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Dream About Class Schedule meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok I had a dream about a couple of guys from my school last night.

One of them was my crush (he doesn't like me ANYMORE and I'm trying to get over), one of them my crushes best friend, and the main guy in my dream was this guy who recently asked me to be his friend on facebook.

Also I'm going to be a freshman in highschool in 2 weeks so I'm sort of nervous and the school was in my dream.

So heres the dream,
It was the first day of school and I forgot my schedule, but I rememered the first 2 classes I had. So I go to my first class, P.E., and jump off this random huge wall without a parachute and survive with no scratch at all. And the teacher tells us we have to play this game so we are playing it and my crushes best friend and I get really close and we start to like each other. And then we all get a bag of chocolate and I tell my ex-best friend about my new crush and she gets mad at me for it and then I go to my second class, (I forget which class it was).

In my second class theres that guy who asked me to be his friend on facebook. We talk some and he starts flirting. Soon I realize I'm falling for him now. So theres this town in the school and he asks me if he can come with me to meet my dad and I say sure and we go say hi to my dad. Haha I know this dream is weird haha!

Anyway, then the third class I forget which class I'm supposed to go to, but then a teacher tells me. And I go and then the same guy who was in my last class was there and he sits right next to me and my friend. So while doing our work he flirts with me and then we look out the window and he says "theres the smokers who ditched school." And then I see my crush who I'm trying to get over. He has a huge cigarette in his mouth and I get upset with him. And then my mom comes and slaps him for smoking and then next thing I know, my dad comes and tackles this teacher and then gives him a hug and my parents drive away. Then I woke up.

What the heck does this dream mean haha?!

To start off this answer, I'd like to say that dream interpretation is not an exact science. And by that I mean it's not science at all.

Anybody who claims to you that they can interpret dreams is either lying to you, or to themselves.

That being said, a dream is usually (in my experiences) something that you have been thinking about lately, sometimes something you were thinking about right before you go to sleep. Also dreams occur more frequently when you are under stress, whether it is positive or negative stress (excited about the prom vs. nervous about school)

My guess is that this dream manifested from your nervousness about school, and the fact that you were probably thinking about this guy a lot. Thats probably it lol nothing to be worried about.

Example: What does it mean when I dream about my crush 3 nights in a row?

I have been having a dream about my crush 3 nights in a row. The first night, I dreamt I was in french class and he started making out with me. (I know...really weird!) Though, he's not even in my french class. The second night I dreamt I was outside with my friends at school and he came up to me and we started talking. I don't remember what we were talking about. Then last night I dreamt I was in science class and I just saw a brief image of him. The weird thing is that at school we never talk because I'm so shy to talk to him, although I think he likes me too. He's really shy. What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

so i have this guy in one of my classes, and well hes always creepin me out...always trying to walk with me, and tries to impress me is so many ways, after ive told him i have a bf...he asked me who was pickin me up from skoo...he said it in such a concern way ir really bothered me...it was wierd cus i donot know him...and to top it all he knows my schedule after the only time i told him...so last night i had a dream where he kidnapped me, and he wouldnt let me free and he would just tell me that we were gonna be happy together, and that he was gonna get rid of my bf and idk wtf else..but this mornin in class, he turned around and starred at my legs[i was in shorts] i just imagined him sayin what he said in my dream, i literaly stood up and left the class cus i was so creeped out...what can my dream mean?

Example: What could this dream mean (concussion and hospital)?

I dreamed I was at school. Every one in class had wrote what homework they did on the board. I said, "What the hell? It's Sunday, I haven't even finished my homework! What are we even doing in class?"
So I just got up and left. All the while construction is going on at my school. When I step outside a rubber hose falls and knocks me out.
I wake up at the hospital and I look at the nurse and say, "Where the hell am I?" My dog is in my bed and across from me is a chalk board with my symptoms on them.
The nurse looks at me and says, "Do you know what happened to your brother?"
"He was in a fight at school. Did he tell you he was having problems?"
"Ya, but I must have forgot."
Then later I was released from the hospital and while I was having sex with my boyfriend (which I never have) my boss called me into work, but instead of meeting him at work he wanted me to meet him a town over for something, but I have no clue what. I think we were fighting something.
Then I woke up.

Example: What do my recurring dreams mean? ?

I've been having several dreams that just seem to occur over and over, but in different ways. The first one I had when i was very young, in the dream i got kidnapped and returned to my family years later. This dream came back in bits and pieces till finally a while ago it came back altogether. I didn't notice it before, but as soon as i dreamt it again, I went a bit downhill.
The second dream is that of me going back to my elementary school/high school. When i go there I always go in the classroom and see very familiar faces, but then something happens and it always points at me and although i could defend myself, i just let it go. Then, naturally, i feel like i've disappointed everyone and i leave. What happens when I leave is always different, however the building I am in is exactly the same. Whenever I am done doing something else, i decide to go back, but then i can't. I can't find the classroom and if i slept a bit too late and it's time to wake up, i won't be able to. BUT when i do have more time to finish the dream, i always get back to the classroom but then it all happens all over again. At the end of every night, (most nights) i'm back in the classroom, i leave and then can't go back.
This time (so you see an example of these dreams) I was showing up late for class and had no excuse. The teacher was threatening the whole class with more work if i didn't start showing up on time. Again i didn't defend myself, although i don't even know why i was late. As far as i'm concerned i heard the bell and i went to class? Anyhow, the class was angry and i started to say random things, like "one day when you're out of here you'll realize there are more important things in life than to worry about these" and that just confused people and pissed them off. Then i couldn't take the ignorance, so i lit a joint. (go ahead, laugh) After that, i hid the rest of it and the class was over. This was at my high school, with high school kids, after i walked out of there i was back at my elementary school. From there i went inside, trying to find my classroom, couldn't find it went outside and then ran into people that i guess were friends. All of a sudden there was beer, i had joints, one friend had smokes, someone else had liquor and it went on. So we hang out there, and then the bell rings. Although i didn't hear it, i figured it was time for class. So i go back inside and find myself going all around the building , unable to find it. Can't find the schedule, don't want to go down to the office, so i just keep looking. Now there happens to be a schedule posted in the gym/caf area? so i head over but when i get there the schedules were being ripped off by some kids (a lot younger) and then i grab the schedules and try to find my class but ofcourse i can't.

If i didn't have to wake up i probably would have found it, but the other times when i do, entering feels very heavy, although once i'm in it's all light. but then i always get kicked out or something happens and i lose the room again.

I realize this could mean nothing, but there's a definite pattern. I can't seem to find the classroom until it's found me sort of thing.

Third dream , i'll just keep it simple. I'm anywhere, anyplace, but all of a sudden disaster strikes and a lot of people end up in some kind of a sheltered area, a huge gym like place. Before all the people get there, I'm one step ahead of the disaster and i help as many as possible, i get people into that sheltered place. We always end up in the same place, but the disaster types, and areas hit are different. It always start out normal, then i begin to feel it coming, i fight it, help people, and then they're all safe. I'm a huge believer of soulmates and true love and what not, so i'm always looking out to see if that person is indeed there. And i've noticed that although i see many faces, I ALWAYS see that one person distinctively and i'm so in love that the whole reason i wanted to help people in the first place was that person. It's like i'm never scared of the disaster because that person is there, i've found my soulmate and i'm happy. ( sound weird enough? )

So anyway i have a lot of these dreams, always the same point and pattern but different situations. I started to do some heavy (but really great) lucid dreaming a very long while ago, and since then i haven't really been "dreaming" because it was all vivid. But the only dreams i can't control are these ones. Those are the three major ones. I dream a lot of circumstances where i'm helping someone or some people do something. Always get names, numbers , and distinct faces. But i was always too lazy to write them down right after. The last thing like that was yesterday. I got a number but can't remember past the first 7 numbers, the other 4 are there but not in the right order, and a name. After researching the name, I ended up with immanuel kant, a russian philosopher. I can see that most of his philosophies resemble mine, but wha

Example: Class schedule dream?

I had a dream last night about me receiving a class-schedule. The only thing is all the classes on that schedule are different from the classes I signed up for in real life.
What could this possibly mean?

Example: Recurring dream. Please tell me what it means.?

I have this dream that I am in high school (graduated 15 years ago), and just came back after long break, can't find locker, or combination, don't have my schedule and don't remember what classes I have to go to. Classes about to start and I have to rush to admin. office to get my locker, combo and schedule, however long line at the office and I am extremely anxious in my dream. What does this mean--is it literal (anxiety in real life)?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that felt so real. I had woke up and got ready for school like I normally do. Then I drove to school. I thought there was something funny how there was no traffic but I didnt pay any attention. Then I go to my first class and the professor and no one else shows up. I walked around the whole campus and no one is there. I try calling everyone on my cell phone and no one picks up. I turn on the tv and every station is blank same with the radio. Internet still works but nothing has updated since the previous night. I drive for miles and cant find a single living soul. At first I was panicking but then I started to really feel relaxed. I actually enjoyed being along. I was speeding down the streets going over a 100MPH. I would just walk into stores and take what I wanted. I have never felt so at peace with myself my whole life. Then I went back to my apt and fell asleep. I woke up and was like wait was I dreaming? Then I saw my roomates and realized I was.

Example: What does my dream mean? My spanish teacher kicked me out of class?

In real life i took one college class(the beginner),theres also an advanced,which I must take next.But I haven't yet.Anyways,in the dream it was the same teacher from the advanced but in the next summer, and she was giving work and I was talking, and joking around,although she didn't hand the work yet.She told me you need to go and get out of the class and transfer out because i wont allow you tobe acting this way. I thought she was joking but she wasn't so she told me to switch my schedule to the other class in the office. So before I went I told her i will leave my stuff in the classroom then go to the office, then after i switch i will pick up my stuff and leave...but in the dream I went to the office and walked out and nothing happened at all but I didn't go back to get my stuff I just left it there and went somewhere else..
Now in reality I got an A in the class and I am never a trouble maker,and I never misbehaved in that class last year. What's the meaning of this dream? Thanks.

Example: What does it mean to dream that your at school and then you forget your classes?

I dream this a lot..have been dreaming about this since years now..what does it mean?
In the dream I'm usually at my middle school. (I'm 19 years old now) I always dream that the bell rings and everyone goes to their class but I can't remeber my schedule...what can this mean...

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