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Dream About Counting meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay so for the past 3/4 nights I have been having this recurring bad dream. I don't remember much, but from what I can recall, I am in this totally white room. It's a perfect square room with nothing in it but me and 2 men, i think. They ask me, who raped you?, who raped you? and i think real hard, but i can't remember! and then i usually wake up right after that and i'm all hot and sweaty and after I wake up i am so wound up from all my thoughts about what the dream means that i am unable to go back to sleep and get some rest! If this counts for anything, I do have a boyfriend and this past week we messed around for a bit but we didn't actually have sex like I'm too young for that. but i don't know what he has to do with any of it because he in no way forced me to do any of it. we both consented. he's a great guy, a gentleman, the only problem is, is that he is super busy with football so that sucks that he's always tired and busy but i really do care for him so much and i love spending all the time i can with him! we've been dating for like 5 months and i hope to date him for many more! so despite my crazy dreams and jumbled thoughts he doesn't have anything to do with it and i still like him just as much. so i guess what i'm wondering is, what does this mean? why am i having this dream, and more importantly why does it keep coming back? Serious answers only please!

Dreams don't always mean something.

Of course, what you've mentioned in the dream does sound quite serious and significant, but the brain is a powerful tool full of so much imagination. I'm sure you would know if you've been raped or not, so if you haven't, I'd just ignore the dream.

This could be just a nightmare, especially since it's recurring. Nightmares are not just dark and full of vampires. Nightmares can also be full of lies and deception, just like your recurring dream.

It also might be worth mentioning to be careful what you watch on TV or what you might be reading, because whatever we take in can have negative effects on our psyche.

Hope you have a healthy, long and prosperous relationship with your boyfriend.

Example: Meaning of a dream about counting/taking pictures of 13 owls sitting on a tree?

Last night I had a dream about walking past a tree and noticing owls. I counted them two or three times discovering more and more and the final result was 13. I remember looking at them and wanting to take a picture with my camera. They were just normal brown owls, all similar, not making noises or anything- more like a general symbol.

Just to add, before I went to sleep I had a small fight with my boyfriend about the benefits of private and state education for children (we don't have or plan any kids yet though!). I am for state but he went to a posh private one and prefers it.

Was I looking in my head for a proof that I was right?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was in my apartment with my 2 sisters, and my big sister decided to take us to the park. We all got a bike (strange, since none of us know how to ride) and went through a big portal. I realized we weren't at the park and told my sister to take us home, but she said no. I tried to leave but there was a big bell in the way. Then my dad came and gave my sister a huge pack of notes and a cell phone. My sister said, "Our Tarzan is dead!" I though she meant my little sister, since that's what we call her but she was standing right next to her when she said this, so what does that mean?

Example: Help! Idk what this dream means...!?

I had this dream last night that people, especially young teens or kids kept getting shot, stabbed, killed right in front of me. some of them I knew, some I didnt. I had to talk each of them through dying. during the death of one person, he was about to die, begging for his mom but I couldn't find her. there was a floating clock above him counting down to when he was going to pass. At 10 seconds,
he told me he couldn't breath. I started counting down 5,4,3,2, close your eyes.
then a game like buzzer sound went off and I got a terrifying feeling but had to go on to the next one. almost every death was sort of like this. help me understand this dream, it's freaking me out...
Thanks for any answers!

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I dreamt I was in my kitchen and decided to clean it out. I saw there was 1/2 a turkey left with stuffing. I thought it was weird no one put anything away. I had some of the turkey. It tasted funny then I counted back and realized it was from November. I then continued to clean. My mom came in and commented on how good the kitchen looked. I think hubby was there and looking over my shoulder. Just watching me.

Anyone have any idea the meaning of this dream?

BTW: This dream was as if it happened recently, not dating back to Thanksgiving.


Example: What does this mean in a dream?

Every now and then I have dreams where I am physically fighting someone, but it seems like everytime I try to hit them, though my aim is dead on I either miss or dont have enough strength to do any damage. Like all energy is sapped.

Example: Anyone know what counting money in a dream means?

This morning I dreamt I was counting money. I counted out 200k in my dream. My husband woke up at the same time as me and said he just dreamt that he counted 120k in his dream. I thought that was really weird. So I was curious what does counting money in a dream usual mean?

Example: Money in dreams?

what does it mean when you dream you are counting buckfuls of pennies and other coins?

Example: What did my dream meant? does the place and people count?

I remember it perfectly; it was my family and some boy's family too. So I used to like that boy, and he does, too but he's too immature and he pretends he doesn't give a **** about me, but I know he really does, so I don't like him anymore because he's not worth my time. So this happened around september, when I used to like him. We were in some sort of hotel, apparently in cancun, it was really sunny, the ocean was a very light blue and the sand was really light and soft the hotel (or at least that part) didn't have any walls, it was all white with a modern decoration, my family and my best friend were sitting and talking and we cam holding hands announcing that we were a couple, and then they were all gone, or at least it seemed to me. He said he loved me and smiled, and that we would be together forever. Then he kissed me and then he kissed my neck, that's all I can remember.
Also, I dreamt that me, my best friend, him and his brother were at a park and his brother told me to kiss him, for some reason I was shocked, I wouldn't move and I would say stuff like "I. will not. do that." that was this week.
Also, is it true that when you dream about someone, that person fell asleep thinking about you or thought about you while he/she tried to fall asleep?
thanks :D

Example: I dream of counting numbers continuosly..what does this mean?

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