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Dream About Children meanings

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Example: Abuse of a child in dream: meaning?

I had a dream that I was at a party for this young boy. I had never seen this child before but the kid's mother came home, took him outside the front door and I could hear him being abused. I opened the door to try to stop it, the mother pretended like nothing was wrong but the kid had a gash near his eyebrow and was bleeding. The whole group of people, including myself, had to get in a car with the mother and the boy and drive to another place for the party. I felt quite uncomfortable in the car, knowing full well of what the mother had done to the kid.

Then the dream switched to an isolated lake in a garden, surrounded by trees and flowers. I put my head down near the ground and was just listening to the sound of the water flowing.

What do these things represent? I don't know anyone who is being abused...I never saw the child before...so what does this all mean?

My guess, knowing nothing about your life other than what you've mentioned (so I may be way off the mark):

The mother is in a position of power; the party represents some sort of function that is supposed to be for the boy's benefit; the child is vulnerable, innocent. It's pretty obvious something really wrong happened, but the person she represents is taking a "nothing's wrong" approach and hoping you and the other attendees won't do anything about it (including report it). What's worse, you have to tolerate this person's presence as if nothing has happened. Maybe the limo indicates that this person is well-to-do. Have you run into a situation that this could symbolize, recently?

Also, my guess is that the mother is supposed to represent the good things that mothers stand for...yet in this case, the person perverts that role.

I have no idea what the second part of the dream is about.

Example: What could this dream mean-snakes and children?

I dreamt I was sitting on a big bed with a man I didn't recognize but I seemed to know him, and we had a child between us about five or so. The man and I were babysitting him so we were watching a movie in the bedroom. The boy was holding a baby black snake and asked the man if he wanted to hold it but while handing it over the snake sped away and disappeared under the bed. We found flash lights and crawled under the bed to look for it. The under side of the bed was huge, like I could crawl on my hands and knees. The three of us looked but didn't find it before I woke up. I remember feeling worried for the snake that it may get hurt.

I looked this stuff up separately but couldn't patch it together, any ideas?

Example: What does it mean when i dream my child looses her legs?

i had this horrible dream that my lil girl (2) lost both of her legs, what does that mean, i have been having these horrible dreams about her, just the other night i dreamed she dies, im kinda scared to fall asleep cause i hate these dreams

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming about having children?

Last night I dreamed I had a beautiful baby girl. Someone took me to the hospital and just gave birth. I never saw myself pregnant in the dream and my husband was not with me; just my mom and my sister. I am not planning to have children anytime soon, so what does this means?

Example: Meaning of a dream of a child?

When u dream a child and u say it isnt time to meet you yet and wake up with yhe sense itwas real and u dreampt before

Example: Meaning of a dream of a child?

When u dream a child and u say it isnt time to meet you yet and wake up with yhe sense itwas real and u dreampt before

Example: What does dream child mean?

U see i have a younger sister that's 18 and she lives at home with her parents and she doesn't work because for some strange reason she can't keep a job but anyway i'm 22 and i live on my own i work at wal mart and my dad says my sister is his dream child. I overheard him talking to my mom when i went to visit and he told her he couldn't bare the thought of something happening to my sis cause she his dreamchild. Meanwhile i'm working to get into a real future to have a career someday just so i can become somebody and be proud of myself but i'm not rushing things though i feel blessed i have a job at wal mart but i wanted to know what dream child is sappose to mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of protecting your children?

Ive had dreams of protecting my children more than once (I have no children), Im not sure what im protecting them from but just know were running from whatever it is, and the dream keeps happening but in different ways.. but always being chased, protecting them and its always a boy and girl

Example: What does it mean to dream of children, and helping them?

Well I have been babysitting my aunts friends kids for about 2 months now. While babysitting them there kids listen to me sometimes, and other times they don't. Sunday something worrying happened. We went on a walk, and the whole time they didn't listen to be, which ended with the little girl hiding from me out in the middle of town. I had the call the cops and everything. We eventually found her, and the parents where more made the kids for not listening too me. But I could see they where disappointed with me too. This event provoke a dream the same night.

I dream that I was driving with my parents and brother. They where taking me to Jessica's house so I could babysit her kids. I was kinda getting worried that we weren't gonna get there on time, so I keep nagging my dad to hurry. I had to be there at 3:00pm, and eventually the time went past that. So I acted all angry, and told my dad that there gonna be mad at me now. Suddenly my dad said not to worry that its only 1:00pm. We eventually arrived. I walked in there house, and sat down like I do every time I arrive to watch there kids. Suddenly I seen Jessica,her husband, and there little boy standing in the hallway talking, but I could make out what they where saying. Suddenly Jessica looked at me and asked what I was doing here. I told her that I was supposed to be here, that its Wednesday right? She replied back that no its only Monday, your not supposed to come here till Wednesday. The dream then ended. What could this dream mean? I feel as if I am obligated or that I was ment to help these people. So what could this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about my aborted child?

Hi, I'm just really looking for an answer to my question . Please don't be rude and answer the question . Thanks in advance .

When i was 16, i got an abortion at 13 weeks. I still think about my baby everyday. But recently i been having dreams that I have a mixed baby boy and I am mothering him like i normally would if i kept my child. What does this mean?

I am 17 now, and my baby would have been Italian and black . I got an abortion, cause my mother didn't want me rasing a baby .. If someone could please answer my question I would apprechiate it. Thanks <3

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