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Dream About Crayons meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What dose this dream mean i was on a island where people were colors?

so in the dream i was on a plain flying to Japan and we were over the Atlantic and we ended up going threw a storm and the plain got struck by lightning and i blacked out then woke up on the shore of a tropical island and there was pink flowers around me this boy who was about 17 was there and he was as white as snow form head to toe and had long hair like Joe Dirt or Billy Ray Cyrus and i asked him where was i and he said i was on an island called color and that a dolphin carried me here and then he said his name was Decanter and asked what my name was and i told him my name was Scotie (witch it is) and then a man about 20 who had short hair and was pitch black stepped out of the jungle and then a punch of other people who were colors from head to toe came out and they were all different colors and shades and it looked like a rainbow of box of Crayons then i woke up

Dreams don't mean anything, aside from those which stem from things you've recently had on your mind. They aren't prophetic in any way. They're just dreams.

Example: What does this dream of mine mean?

I dreamed that I saw Garfield being chased be blueberries. I followed him until he reached the White House and he told me to hurry and get OJ Simpson. I found a floating door right behind me and I opened it and found a huge box of Crayola crayons. I opened the box with a vaccuum I found on the floor and found OJ Simpson trying to kill Cap'n Crunch. I threw the vaccuum at both of them and told them both to follow me. I followed Garfield insided the White house and when he opened the oval office door, we fell in a bowl of mashed potatoes. Then I found Dick Cheney with a gun. I asked OJ Simpson to do something. He kept on killing Cap'n Crunch. I ate a blueberry and some mashed potatoes and then asked Garfield if he had some gravy. Then a penguin came above me and helped me out of the mashed potatoes and gave me some gravy, a bowl, and a spoon. We just ate mashed potatoes peacefully after that. WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN? DOES IT MEAN THAT MY PET DOLPHIN ATE MORE CHEDDAR CHEESE?

Example: Really freaky dream, any ideas what it means?

Ok, so last night was a rather traumatic night, this whole hair coloring thing went terribly wrong and I ended up with hair the color of a yellow crayon lol. We fixed it around midnight then I went to bed. Just as I was falling asleep my exboyfriend texted me (I hate him now) we talked for a bit until I no longer wanted to talk to him so I went to bed. And here's the dream lol: My friend Ally and I were wandering through the woods in my backyard then I see three people splashing through the creek at the bottom of the ravine, I see that it's my ex's mother and his younger brother and sister. We follow them for awhile talking a bit. Then we arrive at my high school which somehow got into the bottom of a ravine, but it looked empty and rather frightening, it was bigger too we realized that when we walked inside and see stairs everywhere. Ally and I leave my ex's family there after looking around and we go back to my house. We're sitting on the back deck when a fox stumbles drunkenly into my yard from the woods, it's covered in cuts and foaming at the mouth, obviously infected with rabies. My pitbull, Lighting, dashes of the deck at the fox and they begin to fight, I begin crying because I see the fox sink its teeth into my dog and I know that she is infected too. Then the fox and my dog appear on the deck and attack my younger sister and her friend, they are both barely bitten but they turn on each other and appear back in the yard. My dog and the fox are lying there in the leaves, dead. But my sister and her friend Madison are attacking each other, biting and scratching. Then they begin to drink the animals' blood, they roll in it, covering themselves until they're bright red and dripping. They run off into the woods, my friend and I are horrified and we dash back inside to find my other dog (a boxer) has a scratch on his side, we frantically call the vet who takes him to her office but he dies from the strange rabies. When we get home my sister is back, Madison is nowhere to be seen. She's told my parents a hospital found her and cured her, but I know from the cold way she regards me and the way she sniffs at the air she's still infected. Ally sees it too but my parents are blind, they're just glad Anna is home. I tell my mom that I don't want to stay at our house and behind her back I see Anna's dark eyes narrow at me. My mom tells us we can spend the night at our church (weird yeah I know) so we call up the pastor and all we hear is snuffling and growling, we know the church's staff has the disease too and we barricade ourselves in my parent's room. There are two other peeople there, a girl and a professor of some kind. They are shaking and frightened. The professor looks us over and declares we are clean of the illness that causes one to crave blood. And we hide there listening to the sounds of those infected attacking one another on the streets outside. My sister tries to claw through the door but we've pushed tables and chairs against it. Me, my friend and the two stangers remain huddled in the corner: then I got a text and I woke up. Any idea what that could possibly mean besides I shoudn't have red bull before bed?

Example: What does it mean to dream with skeletons.?

I was dreaming that I was drawing (or carving) these skeletons against a wooden wall...I was in Ecuador in my dream, which is where I live now. The skeletons were colorfuls and when I began to shade them with crayons I noticed the presence of some american people behind me...the main one acted as if he was the boss and was tall and thin and had blonde hair...He asked me in a funny but demanding way what was I doing and I explained that the drawings were part of some cultural custom (which I really have no idea about) and then I noticed that he approved of it and we all laughed about it.

Example: So I had a dream I was looking through boxes and boxes of crayons for lip stain what the heck does this mean?

I have no idea why..

Example: Box of crayons mean? in my dream ?


Example: What does my dream mean (wet black kittens, volcano lava, old aqaintances, running, painting?)?

The first part of my dream: It looked like a video game scenario with obstacles etc and jumping over rocks in cave etc. I was on a trip with my 'school' for some kinda interview (I think for Uni). The people present mainly included from my old school as well as my old secondary school teachers as well as my new friends. We were in this underground cave and volcano lava was oozing out of the walls and some mixing with the crystal clear water and hence making it hot and so we were running away for our lives and me and some of the others were also trying to save an army of black cats and kittens as well. Suddenly we come to a dead end and some of the black cats also die sadly but some of them I rescue out of the water and then we see light and are saved! When shiveringide there's also another school there and we just mingle and there's loads of shivvering black kittens basking. Everyone's happy and talking about the success of their interview whereas I'm just all upset etc.

Second part: Fist I'm in a train. Then I'm at the bus-stop and my grandad and aunties are also there and I'm 'painting' a picture (which I did paint in art in my old school) but this time only in pink and red and using crayon and lisptick on canvas.

Example: Dreams about eating a green crayon?

what does it really means?

Example: I dreamt about crayons?

There was crayon wallpaper covering my walls.
Like an open 24 box of crayola crayons.
What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

there was this boy he was mean, then he met this girl then he was nice then she said "i only get new crayons once a month" then she turned into a faery (not a gay like a winged girl faery) what does this dream mean?

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