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Dream About Constellation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I will have these reoccuring dreams, maybe once a month, some months I don't have them, but I used to have these dreams when I was little and now they are coming back..

I will usually be in a place where I am aware of the environment, but it's not a main part of my dream. Last night I was on an island (this dream I've had before) and in this dream it seems like I have amazing energy, I can bounce back and forth between places, with a smile on my face, almost like a kid. Well in the dream I was a grown woman, someone else. I felt like I was maybe in a movie or some plot. But I told her that the "barrier" had been broken. She had blonde hair and dirt all over her face. Then she smiled and said "we can go home now." but then this is where the dream is the same as the rest...I look up into the night sky and I get visually sucked into it, something tremendous happens like the sun was visible at night and it was a lunar and solar eclipse, the sun and moon were circling eachother, visually it was so pretty but it stops my heart, because I feel like I might fall into the sky or something bad might happen, but its so beautiful. I've never had a dream of the sun at night before, until last night. My dreams usually before consisted of the moon or a million moons circling eachother, making patterns, then disapearing out of space, it was so beautiful, this world was used to having that many moons but I was never going to get used to it, they had "moon constellations" where moons would make certain patterns, they would be in different phases too.. this dream last night it ended with me looking at the crab constellation perfect in the sky, and then there was a ballerina constellation, standing on one toe perfectly.

Dreams show us the future by analogy. Some of it is literal however much of it is figurative. You will want to be aware of the environment in this time (and the problems it causes us, some of which is due to our not caring enough about the environment). The island is likely the Promised Land, the Commonwealth of Peace, due in about 4 years. The sun at night is a supernova due possibly as soon as the middle of next December next year. It won't last long but it will be bright and hot. Moons are anything in orbit (and there's much more up there than what we call our moon and some of them will be a threat to our world). The 'plot' is the Creator's plan for the 2 decades we are coming into, starting within the next 2 months and the First Thunder is Sept 24.

Not sure what the moon constellations are, however there is a huge meteor shower which hits mostly Saharan Africa. The Crab is a equatorial constellation, but have never heard of a ballerina (maybe it is Orion? or Virgo?) An asteroid and comet are due to come from the handle end of the Big Dipper, but they are a long way away, and we need the time to develop the means of diverting them from their collision paths.

Look after yourself (use your dreams). I don't want to see your heart stop. You are amongst the called and the chosen. I hope you don't live in one of the places worst hit by the coming events. At least you have the 'early warning' system, your dreams, to Guide you.

Example: Crab constellation?

i had a dream that i went outside and the moon was shining and to the left i saw the planets form a crab constellation.when i went inside i told my mom and dad and my cousin saiad that she already seen it.she also said it was half of a constellation then i woke up.so it sorta looked like a crab without a head.nothing else had planets form a constellation so this hasnt happened at all.what does the planets constellation mean?

Example: In my dreams i saw a constellation of a fish eating a crocodile, and then they came alive, whats the meaning?

it was a weird dream, i remember it vividly, I've never remembered a dream before like this, before the constellation appeared the moon became larger and then it moved around the sky, then the stars lit up amazingly bright and the constellation appeared and then it went immediately afterwards and it was sunrise .

i need to know what this dream means, please someone out their knows

Example: What does my dream mean?

Recently, I've been having what I call "constellation dreams", which is where I see a bunch of stars, and then lines to connect the stars in to somewhat crude figures in red, blue, white, and black. My most recent dream was an eagle getting shot down, luckily landing on a pile of silk, that later, burns to the ground. I have a feeling it has to do with the Fall of America with the dying eagle (national bird) and the burning silk (our flag?), but I'm not sure.

Example: What does this dream mean about graves in the sky?

I dreamed I was with this old man that brought me up to these graves on stilts and when we reached the top i peeked inside and the graves were huge with windows inside and there were two of them. one of them i suspected was for the old man and one was for his wife i think. he seemed to have feelings for me (the old man) and then i was looking down and getting nervous on how i could get back down and he said (the old man) that he will lift me up and bring me down. i was telling him no because he was old and probably would drop me. then he said "trust" and then i woke up. what symbolically does this mean?

Example: What do you think my dream meant?

Last night I dreamt that I was over at my boyfriend's house, but he wasn't there, and I was talking to his dad. Suddenly on the tv, came up a video of my boyfriend (like a saw game) being tortured by some dentist, but my boyfriend wasn't tall enough for the device he built so then I was rushing to this dentist's office with my dad trying to save my boyfriend and I ended up spraying this guy in the face with a fire extinguisher and bashing him over the head with it. I then found my boyfriend locked away in a cupboard, and took him out and back to a hotel where my sister was getting married, and my boyfriend and I ended up doing things. Then we were at a pool party and I noticed him slapping another girls butt. What do you think it all means?

Example: I have this reoccurring dream, what does this mean?

The dream I keep having is that I'm floating in space with this long white flowey dress (something like what an angel would wear) on. So I'm floating in space, no planets around, and I can actually see all the constellations (I'm very much into astrology) along with some I've never seen before. So I'm pretty much dancing gracefully and everytime I move, these peach rose petals (my favorite type of flower) appear out of nowhere and stir up around my feet and legs. After a while, some of the stars turn into small silver butterflies and fly around me. But I also see a big multicolored butterfly floating, not really flying, towards me. Each of its wings are about as big as a piece of printer paper and it has the colors of an abalone shell on it's wings. The butterfly lands on my right hand and just stays there flapping it's wings. After a while it flies off and the butterflies again become stars. That's usually when I wake up. What could this mean? I've had this dream about 5 times this month

Example: Dream analysis: What does my dream mean?

I've had this recurring dream for a few years now. I'm not bothered by it, just quite interested in what it may mean.

The scenery varies but in each of these dreams I morph into either a lioness or a wolf. I usually play a defensive role in the dreams where I have to protect myself or my family from evils (be it a burglar or whatever). When I am not defending people/myself then I am exploring my surrounds as said animals. The dreams always begin with me looking down and seeing my arms and hands transform into the paws of a lion/wolf.

Example: What does this particular long and complicated dream mean?

One day when I was at a hotel studying for an IT certification test I went ahead and shut my computer down and went to sleep. I dreamed I saw one of my older brothers (who has since the summer of 2008 left the house after a rather a near dangerous confrontation between him and I which involved the police) and we were arguing back and forth, then I saw some unknown individual with a beard (in his late 20's) apparently visiting my house. I then see a closet in the dining room with my cold weather desert camouflage jacket (which I got when I deployed to Iraq) hanging from it, and then my 2nd older brother and the brother with whom I was arguing also started to argue with him. I stepped outside of the house and nearly swung at the older brother with whom I was arguing with a long tree branch. After I got tired of hearing him I went back in to my house, went into my old room (which now belongs to the older brother who joined me in the argument with my other older brother). I sat down on my bed and looked through the window behind me and saw thunder clouds covering most of that side of the sky which was on the west, and then I looked through the window to my right towards the east and saw the complete constellation of Orion rising in the night sky above a few small feathery clouds. Since that dream I have obtained two IT certifications and I am waiting to study for another one pretty soon, and I understand about a constellation in a dream meaning that my life is coming together in a complex manner. But I don't know what the constellation of Orion, the thunderstorm clouds, the unknown person, and my desert camouflage jacket in a closet mean. I had this dream in August of 2008, way before the current recession started, and I'm still trying to figure it out so far what these particular details mean. Can someone have a crack at it?

Example: What does the constellation Orion mean in a dream?

I've never been able to find out this answer.
I had a dream I was with the person I like, I wasn't saying anything and I decided that I should. I looked up at the night sky and saw orion.. What could the Orion constellation mean? The dream goes on but I just need to know what it means.

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