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Dream About Clothes Hanger meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of this dream?

My mother had a dream about my dad, her ex-husband.

She dreamed they where alone and he was naked,
he told her he wanted to be with her but she refused because she was in a relationship.
in her hand she said she had a hanger with a white shirt.
She walked away from my father to a closet fulled of colorful dresses she said she saw no white clothing, just colors.

i'd really like to know the meaning of this dream.

I think that this dream means your mother is successfully moving on from her relationship with her ex husband, which is definitely a good thing. The white shirt and his naked body what I'll call a "dead end" in the relationship, or whatever the problem was between them that caused them to break apart. The closet with the colorful dresses shows that there's so much more out there in her life for her, and she now realizes that.

Edit: What I mean by a dead end is a lot like what John Mayer means in his song Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. They probably tried and tried, but there was nothing left in the relationship anymore. It couldn't work. Seeing him naked and the white shirt she was holding symbolizes this.

Example: What does my dream mean?

On Friday night I had one of the most weirdest dreams ever! First of all, it started of that the world was going to end, and when a house had "died" it went black. So when my house went black, I walked along the road to my friends house. When I walked in, it was set out like a hairdressers, and I asked her to cut my hair very short and she did. Then the we had to pack our bags because the world was ending, and we took gloves and socks, and we were going to go to Devon. We were going to get there by these bears holding on to clothes hangers! (weird right!) and that's not the end!

Then the whole scene changed and we were at some person's house. The way to get to your neighbours house is there is a small cupboard and you open it to get to an old granny. Me and this girl had some money notes in our hands, and were teasing the old granny with it and called her "golddigger". Then we went upstairs and there was this really short boy with 4 legs, and we asked his dad why he had so many legs and he said that he was pregnant.

PLEASE tell me what this dream means!

Example: Weird dream (made me laugh though), any ideas of what it means?

okay, so...
i cant remember what night i had this dream, couple of weeks ago probably and i have NO IDEA what the hell it means...
but i have this wardrobe in my bedroom that's got WAY too many clothes in it (lol), and the clothes are all hanging on coathangers.

i dreamt that me and a huge group of people (the ones i remember were all from my school) were all mini (like, had shrunk) and we were all standing on the coathangers. the song Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs was playing in the background and we were all dancing on our coathangers (hahaa!).
one of the guys from my year was on a coathanger near mine. he fell off the coat hanger when the song got to the bit that goes "aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" and as he feel, he was sorta singing "aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" (lmao).
it was sooo funny and all the people that were dancing on the coathangers started laughing (including me).

i just wondered if anyone could tell me what any (or part) of it meant. i'll be actually shocked if anyone can explain it too me lmao! one of the best dreams ever - woke up in such a good mood cause it was so funny.

anyway, thanks if you have a go as trying to tell me what it means. (:

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well some people were staying over, a guy my age (i'm 13), a little girl, and I think my sister. I don't remember too much of the dream, but I remember that we were all sleeping on the same bed, which was on my bed... And then it was getting too hot in the room so I opened the window a bit, and it was snowing and I kept opening it a bit, closing a bit. And then my parents (who didn't look anything like my parents, and it was weird, because my parents are divorced. well not really, but it's kind of complicated.) and my mom just opened the window a bit, and then I kept closing it and opening it a bit... And the guy my age, the little girl, and my sister groaned. My window doesn't happen to have a screen, so my mom and dad walked out of the window and then started like bungee jumping... On the house? I don't know, they were like getting ready to launch to fly or something o_o

Then I forgot some things, and I'm the stairs, and the guy my age (let's just call him Bob from now.) puts his arm around me. And about 2 people were around us, and we were all wearing these shirts that were pink and blue, from my church when we had an event and had to help out.

Then I forgot a bit more... And I saw a guy from my old church, who had blonde hair now, and then I had to go through this machine thing and he took my belt and gave it to the guy and I took my belt back.. I don't know man, it was weird. And in a way the guy from my old church, was teasing me...

Afterwards, I walked straight, and then I was carrying a hanger for clothes, and there was this rack full of hangers on it, so I just hung it there... Then, my friend Jina (who was wearing a blue shirt from the church) was across the street so I walked over to her, then we walked down the street, and there was a trash can. I was carrying two blue books, and I put a book down in the trash can, and then another thick one. Then I started freaking out because it was an important book (I think this has something to do with the fact I was watching Jane By Design) and there's a building by the trash can and it's a mall I believe..

Then some stuff blurs, and I'm like a spa or something, and some guy tells me to get the others so I go to the elevators, and there's a guy who is much older than me, and I try using one elevator but the floor isn't on there, and the other one behind doesn't either, so the guy says something like "Floor one for me and my friend" so I go into the elevator, and there's a screen and we have to beat this pokemon, then I'm not in the elevator anymore, and I just see an email with a comic about the pokemon.

And my dream ends. I am 13, and I'm a girl. I am NOT joking about this dream. Does anyone know what this could mean?

Example: What did this other dream mean?

I was living in this new expensive apartment, but it wasn't mine. It belonged to my mom and dad because they won the lottery. I felt like crap because, I was still single and living with them and had no funds of my own. And I wanted my own life instead sharing theirs because I am to old to be co-dependent and want to be independent.
Well I was crying and mad at them because I felt like a child being stuck with them.
They had a living room, without a ceiling. It was open to the sky. It started to rain and there was a brown leather couch there getting rinsed off by the rain. I told my mom the couch is in the rain and she said to leave it there. I was afraid it would catch mold from being wet.
So then it turned into the night time and I walked up to the side of the building on some grass and dirt mound on the side of the building and was telling a spirit that I want to die and the spirit said don't commit suicide. I climbed into the open sky living room from the mound on the side of building. And I came in and my mom and dad were having a party that they did not tell me they planned.
Anyways a girl with short hair comes up to me and kisses me and I felt sickened because I'm a straight female and only like guys. Then I saw another girl and it was a female version of my guyfriend. Like he was wearing a disguise. The hair looked like a long auburn wig with bleached ends and crimped.
So the party anyways was a bible study. I ran out to a hallway and looked out this window and my dad's clothes were hanging off the edge of the building on hangers drying off. One of them was his work uniform. And my moms stuff too. Nothing of mine. Though rich they were acting poor and had no ceiling.
So I then go to a mall attached to the building and went to an icecream shop. My mom offered to buy me icecream and I told her I need to stop eating too much. So she says fine don't eat, and gives me two dollars. An old lady who works there gives me a free sample of cake with a hole in it. It's called pick your own filling. I told her to put cheesecake in it. I ate it. She offers one more and this time I asked for strawberry syrup in it. So I tried to decide what kind of icecream to get. They had premade cones of cinnamon bun with icecream in them on a cone. I told her I wasn't hungry and all I have to my name is 2 dollars. No other funds and told her how I live with rich parents and want my own life, and my own boyfriend. She says my mom cares about me and maybe I need to learn. I asked what? I'm 31 years old. I used to have a home with a fiance and my 2 sons. And the kids were taken away and the dad left me. I didn't deserve it. My parents sucked the life out of me. So she says buy icecream or leave we are closing in five minutes. So I go to the cash register and the cashier is the famous rap artist Lil Wayne. He asked are you stressed? Do you need a lucky five dollars? He gives me 5 dollars and now I have 7 dollars. I felt better. I told him that's what I need is a man to financially support me. He says he can't do it but I'll find someone. He won't make a good boyfriend. (I know that) He just wanted to help me out. I look down at the 5 dollar bill and it turned into a big play dollar bill. The kind that teachers put on the wall in a classroom. I asked where is the real 5 dollar bill you gave me? Lil Wayne says that's it right there. This is fake money. I told him. There was some other dollar bills underneath, but I could'nt see how much. So he says what are you going to do about it? It's closing.
I woke up and a deep loud spiritual voice was repeating it's closing in my head 3 times while I'm waking up. The voice sounded like my guyfriend.
I still had 7 dollars in my purse when I woke up and lots more saved up.
Also Lil Wayne was admitted to the hospital that morning with a medical problem I saw it on the news later that day.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'd really like to know the meaning of this dream.. I asked before and didn't get the kind of answer I was hoping for so I hope this time I do.

My mother had a dream about my dad, her ex-husband.

She dreamed they where alone and he was naked,
he told her he wanted to be with her but she refused because she was in a relationship.
in her hand she said she had a hanger with a white shirt.
She walked away from my father to a closet fulled of colorful dresses she said she saw no white clothing, just colors.

My mother said she never thinks about my father and they have been apart for quite a long time now
what does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream where I lived in those mountainous area, to put it clearly, the setting looked like the movie Twilight (Dont judge me, not a fan), with those mountains and tall trees apparently I lived at the top of a mountain or cliff and i had a cell phone. somehow I dropped the cellphone. into this forest area surrounding/under the cliff. I could see it from the edge so I jumped on the top of a tree to climb down and get it but it was too shaky because the type of tree it was and I ended up dropping a shoe too. So I went home and told my parents and they were a bit like, "again." Another day I and this guy was in the house and we played hide and seek we went in the bathroom but there was alot of clothes hangers in the tub and the closet where I hid we had to be quiet so we wouldn't be found. Later I was washing the dishes and this guy was at my house but i knew who he was but i didnt see him as I knew him, I saw him as a child, the whole time I was talking to him. it wasn't until I wanted him to rinse the dishes for me that he transformed into his adult form.

Just alot of things happening i know.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was sitting on my bedroom floor putting clothes on hangers and there was a man behind me. i didn't know. he didn't do anything. he just stood there. i felt someone watching me. so i turned around and he shot me 7 times and i fell unconscious but i was still alive if one of the bullets went further into me it would have hit something and killed me

Example: Clothing on bare wire hangers?

Watch this video

Go to CNN and watch the video about the 13 year old boy charged with 128 felony charges. In the video the reporter says when child services visited the childs home, they discovered several issues, one of which was clothing on bare wires.

Ok, call me STUPID, but what in the world does clothing on bare wires mean? This seems like government is going even more nuts than I dreamed possible. what is your take on all this?

Example: What does this dream mean?

dream was of going into a clothes shop, meeting a girl ( believe sarah?), falling in love with her, gay chinese guy called lee was there. big buff black guy also store cleric as well as 6 women and a few gays. the girl and i talk and the 6 others get jealous and i beat the gays for bullying her. go back into the store after fight and lee is on the bottom of a rail of hangers stuck in his body while the girl i love is on top with one through her belly. pull her off and kiss. get really angry and demand for ambulance, sit arouind corner from the 6 girls that are laughing, onbe comes round with dual scythes on her collar ( symbol and sign). when look down lee and the other girl are gone.run into a shop chasing kids who know where the girls took lee and sarah. pummel a few kids in and hit one off a rocket lolly, his dad appears then i run into the toilets looking for something. then go outside and cannot see anyone. 3 guys come over and ask me to hold something. give me a cannibus cigerette then pour water on my hand so the evidence is there. i run forward, back intoo shop looking for the girls but cannot find them. get taken home by police for cannibus then scene of random man who is my dad talking to police man about my punishment then i see my withered finger through a hole in the wall repeatedly pressing a button.then i am told the three men who gave me drugs were actors. before i wake up i see sarahs face crying with the scythes on neck.

also i dont know any sarahs or lees. and also i can still feel the love for sarah which is strange

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