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Dream About Counter meanings

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Example: Weird dream, whats it mean?

I had a weird dream recently and I cant seem to get it out of my mind as I am sort of trying to figure out whats it about..so ya any help be cool.

Ok so im at a random clothes store getting clothes and im about to pay so i take out my wallet, and set it down on the cashier counter to take out my money and pay. As i do that these three african american girls who are like in their teens take it and mess around with it, asking if its for sale. I pay the cashier and tell the, the wallet is mine, and they say "o sorry" in a teasing cocky manner, and as i walk out i say "F*****g B****es*".

So im walking outside and im in a city, and all of a sudden i begin to worry if these girls are going to come after or sumthin, so i start to panick.

Yet i realize that its not the major issue, because as i walk everyone behind me starts to follow, so i start moving faster and faster through the streets, and there are no cars just people.

I run faster and more and more, like thousands of people are following me and im nearly out of breath so I finally stop and turn around, facing all these people.

Thats when they all bow down, and im very confused at this moment so i say to them all "what!?" , and thats when one of the girls from the store looks at me and says "TURN AROUND"

at that moment i turn around and see a one eyed cyclops type monster, its like weird and staring at me, then it says "WHO ARE YOU", and its yell vibrates all around, causing me to fall down and down, then i finally WAKE UP.

It was pretty creepy, but i saw this cyclops in a dream before when i was younger thats why i remeber, it was a dream where i was getting out of the shower and staring in the mirror and asked, who am i, then i say the same cyclops inside the mirror and it pulled me in, where i fell till i woke up...i think this is strange

anyone have any suggestions?

Hi, Okay so when you dream of a clothing store means that your attitude or behavior you put on to show the world. Shopping for clothes indicates a need or desire to get a new attitude or behavior pattern. Changing clothes would mean means change in attitude. Pay attention to the type of clothing and condition of the clothing. Does it reflect your current attitude? Do you need to put on that attitude?
Your inner storehouse of ideas, attitudes , resourcefulness, always at your disposal.
Materialism, greed. You may also find yourself in the shopping mall when you need some pampering or are searching for something to make you happy.
The girls in the dream mean part of your personality you are unfamiliar with. Time to become familiar with this aspect of yourself.
That's also with the people that were following you too.
When you start to run this means: Do you need to pick up the pace somewhere in your life? Are you trying to keep up? Things may be going too fast. Slow down. If you are running from something then you are probably avoiding something or someone in your waking life.

Turn around in the road means: The road of life. The type of road and condition of the road will reflect how your journey is going right now.
The cyclops means, open your eye/eyes and take a closer look at your situation. Your perception or point of view.
And with the Mirror in the other dream you had, that means: Shows you your true self, how you really appear to others. Like a mirror, or dreams reflect our true selves.
Okay, hope that helps, good dreams to you :)

Example: What does my strange dream means?

The other night i dreamt i was at this beach resort in some south east asia country, probably thailand. i went to the poolside area.

i was seated at this cocktail bar made entirely of wood n has thatched roof. somehow i was seated on a high stool which was very unstable n i had to hold on to the bar table to balance myself.

then later i looked to the floor n suddenly realized there was seawater, as if this bar somehow floated out into the sea.

i panicked n this sexy hot babe bartender behind the counter gives me a tall glass of cocktail which has a bikini stuffed into it. i somehow got disgusted. she then strips off her spaghetti tank top and hot pants n gave them to me, n asked me to wear them.

so i was like 'huh?' n i looked at her. n she was in a brown bikini, n the bikini top somehow transformed into an octopus n it slithered off her n lunged at me.

i jumped off my stool n landed into the water.

i then woked up, what a scary dream

Example: What does this dream mean?

My class and I were going on a trip to some ice cream factory. Nobody sat by me on the bus, and all the other seats around me were packed. My boyfriend was in the far back, and couldn't move to sit next to me because someone sat down between him and the isle. So, he waved to me and mouthed, "I'll sit next to you when we stopped." I waved back and smiled, and then realized I felt self-concious, because I had a huge bowl of ice cream on my lap ((in the giant bowl I used yesterday to put ingredients in for the cookies)) and no one else did.
We were almost to the place when I heard someone really pretty across the isle talking about me. "Yeah, (my boyfriend)'s being called a worm now because his girlfriend is one."
I turned to the girl and asked her, "Really, has everyone been saying that about me?"
She replied with ease, right out to my face, "Yeah, of course they have. You're so ugly."
And then this adult man behind her started laughing and agreed. He then said, "Are you gonna eat all that ice cream by yourself, fatty?"
And then started some confidence battle thing...the only thing I had over him was that I had less acne than him. Otherwise, he pointed out that my eyebrows were weird, my nose was to long, my lips too thin, and my hair was too plain. The discussion finally ended when I pointed out his acne, and he sat back with a "hmph."
The bus ride ended, and we were at the ice cream factory place. I didn't get off the bus, but sat the ice cream on my lap, and my boyfriend came over and sat next to me, taking my hand. I felt happy again, but it still stung over what the girl and man had said...and I could just feel that my boyfriend heard the whole conversation. I excused myself to go inside the ice cream place and get two spoons to share the insane amount of ice cream I had.
Inside was a futuristic looking Dairy Queen, but it was insanely big. They were showing a projection of two movies on the history of ice cream in two different rooms, and I had to go off to the side to get some plastic spoons. However, even though I was on the side, a lot of people turned to look at me, and the lady behind the counter (who was watching over just the silverware or something) awkwardly looked away from me when I grabbed two spoons. I then near ran out, and could still feel them looking at me.
I made it back onto the bus, and my boyfriend was there, waiting for me silently and happily without talking to the pretty girl that had insulted me. I sat next to him again, grinning near stupidly. I put the two spoons in the bowl, but the ice cream was melting. Shane laughed lightly and put the ice cream aside, and then gently took my hands and pulled me closer. I thought I was going to kiss him for the first time, but then he made a face, that was like everyone else's in the ice cream factory, and of the girl, and of the man... I looked back at the ice cream on the seat beside us, and it was completely melted.
And then I woke up crying. :(

What on earth does this dream mean? And why the heck was it ice cream themed? o.O

Example: What does this dream mean?

The boy I have a crush on was came over and sat on the counter where i was sitting. His friends walked over and laughed and said "You really gonna sit right there next to her." He laughed and said, "No." THen jumped off and walked off laughing at me as if i were some kind of freaky animal.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So, i found myself in the backyard of my old home which does not exactly bear happy memories for me. I was sitting there, observing the swimming pool, when suddenly the water began to rise, slowly consuming parts of the sidewalk next to it. I took a few steps back, and then stopped in shock when I witnessed a large shadow appear in the water. The large shadow appeared to be some kind of large fish, not ever seen before. It was too big for its current tank(pool), which would normally make a fish swim depressingly and slowly, but instead it made this fish overjoyed. So the water began to rise to everywhere in my backyard, but by that point I had ventured through my house and outside to my street. It pursued me, so I ran up the hill on the street, buying me some time. At the end of the street, I tried to ask for help at one of the houses there, but I found out that there were many sad refugees within the house, and there was no more room, so I kept running until I got to a lake. There, I found a key laying on the ground, and in my unconscious thought i knew I could unlock that house with all of the refugees in it. I ventured back, and knee deep in water I managed to unlock the door, and in opening it all of the people inside began to decay where they stood. I locked the door behind me and then watched in horror as the refugees were reduced to bones in front of me. Some pretty hardcore heavy metal/dubstep music was playing throughout my dream. It was very vivid. Does this mean I should pursue my childhood dream of being an engineer? Should I break away from my abusive relationship with my gf? Please help!

Example: What does my dream mean!?

I took care of my grandma for a year while she was sick. She recently passed away in January.

Now my dream:
I had a dream my grandma lived in a big house (she really didn't) anyways, I was staying with her I was sick and she was sick. Someone rang the door bell and she yelled be right back. I yelled back okay. A few hours went by and I checked for her she never came back. I was watching the news and heard of an old lady stealing money. I called my mom by phone told her my grandma was missing she said she had a bad feeling and so did I. I went to get my purse from the kitchen counter and heard the front door open, I went to say police but couldnt get my voice to come out because I was so scared I turned the corner and a scary looking guy with his eyes squinted came walking in and threw open his arms as if he was going to grab me and said come here to me. Last thing I remember before waking up was looking down at the open area under his chest.

Please explain to me what my dream means. It has me scared. I'm wondering if it means her house was robbed? I'm wondering if shes trying to tell me i didnt do a good job taking care of her? Or if shes trying to tell me shes mad that i wasnt their when she passed away? Im wondering why she was taken? If shes okay. Im wondering why he came back for me? Im wondering a million things and cant sleep because im so scared.

Please help me understand my dream in a way im obviously not able to understand!

Example: What could this dream mean?

It was my 12 year old cousin and I, we were in her house, when we saw this guy that goes to my school, and I told him "Hi, you remember me?" Because in real life he is my friend. I told him "Remember I am your friend because you were my friend Abby's ex-boyfriend?" and he said "Umm no, I don't remember you." And I remember my cousin was wearing jeans and a maroon color aeropostale shirt, and I was wearing a dress with thights, and he was sitting down against a a wall in my cousin's home, when he looks at me and he goes "Sssss, mmmmm" I don't know why, and as we left I told him "Don't ever do that again", I felt disgusted. And than somehow he got mad a both of us, and tried shooting us with an old fashioned gun, and the first time I told my cousin "Get behind the wall, gunshots can't trespassss this wall it's brick" And so we did, and than when we thought he was gone we ran to the living room, and as we were running (just my cousin and I) he shot my cousin and than he ran out of the house, and my cousin's mom picked her up, she wasn't crying, and I told her, "She died?" And her mom answers me "Yes" and than I go back and than, I find him again, so I tried hiding the bathroom and I lock the door, and I tried hiding behind the sink, I thought maybe the gunshot won't go through this but the sink was a little too small for me to hide behind it all the way, so when he did shot he shot my in the right part of my chest. And I only felt pain for the second that the bullet when in me, and I was losing blood fast, so I put my hand over my wound, and than I ran to my cousin's mom she was still holding her daughter in her arms and I told "I don't wanna die, hello take me to the hospital" she was very slow and all she did she put her daughter's body in the kitchen counter and she took me to the hospital. I was feeling very weak due to the loss of blood, but I kept saying to myself "I'm strong, and I am not going to die" And I didn't die, and that is where my dream ended. What could it possibly mean? Thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in LAX with my mother. and she was rushing to get to the gate for work. And there was this girl following me. but she kept disappearing when i looked at her. we were in the elevator and the lights kept flicking on and off. And when they were on, she appeared in front on me but when they went off she disappeared. then in a crowd i got lost from my mom and the girl appeared again and she was crying. asking me if i could help her find her mother because she got lost just like me. i took her to the bathroom to clean her up because she was crying so much. i sat her on the counter and noticed that i had no reflection in the mirror. i only saw the girls back as it faced the mirror. the lights flickered again. On and off. same thing. she disappeared when they were off, came back when they turned back on. she kept crying but her tears turned to blood. when i tried to wipe the blood away it was like acid and it burned through my skin and it hurt. but i kept wiping anyways because i didnt want her to cry anymore. She asked me why i continued to help cheer her up even though it was hurting me. I tried to speak but nothing would come out. It was like i was on mute. Then she said,"because i know you deserve someone to suffer for your happiness for once." but it was in my voice. it was exactly what i was going to say to her but i couldnt speak. then she cried no more but the acid continued to burn my skin. then her hands were burning too. just like mine. She turned around and crawled into the mirror, i told her not to go. she replied, "I'm not" When she disappeared into the mirror, my reflection appeared. my phone rang, i looked at the screen and my number was showing. I was calling myself? I picked up, all i could hear was crying. i tried to speak again but i couldnt. The lights flickered again. the battery died out but i still could hear a heartbeat, pulse through the phone but it faded and slowed, i started to feel dizzy and fainted on the ground. the phone next to me, softly i could still hear the heartbeat until it turned into a long beep, i died.

demented much?
what could this dream symbolize?
what do you think of it?

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

When I was still asleep this morning, I had a dream where I was going to a concert with my friend and some other guy (I guess my friend knew him or something in the dream).

It was very dark outside and there weren't really any other drivers around. I think we were on a highway.

After a while, I think my friend said something like "I can drive while I'm asleep" and then I quickly jumped out of the car because I realized what he was doing was extremely stupid. I think I yelled "What the hell is wrong with you!?!" to him or something like that.

We walked to a motel near where the car crashed and for some reason, I had my dog with me. When we went inside, it looked more like... I guess a 7/11? And the guy behind the counter said we had to pay $2000 to get a room. I took out my money and said "I only have $194" and the guy quickly said "That's okay, that's okay" and I walked out of there.

And then, I woke up. I have no idea why I had this dream. It was really strange, but I guess most dreams are, too. But what I want to know is whether or not this means something. I know that sometimes, dreams can have a meaning to them, but I have no idea what this could have been about.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

We were sitting at my counter. Those two on one side, myself on the other by the fridge. We were eating large bowls of grapes with rubbing alcohol in them. Paul asks me if I'll get him a drink, so I do. And when I get back, he has a smug smile upon his face. I ask what they did to my grapes & alcohol. They tell me nothing. Then I ask Katelyn and she says "We put a worm in it". "No you didn't" I say, and i stick my hand into the bowl. I feel the worm and I proceed to gag, and eventually I upchuck everywhere.

What is the meaning of this?

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