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Dream About Clapping Hands meanings

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Example: Meaning of dreams?

I was abused, still am by my mother. I have had recurring dreams for a long time now, wheras i am being attacked by tigers, then it turned to lions, then wolves. I always woke up panicking. I have now stood up to my abusive mother for the first time, cut her off. i dreamt last night, i was being charged by a bull in a field, i stood up to it, stared at it, clapped my hands hard, it went into submission, i walked away. The first time, these dreams have not scared me in a long time, i took control. I have just taken control of the abusive situation with my mother, after a lot of years of abuse. Is this significant? I felt pleased at my dream (strange as it sounds) as if i refuse to be the victim anymore.


**Here is my gift to you!

(ANS) YES! the dream shows a significant change in the relationship between yourself & your mother. You have clearly shifted into redrawing & redefining the boundaries of the relationship, yes! shifted from feeling frozen by the fear, & turned the cold fear into hot assetiveness & clear action.

**NOTE: Tigers, Lions & Volves are all preditory and use stealth modes when stalking their prey.

**A Bull by contrast shows a shift into a herd animal (ie. non preditory), one that would only attack if provoked into action.

**The hand clapp shows the new power you have, its a shamanic act, an act of power, an action of taking back your own power. A shift into the centre of yourself, into the centre of your powerful self.

**The message is loude & clear "I'm NOT a victim and am not going to be ever again" so you can try that old trick if you like but its not going to work on me any more, I'm NOT going to suffer it again. The game is up! its called counting coo!

Walk tall my friend, walk with your power, go well.

Best Regards


Example: Weird vivid ghost dream? Does it mean anything?

Okay well i just had this dream. At the beginning i was actually convinced it was real. But now that it's over i don't feel scared like i usually do after ghost dreams.

Well it starts of with me and my mom on the coach being lazy and than i get up to get ready. I walk to my halway light and try to turn it on cause i kept missing it. But than i got lifted on the ground and brung into my moms dark room. I saw a shodaw thing around me and i scream but than i just lied down on her (the shadow set me down)

After i was at my bust stop telling my frieind about it and i rettold the whole story. Qnd than i got a message from my "best friend" who i have been like drifting apart from about how shes mad and stuff but i'm not really paying attention to that.
Well than after wards for some reason i'm in my moms room again and this black figure does A hand stand and like walk and falls into my friend but than disapears. Then comes back and dooes a clap that like magicians do when they finished an act
Then i'm in my moms room again and i kinda see this figure in the mirror. You could tell he was from the the early 1900s or late 1800s .

He was in nice clothes with a black vest(with a long white shirt under it. With a black bow tie and black pants . He also had a old mustache and a black hat.
Well after this . It's a picture of somebody. My age i guess sitting on my bed with like a cross and this other thing. And than i look over amd see the man. He than falls black into the ground like hes leaveing. But than quickly comes back up and gives a hat tilt.

During this last part there playing music like during the early 1900s and it's going along with what happened. And after the end i slowely opened my eyes and realized it wasn't real. And surpriseingly i'm not scared. I just want to know what it means.. Please help thankyou!

Example: What does it mean when you dream people are clapping for you?

I dream that I walk in this unfamiliar place and i had my head down but when i look up i seen people that was from my job.As i held my head up they just started clapping for me then i took a bow and turn to my left and seen my friend with her back turn to everybody in the room as if she was by her self can anybody give me a answer thank you please.

Example: What does this dream symbol mean?

During a dream, I saw an apple tree and, for some reason, it stood out to me. The tree was skinny and looked almost like it was dead but I'm not sure if it actually was dead or not. There were 2 or 3 apples on the tree that were very big and ripe looking. Any thoughts on what this symbolizes? Thanks.

Example: Is there a meaning behind my weird dream?

I am upstairs in my room and press a button that for some reason is on my door. I go downstairs. After hearing people go up, I go back up. In my room is a naked girl on my bed. And two naked guys standing up. I leave again for a while and come back. There's then a naked girl still and two different people in clothes, one girl, one guy, both playing cello. I ask how long they'll be hoping for a few minutes and the girl says they need to practice for an hour. I ask if she can shorten it and she says "fine" and one hops out a window by the floor which isn't there normally and appears as if the room is ground level even though it's on the 2nd floor. I don't think any of my family sees these people at any point except my little cousin who come over to play video games occasionally was heading up to my room to see me and sees one and comes back down. I think I tell him to ignore them.

The dream somehow transitions to an outside somewhat snowy area where I'm with my mom. We are told to grab a wood drawer to use as a sled and bring it to the top of a hill. At the top I put down the drawer and navigate a maze of short corridors containing art that gets weirder as I proceed until I reach a large room resembling a school gym, but bigger. There are shelves and fridges like a grocery store and quite a few former high school classmates. We are expected to clean up the area and I do a bit then leave them to do the rest.

I exit the building and travel around after meeting back up with my mom. Whe see a lot of naked prostitutes standing around and they try to kiss us. My mom asks one for directions. I then head back to the building and back to the big room. Inside the shelves are gone and the room is empty except for a "king" in a throne and my older brother being crowned and a few former classmates who never met my brother clapping.

I then go back to the buildings main room and realize my drawer sled thing was replaced with a trumpet. I then talk to a former classmate about Gameboy Advance games we own on the 3ds, only I have a tonne more than I do in reality. The whole time he looks around and tries to talk with someone else or focus on something else while talking to me.

Returning to the main room, I happen to be standing by a small group of girls I knew in Highschool and my former band director yelled at me saying I could not leave with them even though it wasn't my intention.

I then suddenly appear on a bus (another sudden dream transition) with quite a few former high school classmates, myself sitting beside my former best friend, and then we drive from the building to an underground train/subway track area. I exit the bus and find a dead end behind it making the traveling there impossible. Everyone seems to have left down the tunnel without me noticing.

I somehow get to a really high area and see a guy driving some vehicle back and forth below. I call out for him the move kindly and he stops for a while as I hang from the ledge. I then remember I had a backpack with me (which I actually didn't prior) and struggle to throw it down while hanging from the ledge. I then jumped down walked a short distance before waking up to my brother clapping really loudly for no apparent reason from his room in real life.

Why did I have such a weird, long and detailed dream? I think I'm forgetting a few odd aspects as well.
If it matters I am a straight male high school graduate attending an art institute. Also I've been 18 for 3 months. In Highschool I played the sax in band and during a band trip to another country, I got into an incident regarding the performances and the director was constantly upset with me. Also in Highschool I worked in a grocery store as a cleanup guy for a couple years.

Example: I had a dream that i was trying to clap my hands...?

I dreamt that i was trying to clap my hands to a beat..but i when my hands met i could barley make a sound..like i had no strength in my arms to bring my hands together..any ideas what this could mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Two nights I had a very strange dream that it felt so real, even my heart was pouting so hard.
In my dream I was in an house that I used to live when I was little. I was sleeping with my mom and my two daugters in one bed when all of the sudden my oldest (5) daughter wakes me up and she had a gun in her hand it was a middle size gun I woke up and took it off her hands, I walked to the front door, it was like around 3am. When i opened the door I shoot the gun off to the field when all of he sudden i heard someone clapping when i turned to my right to look it was a lady with blonde hair and a winter long jacket and she stared running towards my house I shot the door very scared and then I woke up!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok this is my dream, i wrote this right after i woke up a few days ago, and has made no edits except changing the name of my friend to just "my friend" It's kind of long, but i wanted to make it as detailed as i could so i wouldn't forget.

It was a castle, for gifted students to study and live, but they were not allowed under any circumstance to leave no idea why, cant remember... And this boy ((resembling A friend of mine in looks and attitude to an exact point. Weird?)) Would pull up to the building with his 2 friends, and coerce me into getting in the car. I never could see where we were going.. The windows were black.. I wasn't even sure why i trusted him, but i did. There was this circle platform with markings on it, and he would clap his hands, and all of the sudden we were in front of this disgusting looking building.. But when we opened the door, it was a concrete room, very plain, with a hallway of doors and one set of beautiful neon blue translucent stairs, that seemed kind of like they were floating in the air.. There was also a window to a small place outside. Up the stairs were rows of thousands of people in a big circle, like a stadium almost, and they were all just standing, looking straight forward, and i had asked for a cigarette. I was pointed my way, and i ran down the paths as fast as i could as the others sped by me in a flash. The ones that did move seemed to be next to me, then across the room before i could blink.. So i had to run a lot to get anywhere.There were tons of little blue shelves, that matched the stairs, all around the stadium, like they were the walls... The ones i was directed to were full of opened an unopened packs, and then the guy (My friend) showed up immediately next to me, and shuffled through them, taking a pack out for me. He smiled at me, which seemed unusual for him, and motioned for me to follow as he disappeared back down. I ran again, and got laughed at cause of how slow i was. Rude.
We sat outside the door to the back and smoked, as we talked about how this place was a hiding place for the gifted to get away from institutions like the one i was in. ((Still confusing to me...))
Most of the dream however was spent at different times on different nights in his room.. He was terribly moody, and snapped at me for things i didn't realize i was doing ((I.E I touched his leg, and he yelled at me saying "What the hell are you doing" Then he apologized immediately)) He apologized after every time, and explained why he gets like that... Like he felt like he had to explain himself.. ((Also confusing)) And then other times i was there he was really... Affectionate... Even through his moody times it still seemed like he cared deeply for me and i didn't know why. And for some odd reason, anything he said or told me to do, i listened without question. I couldn't deny him anything...
I can't remember much about inside the school castle. I remember a small circle of about 6 people, each with a different ability, all my friends.. And one man, tall thin, white hair, quite old. But a strong authoritative voice.Very strict about what we were and weren't allowed to do, especially when it came to going outside.
I get the feeling that he ((My friend)) was previously in the school, and had learned things he shouldn't have and got kicked out, or ran away.. or something like that.. not sure... I wish i could have this dream again...

Example: What could this dream mean?

In my dream, I was walking in New York City with my grandfather (who's been dead for two years). He was showing me all of his favorite childhood haunts (he was born in the 20's), something that never would have happened when he was alive, because he was always hard on me. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and began to pull me down the street. "You need to meet Cousin Cynthia!" He exclaimed. (Cousin Cynthia is a relative that I'm not related to- I'm technically only related to Grandpa through marriage- and I've never actually met her). He pulled me up the steps of a large apartment and rang the doorbell. A little woman opened the door, a bent and stooped old lady with surprisingly healthy and vibrant red hair. Inside, I noticed that the building wasn't apartments, but one big house. When she saw me, she broke into a big grin. "I've been waiting for you!" She exclaimed, clapping her hands together.
This is the end of my dream, because my alarm clock woke me up. I have a feeling that if I had stayed asleep, there would be more to this dream. And, I would like to add that I'm pretty sure that Cousin Cynthia died a little after I had this dream. What could this dream? Its got me completely puzzled... Thanks! :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I actually had some dreams before and after that dream last night but this one I can't really figure out.

Ok so my whole entire grade and a few other teenagers were on a cruise ship. All of us were in this dining room which also had enough space in the middle to become a dance floor. One girl [that used to be my friend] and the girl she ran off with were flirting with some of the boys. I was eating one my own staring at them. I apparently over heard them saying to the boys that they with exchange something (I can't remember what, I think it was a secret or something like that) for s*x, which is very young for my age. My ex friend grabbed one of their hands and was about to walk out when I walked over to try to convince her to do something else. Though before I could a group of older teenagers (or people possibly in their twenties) brought her and her new friend to the dance floor. They started dancing really wildly and the gang yelled "You are officially in our group!" and they clapped. I knew something was wrong because that is very cliché of them then they left including the boys they were going to have s*x with. As I was feeling more and more alone a conga song came on. I got up and since I could never say no to a conga I joined in when it was still forming. Even though I was on a conga I still felt alone. Then someone yelled my name along the conga line and it was my crush and his friends (that i'm really close to, closer than him!). I started talking to them and I felt a lot better. I don't know what happened to the big group that left though.

I barely have any female friends anymore just to help with understanding the dream.

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