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Dream About Crash Helmet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I keep having really weird dreams?

I have these really weird dreams that have nothing to do with anything thats going on in my life? Was wandering if anyone could tell me what they mean or they just weird?

- I pictured a football field with a giraffe on it and he had football boots and helmet on and he kicked a goal and everyone cheered then someone said 'who said a giraffe cant play football?' then a space ship came and took the giraffe away.

- another one that involved a spaceship was a big rocket and a countdown but i couldnt see who was in the rocket and when the rocket took off i saw the writing on the side of it it said T-Rexious (i think) and i saw that a T-Rex was driving it ?

- last one, i was at a big party and everyone had fake beards on and someone shouted 'this is the best party ever'

Im being serious these were real dreams lol i giggle everytime i think about them.
I just want to know if they mean anything or they just random dreams, ive thought about them and i cant relate any of them to whats been happening in my life :)

I do too. Once i had a dream that a plane crashed in my pool then a giant yellow ferris wheel came rolled over my house only crushed my room and stole my giant teddy bear that i won at a carnival but the teddy bear was alive and was trying to get away from me. and the next day i was driving through town and saw the giant yellow ferris wheel turning and turning. I was freaked out haha.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream that I was an exchange student in America. I'd stay with a host family and everything. I was at the airport terminal in America looking for my host family when Johnny Depp is there holding up a sign with my name on it. I went over to him and he was like: "I'm not even your host, get in the car" and I was like: "Okay". Which I wouldn't have done in real life. We got into this old white, dirty station wagon and he made put on this seatbelt that went over my legs and across my body like on a rollercoaster and a crash helmet. He made me scream: "BLAST OFF!" and the car went on it's way going only 10 miles per hour. So the conversation went like this:

Me: So if you're not my host what am I doing here?
Johnny: I need a lawyer
Me: I'm 16 years old.
Johnny: I need a lawyer
Me: What did you do?
Johnny: I stole grapes
Me: Why?
Johnny: They're green now be my lawyer

Okay so that was it what does that mean.

Example: Dreams what do they mean?

i know what dreams are,just a collection of things that happen or you see why you are awake.

But when i lay on my side i dream,when i lay on my back i see things clear,even names or reading papers.

yesterdays dream was about a show called the single guy...which was robbed by women in crash helmets...it was in the olden days,ay back...i spoke to a man called william twist,it was so clear...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep dreaming of riding a motorbike a big powerful one, loving the sound of it's engine. I always have a passenger on the back but never the same person. It's only when I reach my destination that I realise I haven't got a crash helmet on.
Also I keep dreaming of getting stuck between floors in a lift of a high rise tower block. Mostly the lifts are made of glass. Please can someone give me reasonable explanations.
Idiots need not reply...you know who you are!

Example: What might this dream mean?

i had a dream recently, both beautiful and scary to me, it was that i was in my adult life, (this was odd to me as i am only 15/16) i was working as some sort of astronaught, i new i was due to go into space in the near future, somehow, at somepoint an alien spaceship had landed (not crashed) and i had come into contact with the pilot. She was as normal as any other human being (or as normal as i could percieve) i found out she would be leaving soon and i begged for her to take me with her, at first she refused, but after a while accepted my request after i argued (and this is to my memory)

"(crying) How could you leave me here? my role is to accend to space and i want to see more than what my species has to offer, (i look out at a space shuttle) how can you expect me to explore the cosmos in this? our technology is useless and i will never be satisyfied"

i remember it skipping to us running, we had to reach her ship quickly as someone wanted to stop us from leaving, we had picked up my brother and friend by the time we where ready to leave, after we had taken off i looked out of the cockpit and stared into the infinate madgesty of space, i remeber being so relived that i escaped earth that i took of my helmet and once again broke into tears, these tears where of the utmost joy, joy that i had finaly "escaped" earth. I had no desire to see my family and only cared that i was away from my home planet, it was only after i woke up a short time later that i realised how repulsive my feelings where by the end of the dream.

It was only recently that i could remeber my dreams, i have lucid dreams about flight and lucid dreams in general very often, but this one stood out to me. I was wondering what this dream could mean about me, my behaviour (i was raised to belive that no matter what happens, family is THE most important thing) so i dont understand how by the end of the dream i was so willing to forsake them, does anyone know anything that could help me understand?

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Ok. so i had a dream last night and it was weird because i can litterlly play it like a video and remember every single detail. so it went like this...

My cousin came over and a little later i he left the house. then i saw a note on a counter and it said "dear work

I lost my way coming from hone to work... i litterly saw a car going the wrong way from a freeway to a high way then smashing into another car. Then i saw a police officer with a green helmet and a long gun on top of a building shooting its gun. then i saw the crash again. so i just new it was about my cousin. So then i went back to the note and it was in the day. so i saw my dad running into the kitchen and running to the door, for a second i thought that was my cousin but when he opened the door there was a mailman and my dad offered him some salad wich randomly appeared in his hands. also when he opened the door it became night. i also though i saw my cousin a little bit on the lower side of my street and his hair was all messed up and he had a grumpy look on his face. he was wearing a leather jacket. then he started shaking his head and making this werird noise. the end

i woke up very scared. does that mean anything?

Example: Ive been having such messed up dreams recently, do they mean anything?

for the past two weeks ive been having dreams that feel so real and are so scary (even at 16 lol) one was about my bf, basically he had finished work at the same time as he does everyday so i rang him and he didnt answer, i drove to his work after three hours of calls and i also had rang his mum and she didnt no where he was either i drove back and down a muddy track road near my house a black clio was smashed up on the side of the road with four dead bodies on the floor from a crash and then saw a ped and my bf laying there, i ran over screaming and took his helmet off and his neck had snapped. i woke up at this point but it just felt so weird as it was his actual ped in the dream and everything was exactly how it happens day to day like how i ring him after work and all the roads that i no. im not driving yet so thats why it scares me as im a person that worries alot because what if it did happen in the future and its deja vu? i do get alot of deja vu but i dont think something to this extent could happen? please help! thanks x

Example: Does this dream have a meaning?

I went somewhere and there was chick who lived under my bed and she had like bleeding eyes and stuff. I wasn't supposed to actually know about her. Like me in the dream didnt know but like as a 3rd person view I did. If that makes sense. Anyways I think she followed me everywhere I slept so idek who these people were but we were all in a hotel. They were older, like parent age. It was like a lady her husband and I think they had a kid. But the guy and girl kept arguing because he was a cheater so that night her and the daughter slept in the bed I did. And in the middle of the night the chick under my bed pulled on the little girl to like take her and the mom was like fighting her and said to take the guy not the daughter and the creepy chick just disappeared. Nothing happened so we thought it was like a dream. Then we heard a screech and crash outside and we looked and this dude on a motorcycle hit a truck and his helmet flew off then his head smashed the concrete. We looked over and the husband dude, who was asleep this whole time, head was bleeding and we ran over and be had no pulse. Idr anything else but seeing her under my bed, standing next to it or hovering over it all the time trying to touch me but once I woke up she couldn't do anything. Only when I slept. Does this mean anything?

Example: I had a dream my boyfriend died in a car crash does anybody know what this could mean?

I had a dream that my boyfriend died in a car crash, it felt so real the emotion it was just horrible, i have been with him since i was 13 i am now 23 we had a 3month old baby together things couldnt be better, i woke up crying from this dream and held onto him i didnt want to let him go, the dream carried on he got into a taxi and the driver lost control and both died, i was left holding my son with the news and never felt so much pain, i had to organise the funeral, i even dreamt of the funeral it was an on going dream but felt so real, is this just a dream or a sign?

Example: I sometimes dream I''m riding along the road on a motorbike, then I realise I don''t have a crash helmet on...?

..and I'm worried the police will stop me, but I'm enjoying myself anyway.

Any interpretations?

(Actually I think I might know what this is about, 10 points if you can guess :)

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