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Dream About Chestnut Tree meanings

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Example: Confusing dream what does it mean? (needs someone good w/ animal symbols) ?

This dream was really weird but I wrote everything down in my dream journal once I awoke so I remember a lot of little details.

In the beginning of my dream I was bathing in the ocean. It was night but a very bright night with lots of moonlight and glittering silver stars. There was a huge full moon overhead. I could hear the sound of pretty chines in the air. Flamingos were flying over the ocean and the ocean was filled with frogs. I was watching a duck and drake swimming together in ocean when I spotted a mermaid and I was pleasantly surprised because I had never seen one before. We swam together before I was startled by the sound of cymbals crashing and I saw my fiancé, Arvind. He swam out and we made love in the ocean. I noticed his eyes were darker and he smelled of allspice. Then we went onto land. I felt very affectionate towards him so I caught a gander that was in the ocean and gave it to him as a present. He was so pleased he gave me three presents: bouquets of gardenia, forsythia, forget me nots, daffodils, acacia, lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle, nightshade, lotus, and lilies of the valley, four cards (ace, king, queen and jack of hearts) and a cone-shaped aquamarine and ruby amulet.
Then I started talking about how I had to do my Christmas shopping because it was Christmas day. We walked into town bare foot in the dew and went to an antique store that looked really quaint and old-fashioned. There were pigeons on the windowsill outside. I was looking at antiques and finally purchased some oil. Arvind then said that because I bought oil we had to marry and we rode on a donkey to some wedding banquet.
The banquet was held in a beautiful cemetery. There was a long table with a feast prepared. Two canaries were in a cage on the table as a centerpiece. Incense was lit, a harp and organ were playing. Nightingales were in trees. There was an outdoor fireplace burning. Arvind was dressed as a knight. I was dressed in an ivory, lace wedding dress, the amulet and was barefoot still. We were eating celery, avocado, cake, apricot, dates, chestnuts, olives, ripe cherries, ginger, honey, jam, lamb, pumpkin, maple sugar, oysters, pickles, strawberries, and ice cream sodas. We were eating off good china and drank wine and a sweet, syrupy drink from Crystal goblets. Our wedding guests were elk and fairies. A barmaid approached me and said about Arvind, “he’s the one”. Then one of the waiters served a dead deer and I was disgusted and insisted he removed the dead deer.
A unicorn came on the scene and roared like a lion and then turned into a palm tree. A lunar eclipse took place and it became very dark. In the tree was my abusive ex-husband dressed as a ship captain in black nylon. He was sitting in the pal tree with three snakes, an adder, a python and a rattlesnake around his neck and a crow was on his shoulder. Caterpillars and lizards were at feet of the tree. He offered me a bouquet of opium poppies and primroses as a wedding gift and I rejected it. He came down off the tree and an alligator, fox, leopard and snarling dog came to his side. He went into a jealous rage telling me I should have been his wife and I was crazy not to and he took me to an asylum. Arvind chased us down and turned into a polar bear and Nikolas turned into a black bear and began to fight. I put on a white velvet cloak with a garland of garlic around my neck and Arvind gave me a blade and I found Nikolas-bear and killed him. After he died all his animal companions died and it became light again. A rainbow appeared and doves were flying overhead. Then we cooked the Nikolas-bear corpse and went back to our wedding banquet and ate that too.
Then I awoke

This is a very intense and detailed dream. There are so many animals in it that I really don't want to go through EACH of them symbolically. I will mention ones that help the overall theme. There is a really good book you may want to get called "Animal-Speak" by Ted Andrews. Then you can look up each one.

I don't know if you are going to like my interpretation, but here goes:

Here, you are awash in the whole idea that your current relationship is a dream come true. Everything good springs from it: he is treating you well now as symbolized by the gifts he gives you, and the gifts you give him. However, opening symbols in the dream refer to your subconscious and the fact that you may be deluding yourself a bit. The moon is the symbol of deceit; there may be some self denial here about how good it really is: you are awash in the moonlight and everything is silver stars (they are not golden, though, and will tarnish easily!).

Night is also a reference to this denial. Bathing yourself in the ocean is cleansing; you use this new relationship to cleanse the past. Frogs are also a symbol of cleansing. Pigeons, however, are crappy little birds, and as the relationship progresses, you are going to get into the everyday crap with Arvind.

Deer are a symbol of gentleness: the dead deer is a warning that while there is calm right now in your current relationship, you must be on guard.

Your old, abusive ex hubby shows up as captain of the ship - does he still have a hold on you in some ways? Why is he driving the ship? He is in black, no doubt, because to you he is a villain. This is why he brings with him predatory animals, like the alligator, fox, leopard, and snarling dog.

Was he an addict? He offers you opium poppies - how interesting. Primrose to me represented false promises or false making up. You dress is white velvet, because to you, you are the pure one. He could not have shown up like this in the dream if you were completely over his hold on you. You don't love him, but he still has a hold on you.

I would say the theme of this dream is the "flamingos flying over the ocean": you are fantacizing your new relationship to get over the old, abusive one, but watch out, because pigeons come into play and that lets me know, you must not fantacize anything. The unicorn should let you know this, too. It roars like a lion. Fantasy, if left unchecked, will leave you open to being blindsided by the reality. Best to keep grounded and look at Arvind as man, not a savior.

Example: I need some old Christmas music?

like songs from maybe the 30's to the 60's

any suggestions, and please include the artist who sang them too please

Example: I just realized something about my YA name...?

You know how most people add a 'holiday' message onto their names, I think I am pretty much stuck except for Valentines Day. I think I'm probably the sappiest Valentines Day name and message lol

I suppose I could do something like: Juliet and Romeo :Celebrate Noel

What do you think?
Any suggestions?
I think this whole question is just an excuse to get 2 points heheh

Example: Please comment on the damned poem. But please come with an open mind and some ounce of true intellect as well.?

Meaning don't give up on it just because it's too long or confusing to you. Sometimes you have to struggle with a girls bra strap to get to the good stuff ;) Please don't leave trite comments like "it's good" or "it sucks" tell me why it sucks or why it's good and what you like/dislike about it, what I could do to improve, where it needs work, where it succeeds etc etc. Thank you for you time and consideration. Much love to all my fellow poets out there.


Oh! The passion that lurks within the misty wood, Where milky white, blushing lilies giggle sweetly in whose golden cups bees dream as they should, Ecstasy in its highest most hallowed form! Cherry red Blossoms burst fitfully amongst humble underbrush like ballerinas begging to perform, Full of youth (times stubborn yet doomed foe) and innocence (son of sin) mad like frenzied schoolchildren drunk with the glory of dreamy afternoons Napping beside the towering oak-trees blending in deep maroons who like golden gods provide awe and inspiration thundering like typhoons! On whose craggy cadaver green dews drip sighing for the sun and adding to the scattered perfume oriental palaces outdone with inviting cushions of velvet fantasy, In the damp chestnut coolness the lark steals a glance from the bowing branch poised with ghostly silence, The crow envious of all cracks the air stiff with brooding nightly presence, While the rejected moon high in heaven impatient as the wind attempts a lonely grin spilling silvered lust upon the damp heavy earth. Ah! This land of Skyscrapers built from and for love, for the singing dove honey dove! Why go back to the thoughtless price tagged globe constructed and shoved with sinful hands for greedy demands, our fading empires becoming wastelands this dank rollback muck of prices, clanking metal, rusted steel locomotives roaring, I hear an old fuzzy recording of broken industrial tongues while you and I squirm and writhe searching for some kind of romance amongst eggplant inspirations longing for your heart amongst the dirty cigaretted Dorito neighborhood streets grey and coarse where yellow and dim lay the markets past the sad blue automobiles next to freshly mown stinking grass, and neatly trimmed gardens performing for neighborhood contests, antennas like maggots on corpses line the houses on our block, our windows tightly closed, curtains frightfully shut for the black sunset, skeletons wobble a single daisy I saw with a dead fly in her ear, a child weeping from the bluest of eyes an oozing soggy petroleum tear while his mother comforts him so “it’s only a dream you have nothing to fear”

Example: Andre Breton Sunflower poem meaning?

Can anyone tell me the meaning and the feelings expressed in this poem?

The traveller who crossed Les Halles at summer’s end
Tiptoed as she walked
Despair stirred in the sky its great lilies so lovely
And in her purse she had my dream that bottle of salts
That only God’s godmother had breathed
Torpors were spreading like mists
At the Smoking Dog
The Pro and Con had just dropped in
And the young woman could be seen by them but badly and in profile
Was I dealing with the Ambassadress of saltpeter
Or of the white curve on a black background that we call thought
The Ball of the Innocents was in full swing
The lanterns were slowly catching fire in the chestnut trees
The shadowless girl knelt down on the Pont au Change
Rue Git-le-Coeur things no longer rang with the same note
The promises of the nights had at last been kept
The homing pigeons and the emergency kisses
Were clustering round the breasts of the lovely unknown girl
That stood out beneath the veil of perfect meaning
A farm was prospering in the heart of Paris
And its windows looked out on the Milky Way
But nobody lived in it because of the guests
The guests that are more faithful one knows than ghosts
Those like that woman seem to be swimming
And there is in love some of their substance
She makes them part of herself
I am the plaything of no sensory power
Yet the cricket that chirped in the locks of cinders
Close to the statue of Étienne Marcel
Gave me a look of intelligence
André Breton he said may pass here.

Example: Dream Interpertation? i really want to know!?

so i had a odd dream last night but im eager to know what it means.

i had a dream of a peach tree with blooming pink and red flowers, yet the tree is growing off a round chestnut wooden table. it seem like it was either in the living room or dining area of the house.

i know it sound odd but i read that peach trees symbolize marriage and wealth. funny i met up with a phychic 3 years ago and he told me that i would have a good husband and great wealth. i dont know if its ironic

but i broke up with my ex 7 months ago and dont know ifs hes the one thats gonna come back, he contiune to see me and all, and im only 19

Example: How can i analyze the use of symbolism in Jane Eyre?

Do I need to put to put the symbols and what they mean? How exactly am supposed to construct a 5 page essay?

Example: Nami island?

is it advisable to go to nami island free and easy (i mean without joining a tour)?

Example: What are all the different types of wand materials?

Not just a couple, like this:

Outer Material:

Internal Material:
Phoenix Feather
Dragon Heartstring
Unicorn hair

You can make it up if you want :}

Bringin' back the HP Questions!
Join the revolution - again.

Example: In 1984, written by George Orwell, why does Winston wake up saying "Shakespeare"? Many questions about 1984.?

1. I forget what page, but he and Julia are sleeping together and when he wakes up he says "shakespeare" he was dreaming about his mom so what caused this?

2. Also, why are the winners of the lottery fake? it says the large prizes are fictional people...why would they lie?

3. why is continuous warefare important-what does it create? theyre always at war! why? what is so important, does it do something? does it affect or make something better?

4. do they say what its like in eastasia and eurasia? ive been wondering if its like oceania or if its like our society, or differnt.

5. winston mentions something about a razor blade when hes being tortured i think. its faint. he thinks someone will send him one? who, why, what is this about?

6. winston always seems to wanna kno wat time it is (towards the end being tortured etc)...whyy would he care?!

7. why does obrien play the tape he recorded of the conversation he and winston had at his house? this was weirdd.

8. they use this quote a lot "under the spreading chesnut tree i sold you and you sold me" i dont understand this quote...i think its relating to the chesnut tree cafe, but what does it mean?

well i have a lot of questions! i apologize! if you can answer any of them that would be amazing! thank you! i dont need long ansers just explaain this to me, because this book is so hard to comprehend and im reading it for my 9th grade honors english clas! thanks again!

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