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Dream About Crash meanings

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Example: What do car crash dreams mean?

i.ve had two this week. one where my sister was driving and i was the passenger. we skidded off a cliff flipped over and just as we were about to crash a million feet below & die i woke up. the second one i was driving and my mom was in shotgun. and we got in a huge pile up and everyone kept crashing into us...

According to Dreamcrowd:

The car in your dream may symbolize the physical self or ego development and ego function. In that, it represents the way that you travel through your life's journey. Consider all of the details in the dream, including its emotional content (e.g. difficulty of the road, identity of the driver, direction of the incline). Recurring car dreams usually deal with life's major themes that may include issues of control and sensibility. By carefully examining this dream, you may gain insight into important areas of life, including to how well you are navigating from one stage of your life to another, if you are assertive and take charge or are passive. Dreaming about traveling in a car is a very, very common dream theme that provides valuable information in regard to a specific part of or long-standing theme in your life's journey.
To dream of a crash, indicates that your beliefs, lifestyle, or goals are clashing with another's. It may also represent a shocking situation or painful experience. Alternatively, crashes may forewarn of your dangerous or careless driving habits. To dream that a plane crashes, signifies that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself and are in danger of having it come crashing down. Alternatively, your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt toward the goals you have set for yourself is represented by the crashing airplane; you do not believe in your ability to attain those goals. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are also signified.

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Example: Meaning of a Car Crash dream?

So I had this dream where I was w/ my grandma we were going somewhere after church and she was getting onto the highway, it was also raining, but right before she was about to turn onto the high way their were a bunch of other cars that were going fast and acting crazy so I said, "maybe we shouldn't go on the highway", but then she got right on. Then she started swerving because other people were driving crazy and I immediately thought, we going to crash, right after her car goes into a ditch kind of thing. I'm not sure if real highways have that but we were in a street I know in real life and the car flips she and I are both thrown out of the vehicle and then I'm on the ground. I'm shocked that I'm still alive and seem perfectly fine, then - don't laugh this is a dream after all- a GIANT 2 gallon thing of milk, maybe like a statue or something is falling over and for whatever reason I can't crawl away or move at all and I'm just laying there with my heart racing thinking omg I can't believe I'm about to die, and like this! I'm so sacred then all the sudden I wake up like something you'd see in a movie when someone is having a nightmare and my heart really is racing!

Btw I'm pregnant so I know that can mess w/ your dreams but the strangest thing is the next day my grandma called me and said she had a scary dream about me that woke her up. O_o help please!

Example: What does this car crash dream mean?

I would really appreciate your help. Well it's where me and the boy I love and my friend are driving along blasting the music really loudly. I was sitting in the passengers seat in the front while my friend was driving and the man I love was in the back.

Before they pulled up my sister was there and me and her were arguing. She shouted, "You've got to tell him." I shouted back "He wont like me then will he and then you will have him to yourself." then the car pulled up and I got in it and we sped off. We were driving round the corner when out of no where this fox ran across the road so we swerved to avoid it and the car hit something and we went flying over the cliff. It wasn't a big drop but it made impact. I was knocked out because I didn't have the seat belt on but my friend and the love of my life were okay. I saw them screaming when they saw me on conscious (from a witness point of view). They called an ambulance then I was in the hospital bed just staring at them not blinking and they were talking to me trying to get me to talk. What does this mean exactly? No nasty comments it has just really freaked me out.

Example: What does this car crash dream mean?

Last night had a dream that I driving & trying to turn into the place I needed to go and all of a sudden my car hit something, flew off a cliff, I flew out, was falling, and landed in some type of pond thing. I could FEEL me hitting the pond and I could feel my face all messed up and I was THNKING in my dream "wow I'm not dead yet?" and I could hear everyone yelling my name. I woke up and nose was all tingly (that was a part, along with the rest of my face) that was messed up from my 'fall'. Does anyone know what the hell that could possibly mean? It scared the hell out of me. I didnt think you could feel pressure or think in your dreams?

Example: What does my Car Crash Dream Mean?

I recently wrote about my other two car crash dreams, one my mom was driving and there was a 6 car pile up and i saw someone die, the other was someone backed into me and sped off, and now there has been one more. the dream was I was pulling out of my driveway and got too close to the house, and scraped the whole side of my car against the wall. Then a couple days later my brother actually crashed my car. Is this a coincidence? Is my conscience telling me something? tell me what you think!

Example: What does this car crash dream mean?

I guess i was coming home from school, and my friends had a car of his own and he asked if i wanted a ride in his car. It was raining and i guess he lost control of the wheel in this dream and we crashed. I got woke up in a dream hospital where they were Doing some emergency stuff on me and all i saw was blood everywhere. then i woke up again in a hospital bed. they asked me to look at things and testing to see if i had brain damage or something in the dream hospital . and then i learned that i was the only one who survived the car crash and i woke up for real.

i know this really isnt a question but i just wanted to share this weird dream . Does it mean anything? or was it just a weird dream.

Example: What does my dream mean (plane crash)?

i dreamt i was n my garden and a plane crashed near by and some of the debris came and slide into me but it just pushed me a little, didnt hurt me much. what does this mean?

Example: What does a car crash dream mean?

So yesterday i had an argument with my brother of some sort, and last night i had a dream about him crashing my car( which i love). my brother isn't even old enough to drive a car yet...What does this mean?

-Thanks, Skatechurro.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a plane crash?

ok so last night I had a dream where this small plane was tumbling from the sky and it bounced across the water until it crash like right in front of me but I was on top of a balcony like thing.. however it didn't go up in flames but water sprayed out at me and the people around me and then I woke up!

Example: Can anyone explain the meaning behind plane crash dreams?

I keep having reoccurring dreams of witnessing plane crashes. I am never on the plane or hurt but see it falling from the sky. I always wake up panicked and shaken. I've checked it out and all explanations link back to career direction. I'm perfectly happy in my job, recently promoted and got a pay increase so not sure that applies to me! All other aspects in my life are stable.

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