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Dream About Choir meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

I had this dream three nights ago.In the dream I was at someones house and I was looking for a person there.Then it went to my high school and I went into my choir room to change.Then it went back to the house and there were two men,But I wasn't there with them.A wolf appeared on the lawn.I said in my mind to follow the wolf and they did.They discovered a square hole.Then the dream went back to the school.I ws wearing this black bathing suit.Right beside the door was a box and inside was water and a woman.Her face was blue.I went into the water and it warm not cold.I was waiting on something but nothing happened.

I'm no expert but here goes
You where going to school, it was probably a swimming trip so you out on a swim suite, but decided to go back home (maybe you forgot something) the men where looking for something, and you hacked into there mind to tell them to get the wolf, maybe because you knew you could, or because you where afraid of them they see a square hole (that makes no sense right there though) when you flash back to school, you see a murder
Who knows, maybe the men killed the woman, and you where the witness, maybe it was in a forest to explain the woods, and raining for the water, maybe a crime happened in the dream, as for real life...i'm not quite shure.

Example: What do you think these dreams mean?

I had a dream that i was a caveman searching a cave. a dinosaur jumped out, roared, and asked me if i wanted to go out for ice cream.

I had another dream that the whole school choir turned into cats and attacked the audience.

Lastly, i dreamt of me driving a car illegally, hitting an old lady, and having to pay for fines.

WTF do these mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Usually I have really weird dreams where people die. (PS I'm a girl)
But last night I dreamed I was going on my choir trip and this guy approached me, he flirted with me and I flirted back. Right when he was about to kiss me I woke up, what does that mean?
(PS he looks like the dude from Damien dawn- your heart music video)

Example: What does my dream mean?

Now before I tell you, I had my tarot cards read it said to led my guard down with this man that I am with.
In the past, I had my heart broken by 3 guys, all of them left me for another girl after them asking me to come back, then they asked me to be in their lives afterwards.

but anyway, here is my dream:
My boyfriend, Joe and I were in front of this store at night, and we were playing with each other and what not. Then, we noticed that there were these ladies and a whole bunch of little toddler and babies running around, now I LOVE kids, so Joe and I started to play with them.

Then, there were 3 babies and 1 toddler in this little toy car thing, and I was all "aww" with Joe. Then Joe had to leave, and I was still watching those babies. Then the three babies starting puking on each other, and the moms got them out, the these other babies almost got hit by a car til I went to save them, then I noticed, the car wasn't even that close to hitting them.

So there was this chick trying to feed her baby, so we went into the employee lounge (I didn't work there I don't think) to try and find food, but there was nothing. I told her she should breast feed and it would make her closer with her kids and it's better for them and she said "no, I don't know. I never wanted to. I don't know" then I said she should and she said "ok, I don't know, but ok" then she walked away.

I went to go find Joe, and there was a dance off in this clothing section, and everyone was dressed in red, even him, and there was this choir that waved at me. Then I saw Joe, and this bleached blonde girl (I'm blonde too, but I always wanted to be bleached blonde.) was holding him, and I kept shouting his name and she was all "no, don't go." and he said "I have to hold on" so I asked him who is she and he said that she was pretty, then I said "I thought you loved me?" he said he does but he wanted to keep our relationship a secret cuz he liked her and wanted to try her, but still loved me. Then he said "our relationship is NOT over" kind of like a threat.

Then (still in my dream) I woke up, went down stairs, and looked on myspace and I got a message from him about her and how he still loves me and with the "our relationship is NOT over" threat again.

what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so I have 2 questions. My Granny died when I was 3 and I barley knew her. I only remember her calling me silain (my name is celine) She pronounced it silain. She was VERY VERY religious. Anywho this summer I had a dream about all the saints walking around a big flowery area. BTW Im in a choir and we where singing in this ceremony while the saints where marching infront of us. I ran away from the place and I came in this white place and I so my grandma lip saying to me: 'Never give up' and then the dream was over.
So my questions are:
What is the meaning of the dream?
Did she appear to me?

Example: What does my skeleton dream mean?

I had this weird dream last night and it's been bugging me all day. In my dream I was in a church watching the choir practice for a christmas or holiday program, when I realize there is a living skeleton sitting beside...for some strange reason I felt compelled to hold his hand and lay my head on his shoulder. He seemed happy, but I didn't feel the same way - I felt like something was missing. When the choir practice was over, I got up and left the church. Outside I saw an old friend and he greeted with a hug which seemed to last for a long time and I felt happy...But I felt remorse though when I realized the skeleton had been watching us the whole time, he seemed shocked/sad. And although I felt bad for misleading the skeleton, I did not however regret the decisions I made - I remember myself saying to the skeleton in my dream "I never gave you any promises..."

Any ideas what this dream might mean or if it means anything at all?
All interpretations will be greatly appreciated!

Example: Choir dressed in blue robes dream meaning?

I dreamed that I was in church and saw a choir singing dressed in blue robes. Everyone in the congregation was happy while I sat there feeling down. What do you think this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had two dreams last night that were very similar. first, i showed up to school and a freshman i sort of know was wearing a favorite outfit of mine. i kept walking around at school and every time i saw her, she was wearing a different oufit of my clothes. when i confronted her, she just started talking about the store i bought them at, completely oblivious that she was wearing my things. in the second dream, i was about to perform my dance in the talent show, but right before i went on, the pom pom squad took the stage {in the cafeteria instead of the auditorium} and started dancing to my song, and wearing my costume. they werent really dancing, just sort of turning around in circles and holding hands, and one of them was wearing a gray wig. i asked my choir teacher what was going on, and he said i should just change my song [which of course i had no time to do] and that the girls onstage looked very nice.

can anyone tell me what any parts of this dream may mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay so it took place in my last years choir class but it had both people from last years class and this years. anyways i was wearing some hot pink combat boots and they had this HUGE knot that tied my shoes together and i could not get them untied!
it was driving me insane and then this guy ive been crushing on for a while came up to me and started taking out the knot. the whole time he was looking the same way and i was watching his hands. and at the end i looked down at his face and he had been staring at me the whole time.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was at school and I was supposed to sing in the talent show...I forgot to bring a disc, so the Choir Teacher was trying to find me a song I knew so I could sing it. I kept looking everywhere, but I couldn't find a song i knew. I started spiral into despair and I became transfixed on finding a song.

What does my dream mean?

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