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Dream About Collar meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream means?

My friend told me that she dreamed of me and my crush wich i really love, in a wedding, h was very cute and good looking and i was wearing red dress and white jacket, and i looked at him and he wasn't looking at me at all and wasn't interested in me, so i became sad, but my friend said : hey, he's looking at you every time but just he doesn't show it, so what does this dream means, i hope it's good lol

idk what your dream means but, you obviously don't understand the male brain, more specifically the teenage male brain... seriously just walk up to the poor bastard (make sure you look good, but don't over do it) grab him by his collar with your right hand, look him in the eyes for a second and say something in your most sudctive voice like "you belong to me now" and then grab the back of his head with your left hand (grabing a little bit or hair at the same time) and ram your tongue so far down his throat he chokes, if he kisses you back then you're sweet. to seal the deal after the kiss say something still using a seductive voice like "unless you want me to belong to you" ... and what do you know, you have won the game of high school, congratulations!

100% bullet proof plan, I swear!

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok i have been having the same exact dream over and over again for the past 4 nights...im at home and my crush is there..he has a broken collar bone and ankle... he is sit on the ground across from me and he just smiles at me and blushes...than he get up and gives me a hug...than asks me out... (btw i am friends with my crush) my dream doesnt make any sense...i mean whats with the broken bones LOL! XD

i though this was just a stupid dream but really...i had the same one 4 nights in a row...what does this mean!?!?!?!?!?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about killing people ?

I was putting the knife through their collar bones and I could see the blood and everything.

What does it mean ?

Example: What does my dream mean?

So, I had a dream last night. My mom got pregnant [which she can't, she got her tubes tied] and she had another baby, just like me. Same everything. And I couldn't remember if I was me, or if I was the baby. I kept getting us mixed up. Then my friend braided my hair and it was wayy long. Like down to my hips. But when I took out the braid my hair was it's natural length [collar bone]. I have no idea what the braid has to do with anything but, oh well. xD I kept running around and saying I was an Avatar..? :/ I have no idea what's going on with my dreams. Is there any significance from it to my life or is my brain just on crack? :p

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that i got into an argument with a friend. She was sittin in car with the door open. I grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and threw her on the ground. What does this mean? Do i secretly hate this friend?

Example: What Does My Dream Mean? ?

I had another dream about my friend I haven't seen for a long while. I was at my school riding a strange bike (it had like a car seat kinda thing on it) (lots of people were riding them). I was with some friends and i rode off in the parking lot by myself. I was staring out at the street and just thinking. I see my friend walking by and he runs across the street to see me. He sits by me and talks and smiles like he's really happy (he seemed kinda bored when he was walking by earlier) Then he talks about putting a regular shirt over a dressy shirt after school. While he's saying this I see him walking by AGAIN on the sidewalk only dressed up in a white collar shirt and black pants this time (its like a second him). He glances at me and walks by... (my friend is still talking to me and sitting by me and doesn't seem to notice) Then I have to go to school and he says a quick goodbye and leans his forehead against mine and kisses me really quick with a smile and walks off happy then before.

(we never dated or kissed before. but we do have feelings for eachother... but idk what this dream means)

Example: What could this dream mean...?

I had a dream a few days ago about a dog sittn about 500 ft from my back slidin door with the number 666 printed on his forehead and collar. But for some reason the dog would not take his eyes off me and was almost like a statue sittn there. It was kinda creepy. Can someone please tell me wat that dream could mean. Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, so last night I dreamed that my cat found a snake lying on the road outside our house. The snake wasn't very big, a pale, light orange base color with slightly darker orange and green speckles on it. It had some sort of horn on its forehead and none of the people who gathered around it could tell what kind of snake it was, or where it came from. One of the people there was a tall woman with a big purple afro, and since she had a pet snake of her own around her neck we thought that maybe she could catch the wild one. She didn't want to but called for help from a friend of hers. However that conversation ended with her wildly crying and I ended up comforting her. Apparently it helped and she was touched I tried to help her, for some reason commenting that I had 'flowers growing from my collar', and then proceeded with playfully throwing leaves at me O_o
Another girl I couldn't quite make out appeared and it turned to nighttime, and we jumped around happily singing some sort of nursery rhyme about the spotted snake in the light of the swings that someone had put aflame, happily commenting that once the night was over we could just call the police to take care of the snake. It was a very... happy dream. Oddly enough..

Any thoughts?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've always been a firm believer that dreams truly have a meaning in our wakening lives. Last night, I woke up alarmed because I heard the sound of a continuous horn honking/blaring in my dream. My dream:

A friend and I was in a car, we were trying to exit a parking lot structure. She was driving and I was in the passenger seat. All of a sudden, many cars appeared out of no where and they would not let us exit. They just kept cutting us off. We were in a sedan and suddenly this massive SUV just zoomed right in front of us. I remember it was a lady and she was wearing a purple shirt, she seemed angry. (I thought it was funny because we should of been the angry ones). I remember stating aloud "wtheck is going on" in my dream. Than, I started to honk the horn. I just kept honking and honking. I was also wearing a light blue blouse in the dream. And before all the car action occurred, I remember touching the collar of my blouse and feeling the silk like material between my fingers.

So, what do you think my dream mean? Help!

Example: Tell me what this Dream means plz :)?

Ok there a was sickly old man who had sickly cats and kittens. I wanted to help him and the cats/kittens but he wouldn't let me take any of the cats. So I was given a perfect beautiful Blue female kitten with a pink collar. Who gave it to me am not sure was someone I knew someone I love, I think it was my husband. After I got the kitten I remember trying not to loose her. Which I didn't. Thanks for any ideas Peace Jess

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