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Dream About Classmates meanings

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Example: What does it mean when you dream about a classmate from the past?

Recently I've been dreaming about a guy I used to attend elementary school with. In the dream I attended an event and he offered to drive me back home. The car was a mess and the trip was short but when he dropped me off I saw a purple goat. The purple goat proceeded to attack me and he was laughing about it. This dream was about a month ago.
Last night this same guy appeared again in my dream and I was very attracted to him. He looked very dapper in his suit and I wanted to kiss him so bad. Back to reality-I haven't seen my classmate in years. I was never attracted to him in real life. What does this dream mean?

From your perspective now it seems to you that you were never attracted to this fellow, but that he's turned up now in these projections from buried memories suggests you may have had at least some sort of youthful curiosity about him.

Now your mind explores this and projects him in ways that your mature self can examine as the subconscious releases old details. You became aware of some attraction, perhaps again at more of the curiosity level during the first dream. There are so many unknowns about this guy that your mind yearns to sort out for some reason. Resolution was needed and the imagery turned up with a messy car - perhaps a reflection of some habit he may have had. Messy desk or notebook?

The purple goat event is interesting. It seems very much that you were made to suffer a minor humiliation in front of the guy - and something rather bizarre at that. It reveals something of his character - he did not rush out to rescue you, but that he was laughing may have had more to do with the oddity of a purple goat than your plight. It would seem so - you did not reject him as he agains turns up later, now dapper - so he apparently was not laughing at you, but at the situation.

Now having sorted out some impressions of the past, whether reliably or not, your mind has not released the guy from your subconscious interest but indeed has placed him in handsome form before you. Old wonders resolved, a new feeling - or perhaps old - is discovered: attraction.

It might do you good to try to locate the guy in a friendly way and just drop a note wishing him well and to let him know he was on your mind for some reason. If nothing else it may help you close all this - or may reveal something inside that you never realized before. Even if you don't find him you will know you did all you could to resolve the issue in your mind.

Good luck to you and thank you for sharing such an interesting pair of dreams.

Example: 10 points to best answer! Does this dream mean anything? Dream about my classmate.?

What does it mean to dream my classmate?
So, 2 nights in a row I dreamed my classmate. She was flirting with me, texting me messages and holding hands with me. Could that mean anything? Maybe, no. What do you guys think?
In the real world she doesn't really talk to me much. She's pretty, though.
I'm not thinking about her very often. I did like her like 3-4 months ago, but now I have a gf. This might sound stupid, but maybe she secretly likes me? :D

Example: What does it mean to dream of a classmate singing on a wheelchair?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a dead classmate?

The other night I had a dream of a dead classmate, let's call him Ryan. Ryan had killed himself a few months passed and I had a dream I was at a beach playing volleyball with other classmates when I saw him. I ran up to him and asked him what he was doing here, because I knew that he had died. He told me he was fine. He was OK and that he had never died and I had nothing to worry about. So I thought maybe it was a different Ryan that had died and I sort of dismissed it. I then invited him to play Volleyball and he agreed, but i never saw him the rest of the dream.

Example: What does it mean when I dream an old classmate?

What does this mean I mean seriously I never talked to this girl and she used to be in my 4th grade class it's weird I don't get it I never talk to her and all of a sudden she just appears in my dream and we're talking and hanging out what the heck does his mean I know it means something because If its nothing that's just plain out creepy! Some one help me!

Example: What does it mean to dream of a classmate singing on a wheelchair?

Example: What does it mean - had a dream about a classmate I don't know tries to kill herself?

My dream started out my family and i shopping for school supplies. It then continued on that we were on a field trip but my family was there along with classmates BUT I didn't know any of my classmates. The place we were at was apparently a horror place where someone kills a person every time people go there. The entire time we were scared someone was gonna come out and kill us. After we think we have caught the person, a classmate stands up and pulls out a razor blade/knife and starts to hurt herslef. we try to talk her out of hit. She starts to spit blood everywhere. We call the ambulance and they take her away. I'm not sure if she actually dies because I woke up sweating, panting, and absolutely frantic and terrified!

Please help me!

Example: What does dreaming about old classmates mean?

Example: I fell in love with a classmate in my dream. What does that mean?

Example: Does this dream mean anything? A teacher murdering my classmate?

Last to last night I had a really strange dream which is troubling me! I dreamt that my teacher who is almost never angry got enraged at my fellow classmate. I saw that he rushed towards him and slapped him on the neck three times really harshly. So barbarously that when he slapped him the third time, his head came off his body and blood was pouring out.
That's it! I don't know but feel like I dreamt it in the morning 'cause I remembered this dream really well. This is very weird!
The classmate just left our school yesterday. I already knew this. He wasn't very close friend but an acquaintance.

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