on the couch, napping. I looked up and saw his dark, tall figure moving towards me. I got so scared at that point that I tried to wake up. But the scariest part was that I couldn't move my body. I felt like I wasn't with my body and that I can't move it. So I gave up and hid behind the pillow I had with me. As it came closer, I prayed that someone would come save me. Then my grandpa walked out of a room, like he didn't see that thing or heard me screaming. He just said you're awake now..

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay in my dream my mother had put some sort of spell or something on me so I was in this coma-like thing for five years. (Right now I am 13, I was 18 then.)
I remember being furious with her and I was trying to pack my bags and finally I did and I just left the house. Then I went to this place where a bunch of other kids were who had that same thing happen to them. I remember bonding with a few of the guys at my school who are mean to me because the same thing happened to them.
I felt really violated and in the dream I was furious, cussing at my mother and leaving because I was 18 now and I could. I had the feeling continuously throughout the dream like I had missed my whole childhood (Prom, etc.) and when I woke up I didn't remember it, until now. I don't feel mad about it anymore, but in the dream my mother was so nice and calm telling me it was for my own good, and I was screaming at her and just so incredibly furious.
So here's what I ask: Find out what it means and PLEASE tell me. I couldn't find anything about losing 5 years of your life online so I'm asking someone out there find it for me, and thanks :)

Example: What did my dream mean?

I keep having nightmares every night. Usually, it is the same dream over and over, but this time, it was different.

I'm a 17 year old girl, so this dream sounds less strange... Anyways, last night, I dreamt that I was riding my bike through an old village. I fell and got really cut/bruised. I checked my phone, which looked like a giant calculator, and it was badly cracked from the fall. I cussed and got back on my bike. I kept riding through the village and fell again. My bike was now bent and I started limping. I got back on and started riding down this dirt hill. Three guys, who you would picture in a motorcycle gang with long bears and leather jackets, rammed their bikes into mine. I fell off, once again, and they grabbed me. They started joking with each other and then raped me (I've been raped before in real life and my other nightmares are usually reliving that event, but this dream is much different).

Once they were done, they threw me down and I got back on my bike. I kept going down the dirt hill and eventually bashed into a friend of mine on her bike (who I know in real life). We both fell and I apologized. We rode into another village together, which I think is where I lived in this dream. We got off my bike and looked for my mom.

When I found her, I told her what the bikers did and that I needed to go to the hospital (when I was assaulted in real life, I never told anyone for six years and never went to the hospital). She didn't seem too concerned and told me to sit down so she could take pictures of my badly bruised body. I then checked my phone, which was still cracked, but now looked like my actual phone, not a calculator.

Then, I woke up. Sorry for it being so long. I just remember it so vividly. What does the bike mean? What does it mean that I kept falling? Why was I attacked by a bunch of bikers? Why was I in villages?

Example: What's this dream mean?

I was staying with a family of my friends and their place. I remember the ceilings were low and their were many arched doorways between rooms. The building was a strange combination of cottage-eqsue and sci-fi "architecture". I remember sitting at a desk in front of a computer, looking at the book The Golden Compass. Two old men were behind me asking me about it and why I was reading it (they were apparently the residents of the home). They asked if I believed in God and I said I didn't know and then one of the men got REALLY angry and started cussing but it was all censored (which I think is funny in retrospect). I started to get really scared and I said, "I think regardless, it's a good book. It's very intelligent." Then he cursed more and they locked me into a cage...the rest gets blurry from there.

Example: What does my weird dream mean?

Last night, I had a dream that my family had a huge family reunion outside. There were tons of cars on this massive campground, and there were people all over the place, fishing, grilling, etc. I went to find my dad, and he was fishing in the on site lake. He pulled his fishing line out of the water, and on the massive hook, used as bait, was MY CAT! We've had him since I was about 6, and I'm almost 17 now, so I'm really attached. In my dream, I cussed my dad out like no other. I hated him and ran away. Recently, my brother's cat had kittens, and the kitten I got most attached to, my dad ended up accidentally stepping on her and killing her. I was completely devastated & I'm now paranoid that my other cats are going to get hurt. What does my dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep having dreams with this reoccurring theme, I am extremely angry and cuss out a girl with whom I used to be friends. The dreams are in different settings and I have had them about four times, maybe more I don't remember. I was the one who didn't want to be her friend anymore and I had no problem ending the friendship, because I didn't liked her in the first place. Could it just be my subconscious expressing the angry I never expressed directly to her?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about my dad having lover while still married to my mom they had a fight recently we were going to the movies but not anymore my dad was mad and so he call someone to come to our house and so the person did it was the lady that came up and kissed him I got pissed off and started cussing at them? What does this dream mean? oh and I told my mom but she didn't care PS it was in my dream

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