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Dream About Clothing Store meanings

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Example: Weird dream, whats it mean?

I had a weird dream recently and I cant seem to get it out of my mind as I am sort of trying to figure out whats it about..so ya any help be cool.

Ok so im at a random clothes store getting clothes and im about to pay so i take out my wallet, and set it down on the cashier counter to take out my money and pay. As i do that these three african american girls who are like in their teens take it and mess around with it, asking if its for sale. I pay the cashier and tell the, the wallet is mine, and they say "o sorry" in a teasing cocky manner, and as i walk out i say "F*****g B****es*".

So im walking outside and im in a city, and all of a sudden i begin to worry if these girls are going to come after or sumthin, so i start to panick.

Yet i realize that its not the major issue, because as i walk everyone behind me starts to follow, so i start moving faster and faster through the streets, and there are no cars just people.

I run faster and more and more, like thousands of people are following me and im nearly out of breath so I finally stop and turn around, facing all these people.

Thats when they all bow down, and im very confused at this moment so i say to them all "what!?" , and thats when one of the girls from the store looks at me and says "TURN AROUND"

at that moment i turn around and see a one eyed cyclops type monster, its like weird and staring at me, then it says "WHO ARE YOU", and its yell vibrates all around, causing me to fall down and down, then i finally WAKE UP.

It was pretty creepy, but i saw this cyclops in a dream before when i was younger thats why i remeber, it was a dream where i was getting out of the shower and staring in the mirror and asked, who am i, then i say the same cyclops inside the mirror and it pulled me in, where i fell till i woke up...i think this is strange

anyone have any suggestions?

Hi, Okay so when you dream of a clothing store means that your attitude or behavior you put on to show the world. Shopping for clothes indicates a need or desire to get a new attitude or behavior pattern. Changing clothes would mean means change in attitude. Pay attention to the type of clothing and condition of the clothing. Does it reflect your current attitude? Do you need to put on that attitude?
Your inner storehouse of ideas, attitudes , resourcefulness, always at your disposal.
Materialism, greed. You may also find yourself in the shopping mall when you need some pampering or are searching for something to make you happy.
The girls in the dream mean part of your personality you are unfamiliar with. Time to become familiar with this aspect of yourself.
That's also with the people that were following you too.
When you start to run this means: Do you need to pick up the pace somewhere in your life? Are you trying to keep up? Things may be going too fast. Slow down. If you are running from something then you are probably avoiding something or someone in your waking life.

Turn around in the road means: The road of life. The type of road and condition of the road will reflect how your journey is going right now.
The cyclops means, open your eye/eyes and take a closer look at your situation. Your perception or point of view.
And with the Mirror in the other dream you had, that means: Shows you your true self, how you really appear to others. Like a mirror, or dreams reflect our true selves.
Okay, hope that helps, good dreams to you :)


okay, i keep haveing this same dream: I'm in this old slimy, gross store, and the lighting is dim, and it looks sort of like a basement, but the store doesn't have alot of clothes hanging everywhere like normal stores do, but it just had these yellow and red drawers and inside the drawers were these deformed animals, like turtles and ducks.
But the thing is, in my dream the store was this really popular store that everyone talked about and so i decided to go there.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about wearing leapord print fingernail polish?

I dreamt I was in a store with books, movies, clothes and food. Good music. I also had leapord print fingernail polish on my fingernails.

Mean anything?

Example: Dream meaning question?

first off sorry for my english its not my native language,if you don't understand something tell me
I had this dream today,it was really intense and adventurous
I'll try to remember most of things and write them down here from beginning to the end
-First I was in my home but it felt weird its hard to remember this but iI remember that some objects were on other places than they normally are
-then it was really strange I don't know why but I packed my clothes to 1 bag and I left my house
-I was in location similar to city (maybe in future Im not really sure about this one)
-I had nowhere to go so I went to some building by back doors(these doors are there again later)and I left my bag there I think
-Then I remember going on public restrooms and washing hands I think(I think that's because I was really thirsty when I woke up)
-When I was about to leave it some girl/woman opened the door(I think she was like 18-26 and I told her this is men's rooms (I know weird lol) and she was like stopped and talking to me maybe blushing I'm not exactly sure
-It was like I had nowhere to go and then we went somewhere to some store or something and she had her own bodyguard or something meant she was rich and I think she wanted me to fight for her like some underground fights I don't know lol
-Then we went outside that building and on the street was 2 or 3 "police men" which was clearly after me so I tried to run off(they had weird weapons which are hard to describe but they looked like some broom shaped vibrant maces (I know hard to imagine I guess lol)
-Weird was their clothes were similar to french police men(blue shirts and that symbolic hat and it was in not too distant future I think because I looked bit older (now im 17 and i looked like 20-25)
-Ok so they chased me really hard and I they were really pain in a** they were shooting at me with some kind of pistols that shot acorns I think but I managed to run but then they chased me from all sides and I climbed on wall/pillar or something and they were hitting my legs with their strange vibrant weapons lol then I woke up
-Notable information,before I entered the restrooms I undressed my t-shirt and I had larger muscles(Not extremely but maybe twice as,I think it was because I was older but don't know
that is all,thank you all who read it and answer

Example: What does this dream mean?

im a guy and i had the craziest dream that my mother took me shopping for nightgowns, and i would try them on in the store along with panties what does this mean.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that it was 10 yrs into the future. I was at a clothing store with a little girl who looked like me, so I assume she was my daughter. As I was looking through clothes, my daughter had wandered off. I went to go look for her and I found her in the toy aisle standing next to a man that she claimed helped her get a toy off the shelf. The man turned out to be my ex, whom I supposedly haven't seen or talked to in 10 yrs. I introduced him to my daughter and he asked me if I was married because I most likely had a ring on. I told him yes and he seemed shock. I told him I would see him around and told him bye. As I walked to my car, my daughter said, "Mommy why was that man crying?"

Now this dream may sound silly but I was with my ex for 2 yrs. and we recently broke up. He's already got a new girl and we haven't talked in a week nor have we seen each other in 2 months. I thought it was very weird for me to have that kind of dream. What is that telling me?

Example: What does this dream mean?

so i dreamt this dream twice...i was wearing a wedding dress in a changing room. i wasnt getting married at that point or anything. but i had to hurry up to take it off and wear my ordinary clothes because i had to leave the store...does anyone know what this dream means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have been dreaming of getting a ring of some sort that whenever I put it on I change bodies into that of my girlfriend. And I guess she becomes me. But when I look in the mirror I see myself as I normally am, not body changed. But when I looked down, or when any one else sees me, they think I am her.
Saying all of this the rest of my dream consisted of me trying to figure everything out, for some reason using the restroom, and going shopping with my girlfriend's gal pals. What does this all mean? Because I know I still really love and find her attractive, so I really doubt being gay.

Example: Dream about being given a vintage clothing store?

I dreamt I was given a vintage clothing store, with all the clothes etc already in it. at first i didnt want it, as i thought i already have 3 jobs, plus im planning on going away to england for 6 months...(in the dream) but it seemed like a very good opportunity...this girl i know who in real life is just an aquaintance came along and was encouraging me to keep the store, and was helping me sort through all the clothes...and we decided that we would repaint the store. what does this mean?

Example: I keep having reoccuring dreams about clothing stores and finding money?

Like a week ago i dreamed about a awesome clothing store but ive never seen anyof this stuff in stores and i keep dreaming about great clothing stores but i never seen any of these clothes in real life and i feel like none of these clothing stores exists The most beautiful oignial clothes were in these stores. &&& i keep hoping to find money but i only find it in my dreams need money do0d! but anyways what do these dreams mean!

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