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Dream About Cruise Ship meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Nooo idea what this dream could mean...being chased around a cruise ship by paperclips!?

Ok, so I had this weird weird dream the other night, that I dono what on earth it could've meant...
All I remember is being on this cruise ship, and everywhere on it I went to, there were these things...not people per se, even though they acted like people. They were more like...the shape of slanted bookends but as skinny as paperclips. All of them kept chasing me trying to make me into one of them, but in the dream that was the absolute worst thing that could ever happen. So I jumped off the side of the ship into the water and wound up in a kitchen. There werent any paperclip people there, but it was my best friends ex-boyfriends neighbours kitchen, and my best friend was there. I asked her for a glass of ice water, but instead she gave me a glass of almond milk.

Then I woke up.

what does this dream mean?

What you thought is what you dream.

Your dream indicate that in your sub conscious mind, you wish to go for a holiday/ a cruise. However, everyone are trying to give you a lot of work (paper clip/paper work) to do. You are under a lot of stress.

The last part of your dream is telling you one thing.
In life, you don't always get what you want.
You want water but you get milk.

Example: I dreamt about a pirate ship last night, what does it mean?

Example: What does a sinking cruise ship dream mean if the ship sinks in shallow water and I travel as a ball of light?

I had a dream that I was on a sinking ship along the coast somewhere in the the southern tropical hemisphere. The ship sank in shallow water between two islands and sat there tipped to one side with everyone hanging off the edges screaming, and islanders were waiting for us to go ashore to kill us. Some people that fell off the ship and were being tortured by islanders. I got off and started traveling through the islands as a small ball of blue light with two companions to try to find help over mountains and woods. One of my companions got eaten and I lived the pain as if it was me...what does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean about a Transatlantic cruise?

One night I had this dream:

In the dream I had an idea. "Let's sell my house overseas in Europe, and then I can finish construction of my home!" So, I went to the port, and was going to board a giant ship. It was a beautiful big ship like a cruise ship. So, I was at the port, and somehow I woke up, and then I thought...wait a minute. I don't own a house in Europe. Why did I dream this sort of thing?

So, what does this dream mean?

Example: What does a "missing child on cruise ship" dream mean?

Example: What does a dream about being on a burning, sinking, cruise ship mean?

I had a dream last night that my friends and family were on a cruise with me. Everything was fine. We were all dancing and having a good time until someone noticed a fire. For some reason everyone had their pets on this cruise. That caused me to have a panic search for my dog. When I was looking for her I didn't remember my room number and didn't have my key.

Example: I am constantly dreaming about cruise ships...being on one, seeing one sink to the bottom of a harbor...?

...seeing strange things on them like performing monkeys and birds. I don't live near any cruise ship ports, and I have only been on a handful of cruises a while ago. What does this mean? Any dream interpretation help?

Example: Cruise Line Ship Explosion, what does it mean?

The dream started when I was on my way into a vacation, I am with my aunt and I have been thinking about things… I was thinking about my feelings for this certain man and I was wondering how to make him out of my mind.

I was given a gift… a meercat. A baby meerkat.

I was holding this baby meercat in my arms, embracing it… making it feel that it was loved. The baby meercat was sleeping in my arms, it is so peaceful and it seems that it trusts me whole heartedly.

My aunt told me to take care of the baby meercat or its fate would be similar to the other adult meerkat. She means other… other adult meercat. I wasn’t sure if she refer to it as the baby meercat’s brother or she just refers to a same kind. Not related by blood, but the same species.

It was like a flashback… a vision. What I have seen, it felt so real I could almost taste the air.

First I was outside a house, an adult meerkat was trying to chase its owner… desperately. He was chasing an emotionless, unloving man. Who sometimes hurt him by kicking him.

I am staring at this adult meercat, I want to touch him but I can’t… everything was just a flashback. It has been done… Then I realize I am holding a baby meercat. Everytime I wanted to touch the sad adult meercat I touches the baby meercat instead.

Then the scene moved into the beach, a sunset. It was beautiful… I could smell the scent of the sea… the heat of the sun were in my skin… I can feel it. I am still holding the baby meercat who is peacefully sleeping in my arms.

I had seen the adult meercat… Looking in the sea… calling out. In a glimpse of an eye the adult meercat had become a handsome man. A really handsome man, he was calling out into the sea for his owner, “Please don’t leave me! I love you! Please come back! Don’t leave me.” He was calling out to his owner, who is actually an evil man. I want to talk to him, but everything was just a flashback. It has been done.

From the sea a cruise ship appeared. The now handsome man became hopeful, he was calling out, “He has come back for me! He loves me! He loves me! My owner! He is back! I am so glad!” I was staring at the handsome man wishing I could date him, he is so handsome and desirable… but I couldn’t it was all a flashback, and he wouldn’t choose another instead of me.

The cruise ship, exploded. It was a great explosion; its pieces were throwing everywhere… Weird thing is that its pieces are children’s toys… Yes it has some part of the ship that also throwing, but the ship is full of children’s toys… and they were throwing everywhere… fast. All are burning, some are already burnt. I was embracing the baby meercat so that I could protect it, but my eyes are fixated at the handsome man.

A part of the ship, the center part. About as big as half of a human’s head. It was throwing fast in the air, the handsome man was staring at the exploding boat, he was looking at this debris that’s falling right into him. It had hit his forehead, it knocked him unconscious. He was laying in the sand… people around the beaches started to become worried and they started panicking. It was becoming a little chaotic.

Another boat came, a cruise boat too. Exactly the same as the first one… the owner is already inside the boat, it was actually the captain of the boat. An evil man, he forwarded the boat right into the handsome man. The handsome man’s legs have been pressed under the boat. His legs only, from unconscious he regained his consciousness. He was screaming in pain, shouting for help. Everyone was helping him get off from the under of the boat. It was horrible to see his broken legs. I was crying hard, crying too hard that his loyalty has been paid unkindly. I am looking at the baby meercat in my arms and I was crying… I promised myself I wouldn’t let the baby meercat experience what happened to the adult meercat.

I was crying and crying and crying knowing that the handsome man will either lose his legs for life, or die by bleeding out all of his blood. I was crying and crying and crying… I told myself, “I can’t date this handsome man, I cannot anymore. He is either dead now or crippled. I should have saved him before, but everything that I had seen was already a flashback. I could never change his ill fate. All I could do now is correct the evil man’s faults in this baby meercat in my arms. Love should be shared, loyalty should be rewarded. I could stay alone for the rest of my life, but I have pets. I am happy… I cannot date anyone in my life because there is no one out there for me, but I have this pet. I will love him with all of my heart.”

Then I woke up feeling ill.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a sinking ship?

Last night i had a dream i was in a cruise ship in cold waters and it was slowly sinking. We called for help but left there for days with the ship sinking right before the sink sank all the way a little water poured in then i woke up

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about a sinking ship?

Last nights I had a dream I was on a cruise ship. The ship sunk and my friend, some random boy, and I made it out but there were alligators that ate the two other people. I escaped. In the next part of my dream I was back on the ship and my friend was back. It was announced that everyone had come back to life for a little while and we would relive the sinking of the ship. So basically the ship would sink again and we would have to try to survive. Before the ship sank I went to the cruise's restaurant to get some food. I asked if I could have one piece but they refused and gave me 6. It was very overwhelming. This was such a weird dream. What does it mean?

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