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Dream About Cure meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that i was sitting on a stool in front of a phone and then it rang i looked around and nobody was there so i picked it up and this lady said that my friend died in a car accident.
i was really sad, then the next thing i know i am in a car on the way to the hospital, and when i got to the hospital my friend was jumping rope, and then the doctor told me they found a cure for death.then i woke up.

what does it mean?

it may not mean anything at all... like, for example, i dreamed that i was bender from futurama and everyone was talking to me with my name, not bender, and i had my own voice, and i said "hey everyone! look what i made!" and i pulled a giant scooby-doo head made from balloons from nowhere and threw it out the window and i went with it... later i landed finally and some woman said she'd pay me to take her kids on a ride with my balloon and i said yes, so she hands me this baby that im holding like a football and when i land, for some reason my science teacher was there and said "i dont think u should be carrying babies 1000 feet in the air, so i said "ok then" and i dropped the baby and left, the i woke up and instantly wrote this down. so i bet it was nothing...

Example: What does dreams mean?

What does nightmares mean? Or any other dream mean? Does it involve in your future?

Example: What does it mean when you dream..?

When you dream u had a baby...but not an ordinary baby...the baby i dreamed was a newborn baby.it looked sick and it was a weird baby it was like scaryi remember changing the diper and i was able to see the bones and my baby's fingers would fall off. it was the scaryest dream ever then after my baby died on the table and i would realy hear myself crying i would HEAR MYSELF CRYING AND WHEN I WOKE UPI REALY WAS CRYING...i dont know wat that means?

Example: Dream meaning question?

I had a dream a few days ago that took place underwater with a bunch of other girls swimming around at the bottom of the ocean, though the water was a light blueish-green color. I was swimming away from these long red creatures that were trying to bite at my feet and the only way to get away from them and be safe was to find another girl to hold on to and then the "red creatures" would apparently not be able to see me and harm me. I found a partner, but another girl didn't and the creatures went after her. She told us that she had leukemia and we needed to save her. Somehow we girls managed to save her from the creatures and cure her of her leukemia. She was very thankful for us doing so, but I have absolutely nooo idea what this dream is supposed to mean and for some reason I have a gut feeling that it means something important! lol- could someone please help me?

Example: Doctor who dream what mean?

So i had a very slightly doctor who dream, it wasn't mainly doctor who, but let me explain the dream thoroughly

So it started with me my mom and my dad in the Tardis ( they weren't my actual mom and dad but I knew they were in the dream)and i apperently had this disease i didint know what it did but we were trying to cure it, first they gave me pills, withc were labels "BAD" and "GOOD" they were labeld that because one day it was angry(bad) and the next it made my happy(good)and they were in a row in a pack, in the pattern "BAD" "GOOD" "BAD" GOOD" in the backround of the words they had red for bad and green for good, theyc were light bron wand they looked like they were something compressed, i dont know what, after we tried the pills they somehow hooked me up to the tardess(wiresly) and there was a window behind a part of the tardis, witch looked like a lot of clumps of things flowwing through what looked like water and my mom and dad told me they were the nutrents inside of me, me mom and dad then started eating them, also they wernt small, but we started eating them and somehow this was suppost to help i didint feel ill at all throught the whole dream...

Example: Dream Dictionary meaning?

what does it mean?:
To dream that you are hurt, signifies wounded emotions or feelings that you may have suppressed. You need to address these feelings in order to properly heal.

Example: WEIRDEST READ: What did my dream mean ?

OK right into it.
My dream:
I was In a mental hospital and Dressed in a medical 'Onesie' of sorts but it was REALLY tight and I had to walk hunched over as it was so tight it hurt to stand up straight.

Two doctors came to a window of my classroom looking cell I was in and told me I needed 'This' Injection, I refused and asked "If it will help me grow, IF IT WILL ENHANCE ME". Then I started to become enraged with anger at the doctors (As I knew I had this amazing power the doctors were afraid of) and started to crack the wall by pushing against the window border.
The doctors got very scared and THEN weirdly I fell back and collapsed into helplessness. (I couldn't stand/walk/ talk properly or even hold myself up).
His arm stretched (Like a cartoon character) through the physical windows and injected me with this needle.

I was then calm/depressed. They both walked me to the canteen of the building where there were allot of other patients. I felt outcasted and didn't want to even look at any of them so I went to the toilet in the corner room of the canteen.

Now this is the weirdest part.

I started to urinate in this toilet But then my penis turned a REALLY deep purple and I was urinating deep purple colored urine that was an extreme struggle to get out. The toilet started to overflow with this purple urine of mine and I tried to clean it up but didn't care much I was just scared.
Another patient then barged into the toilet and I was then suddenly Very short'... he stood in the corner and I watched him in fear of what he was going to do.

That's it.
What did all that mean :S...

Example: Can dreams actually mean anything?

I've always wondered about dreams and the meaning of them and think that they hold so much, and also that they hold nothing. Its something in your mind.

Is there any proof that dreams reveal actual emotions/feelings/ideas? Like actual evidence?

I'll put my hands up and say that I've had dreams, assessed what happened in them and acted on them, usually for the better, but is there any proof to show this?

Thanks :-D

Example: What does it mean to get a re-curing tornado in a dream..?

I had a dream last night, of a black tornado, forming about 2 miles from my house. You could watch it then, it start coming toward me. I would get into a closet and start yelling for mom, freaking out and start praying. Then it'd go back, and go a different direction. Then in almost the exact same spot, another blackish gray tornado started doing the same thing and the same things happen as the first one.After that, a White tornado appeared, the same spot and did the exact same actions, and everything happened the same as the last two, I got in the closet, yelled for mom, had my dog, and prayed and it left. But this one didn't go into a different direction. It moved away, and disapeared.
What on earth does this mean?

Example: What do snakes mean in dreams?

I've had two dreams of a snake biting me recently, i wanna know what it means

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