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Dream About Christian Temple meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?!?

Last night I had a dream that I was with my crush. We were in this building. I wasn't quite sure what type of building it was, but It looked an awful like a church. We went into this building together and sat down on a bench. As I start looking around, I reckognize almost all of the people, like my step dad, my mom, and my 4 other siblings. I saw my crushes parents and his brother. I basically saw all of my family and all of his family. I thought it was a church because both families were wearing formal clothing and everyone was praying and celebrating something. I then reckognized this one girl, her name was Haley and I found it awkward that she was the only one their that was not Christian. She is Jewish, not that I have a problem with them, I just found coincidental, that she was the only one their. Everyone started singing in a language that I did not know, it sounded nothing like I had heard before. Shortly after, it was only Haley singing this weird *** song, then it ended with my crush singing in this language. Haley then got upset with me because I let him sing. My crush then kissed my neck and then my lips spontaneously. After that everyone cheered.

I have no clue what this means. Right before I went to sleep, I tried to lucid dream and put his name under my pillow with the question: Is ****** the right guy for me? . So I don't know if that may have been the answer to my question, but I would like someone to clarify this for me.

Just for the record, we both are only 14.

Hi taylor, Im no expert on interpreting dreams but I own several books on the matter(I don't have them on hand) but i don't completely believe everything the books say. I believe the secret to interpreting dreams would be to go with your gut feeling on the dream. What does the dream mean to you? If you asked me to interpret the dream for you I would think that the large gathering of each of your families in the church may have been a wedding maybe, although you were probably not in a wedding dress:D The strange singing you heard may have been Hebrew(commonly spoken in formal temple rituals among Jews) Which might explain your friend Haley being present. You might have even been in a temple instead of a church, who knows:) ? Lucid dreaming is very helpful in receiving Messages in your dreams, just remember to keep a look out for anything unusual. Petition Magick(what you did when you wrote down a question in a piece of paper and slept with it under your pillow.) is a very simple yet powerful art and also works with a statement e.g. "I want to get a good grade on this upcoming test". I am sure that your dream is in response to your question. Im not saying that you are going you get married to the guy but wedding and such symbolize love. My advice to you would be to ask the guy out, the worst he could do is say no. Did you know that 80% of guys want that girl to make the first move? who know, maybe he secretly has a crush on you. Of course, what do I know, im just a 15 year old guy:) Anyway, in conclusion, I hope that everything works out and i was helpful. Also if you care to do so you can eMail me at caino1495@yahoo and let me know how everything went. Anyway goodluck and Blessed Be:)

Example: Muslims... what do you think this dream means?

Ok, in the dream I cut my thumb open and had to get stiches. I got the stiches from a Islamic doctor, and then I would get them out 5 days later. The dream then sped up and I went to an urgent care center to have them removed by a nurse. Once she did, my thumb still needed more stiches. So I went back to the Muslim doctor. When I got there, there were a lot of people finishing their prayers (I believe). Then the doctor told me to come inside. He looked at my thumb and said that we need something stronger than stiches. He brought this intricate container with water(since I am christian, it reminded me of holy water) and doused my thumb. He sat me down with a Muslim women in hijab and then he and her started saying something in another launguage. I closed my eyes, and my hearing went. Then when they were done, my thumb was almost healed...does anyone know what this could possibly mean? I have a lot of knowledge of Islam since I am interested in it, but have no idea what this means, if it means anything...

Example: Meaning of religious dreams. CHRISTIANS ONLY?

Hey guys, I was hoping some Christians out there could tell me the meaning or significance of 3 religious dreams I've had most recently.

Dream 1: Jesus came up to me and said "I got something I want you to think about. What can others gain from your suffering?" (I think he might be telling me he wants me to start some sort of religious blog, where I talk about all of my life's struggles and how he the Lord, brought me through them so that others can see that they're not alone in life's struggles? But I'm not sure? Any other ideas or thoughts on what he could've meant?)

Dream 2: I was standing in what I believe to be the Old Temple Mount (before the destruction of the Jewish Temple). Two young Hebrew boys walked by and then Jesus comes up to me and says "I want you to teach the children of Israel" (Given the current situation in the middle east, I'm pretty sure he's not calling me on a mission trip to Israel right now, so what could it be? What did he mean by that? Thoughts?)

Dream 3: the devil appeared to me in my apartment in a dirty, filthy, muddy-like?, soot-covered, messy-haired version of myself or my mom (one of the two), opened up my night table and took out my favorite bible, ripped lots of pages out of it, angrily THREW it to the ground and then spit in my face. He then started slapping me and beating me but I just stood there, knowing that sooner or later, the "tirade" would be over and my faith would still be intact.

And then he said to me "and you said you wanted to kick my *** too, did you not? Did you not know that I am the one who actually saved you from that heart attack you had that 1 time?" to which I said "I prayed for THE LORD to save me from that heart attack so it could've been Jesus -- could've been anyone, really". And that's when he started beating on me even more but once again, saying in a high-pitched demonic voice "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!" I just stood there and took it, knowing sooner or later, he'd be finished and my faith would still be intact.

Finally, he taunted me with "well, I DID get you to give in to the sin of lust last night when I got you to watch that porn, etc", and I immediately prayed to the Lord "Lord, I know he's only spirit but please allow me to strike him". So I took a baseball bat, prayed in the name of the Lord for 2.5 seconds and then struck him with the baseball bat repeatedly.

When I paused for a brief moment and looked at the door entryway to my apartment, I saw my ex-boyfriend (a druggie who left me for another woman and cheated & lied to me repeatedly), standing there, not saying 2 words, arrogantly smiling at me. I said to him "the heck YOU looking at?" and went back to beating the devil with the baseball bat, until I pushed the devil out of the apartment and down into the woods behind my house. As soon as the devil left, my boyfriend did also.

What do all these dreams mean? Any thoughts? Interpretations?

Also. What types of religious dreams have you guys had and what is the meaning of them, if you know? lol :)

Thanks guys and God Bless!

Example: What Does My Dream Mean (Christian, Heaven)?

Ok Today, 12/23/12, I had this crazy dream.
I don't know where i was but i know i was in a bar type of place hanging at a table with a cup of some type of drink with "friends" (who i don't know). all of a sudden i look out the window and see hundreds of doves racing across the sky... like right under the very top of the window border..
and then this noise... like a type of horn that sounded like thunder (kind of hard to explain) started going off. all of a sudden i jumped out of my chair because it was a sound i heard before somehow... and i knew Jesus was coming somehow. like I've never hopped out of a chair so fast lol because i couldn't believe it was him!
as i walked outside it was like, kind of a control chaos or a type of celebration that he had came...
i see this man which is Jesus and he starts to float..
then all of a sudden people throughout the whole city block and EVERYWHERE started floating with him slowly into the clouds... except me...
it was people who didn't float up with him too just like me but they didn't even care that they weren't leaving with Jesus... i started panicking and trying to force myself to catch up
after a minute or so everyone disapeared into these golden clouds and despair, regret, fear, sorrow, sadness, any feeling opposite of good came on me. i started praying and asking what have i done! because i am a firm christian, i go to church when i can, i spread the word, don't smoke, drink, steal, or do crime. i have complete faith in god.
in my prayers he replied, i still have things i need to do in order to be accepted into his arms. i really didn't know what else i could do because i work at a middle school and help children and make there days better in a after school program, I've never killed anyone... idk Im just at a loss for words...
and after he said i basically needed to prove myself i woke up.

idk if this is the work of god OR the devil but i know that sound of the thunder horn is stuck in my head and i know I've never heard it before.. and for me to jump out of my chair like that and instantly know it was Jesus it has to be real from another world in some way...
it could be the devil because of how he took mostly everybody except me... but i know Jesus wouldnt even leave me like that with non believers and things like that so i dont understand that part.
it could just be a weird dream but the emotions tied to it felt so real.. idk
i really dont dream either... like at least 5 times a year and theyll be 30 second dreams but this one was at least 5-8 minutes of vivid reality
i am 20 years old and on my way to college next fall...
i just need some type of feedback guys :/
my twitter is @ViaFlipThoo if you need me

Example: I had a strange dream what does it mean?

I dreamt that Eve was created by God and put into the garden of Eden. Then Adam was created and he wanted to know the wisdom of God so took from the tree of knowledge. Adam forced Eve to partake because he didn't want to be looked at by God alone as evil. She ate of the apple and said "I never wanted this knowledge, I don't want to know" (she started seeing all of the horrid things that happen to women and children as a result of men, this was the knowledge of the earth that God warned them about) and the garden vanished before their eyes becoming a vast desert. They then began to see war and all of the pain of the life in the flesh, that was their punishment.
Eve then stated "there was no snake in the garden, it was Adam that was the snake, he has the evil that created this situation, Men use their bodies to harm other humans. This is using a temple of God as a weapon and is evil"
I am not christian so this makes little sense to me. I can understand the Eve being born first, I just read some of the gnostics books. Mary's book proves women should not only have been in charge of the church but should be in charge in other ways as well, and men kept these facts hidden out of pride and fear and desire of power. So women were enslaved instead of listening to what Jesus had to say for real.

Example: I am not a Christian (anymore), but I had a dream about Jesus and he told me to read the bible?

He wanted me to read Matthew, he was pointing to verse 12 or 1:2, I am not sure. Anyway, neither verse is particularly profound, and I am confused? Can anyone here break either verse down to me? What do you think he meant? Also, he showed me a figure of a human? I don't understand, but I believe I saw Jesus in my dream in spirit, so I am taking this seriously.

Thanks for any help.

Example: Strange dream I had...any ideas on meaning?

I had a dream I was in an Army recruitment office. I walked up to the desk and there was a huge bearded man sitting behind me who tells me I'm being sent to the front line, but I've got to take this statue of the Virgin Mary with me and put it on a hill.

Then I'm in this battlefield, and I'm firing a gun, dressed much like an ancient Greek soldier in full armor, but there are no bullets in the gun and so I threw my gun down, smashed the Virgin Mary statue in two and run. I find myself in a Greek-style temple where I find a telephone.

This is all I remember and it's weird. Any ideas as to meaning?

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream there was this guy who said "Follow me for a second chance" so we go to I think my house probably somebody else's house and he picks up my model of the second temple and goes "Do you want this" and throws it away before I can answer and he puts up an egyptian looking idol in its place but I destroyed the idol and threw it away retrieving the pieces of the second temple being able to rebuild some of it... What does this dream mean?
I'm a Christian
Serious answers please

Example: So I had a really weird dream... what do you think it means about my waking moments?

I think I have an idea of what worries it's reflecting- but I want to see if someone else agrees.

So in the dream, I was outside of my grandmother's house with my brother and someone else who I cannot remember. There was apparently a parade event going on in the town, so we were outside to see if anything happened on our street. I took an electronic cig out of my pocket and smoked- but I immediately looked at my brother to see his reaction and he looked really disgusted. Although it didn't smell strong, he said he could still smell it and that he couldn't believe how much I had changed. He mentioned my new-found views on Marijuana legalization.

Then out of nowhere a bunch of Arab-looking people, dressed in Arab garb, come onto our street (which has a dead end) from both sides- including the side of it that is closed off. We all get really scared as they get closer, but we stand our ground because we haven't done anything bad. They all look VERY angry and like if they have bad intentions- but I notice that their fists are open and that they came without weapons. I hear my brother tell me- "I think this is part of the parade." And as soon as he tells me that all of the Arabs start dancing in sync and loud music plays from who knows where.

They finish their dance- which we all really enjoyed. Then one of them comes up to us and says he wants to tell us about this particular parade event. He's talking but I'm not really listening- and we invite him inside my grandma's house. I wasn't listening because I was worried about what her reaction would be. Her house looked different inside- more spacious, and white walls with cubicles. My grandma looked mad that we brought him inside. He took out a glass bottle shaped like a flask and told me that he had something I would like. He starts talking to me in Arabic and I understand some of what he's saying but not all. The point that I get is that what he has in his hand is either a love potion or a medication that will make me look "sexy." My grandma and my brother are both nodding no REALLY hard with their heads- but I smile and tell him I'd love to try it. I didn't have intentions of actually trying it- but I wanted to be nice. Dream ends.

Let me give you a little bit of background on me that may help shed light on some of this.
The following is occurring in my REAL LIFE not the dream.
-I love my brother to death
-My brother is asthmatic
-I recently HAVE picked political sides of topics, in contrast to before where I was simply uninterested. My religious beliefs also changed.
-I have also picked up VERY occasional smoking.
-One of my close friends didn't like the changes that I've been through and no longer talks to me.
-My grandmother is a very religious Christian and rejects most other religions
-I plan to visit a Mosque (for the second time) with a friend over the summer to learn Arabic
-I also plan to visit a Buddhist Temple to learn meditation (but this doesn't appear in my dream)
-I take Arabic classes, but I doubt I'd understand anything anyone told me- other than greetings
-The bombing in Massachusetts yesterday was referred to as terrorism, and although I don't associate the word terrorism with Middle Eastern people I did have a conversation with my roommate about how messed up 9/11 left us and now we associate ANY bombing with the Middle East.

Example: Meaning of strange dream having to do with religious figures, place, and God?

The dreams begins with myself driving to a greenhouse like chapel. Inside, there are fountains, foliage, and brush all growing in this very small, one room chapel. Along with the greens, there were small and large statues of saints and angels. Also, there was a tall statue of what I recognized as a mix between Buddha and Jesus. I touched the stone statue as if knowing it was them/Him and moved along.

Now, in the center was a small round elevated stage where three nuns and a priest/saint were reciting scripture from the Bible. I do not know what they were reciting. I approached the saint, who then stopped reciting and turned to me. He said something before I had tuned in to listen and as I could then hear him, he said "...Prepare for something big, something special, it is important." Those sorts of things. As he said them, there was a very warm smile on his face, as if his news was very good. I was begged him to repeat what it was because he had said it but I did not hear. He just kept saying, "prepare for that special thing. Be ready."

This is the 3rd dream I've had in the past 9 months that have dealt with religious figures and God. What does it mean? It was so vivid and the emotion was very powerful.

Thank you for interpretation!

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