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Dream About Cherry Blossom Tree meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have this dream a lot. I'm white, but for some reason, I dream a lot about Asian people. I have this constant dream that I'm walking amidst a tea garden somewhere I presume in China. The park is near a major river. The bridge is bedecked with several crimson cast-iron lamp posts with gold trim. The park is inundated with several dragons that same crimson red and that same shade of gold as the street lamps. In this dream, I'm eating noodles from a bowl with chopsticks and I'm drinking green tea. Around me there are several bamboo trees. What does this dream mean?

two scenarios come to mind in reading about your dream. the first being that it could be a memory from a past life.
the second seems to be your soul's longing for peace in this world, have you been under stress lately? if so peaceful dreams such as these often times are trying to get you to remember to take time and reflect on your present lifestyle and possibly make changes to make things easier on yourself.
you might want to try some daily meditations to find out either way, in either case you can always take time away from the fast paced life, slow down smell the flowers and relax.

Example: What does it mean to dream about koi fish and cherry blossom trees?

I had a dream that my brother got a large tattoo on his whole back of 4 koi fish on his back, along with a cherry blossom tree on the right side of the back with on of the branches going to his neck and back of his head. There was also a wave of water underneath the fish and it looked like they were leaping out of the water. The cherry blossom tree was reddish pink color and the koi fish were the usual golden colors and one of them i think was white with dark spots.

Example: Cherry blossom tree dream?

So in my dream i am in a short white sun dress/ nightgown and I am running barefoot through the woods. I feel very anxious. Eventually, I run down a steep hill (also riddled with trees) and a small clearing comes into view. In the middle of the clearing, which is made of bright green grass, I see a weeping cherry tree. I sprint to the the tree and hug it. I feel relieved. Do you know what this means?


Example: To dream with cherry tree/apple tree?

i had a very pleasant dream. i couldnt see myself, but i saw what looked like a pink cherry blossom, in full bloom on top of a hill. behind it was a perfect sunset but i was saying it was an apple tree. can someone please explain to me what this means? thank you so much in advance!

Example: Please tell me what these dreams mean!?

In the past couple of years I've been having dreams being in the same place. The thing is that it's a place I've never seen before with people i've never met before. Its in a different time period, maybe early 1900's. in most of my dreams its hard for me to see and hear, i usually see things through blurry tunnel vision. but in these dreams i feel emotions and somehow know things even though i cant see them.
in these dreams i'm either in a field. its really calming and relaxing, the sky is golden and so is the grains that are long and growing in it. i know i have blonde hair in long braids tied with green ribbon. in real life i have brown hair and i never wear braids. in the dream im wearing a beige/golden dress and i "feel" so happy. i think this field is part of a farm because i have another place in these kind of dreams and its an old farmhouse. it has a huge apple tree in the backyard and i somehow know that i love to spend time reading under it. and i can tell there is a stream close by in the backyard. there a beautiful cherry blossom trees lining the path/"driveway" leading up to the house. its a big house and when you look out the window in my room you can see the tree. and i dont have alot of furniture in my room only a full size old fashioned mirror and a bed with an intricate headboard design but the white paint is worn off and chipped and you can kind of see metal. i have never seen any other rooms in the house, but i know its beautiful and very big. i can remember alot of things really well in these dreams. except for the people, there usually different but i can tell theyre all nice and either family or close family friends. i never hear them talking though, everyone is just always smiling.
another thing thats different about these dreams is the colours. everything seems golden and yellowy. just always very bright but somehow not like bright yellow just a very nice golden shade. i feel calm in them like no stress because in them i can tell noone has to work or go to school or do anything and everyones gives off like a calm aura and there always smiling...

what does this mean... sometimes i start to talk about a place like this to my family, asking them if weve ever been to a place like that when i was younger and i forgot and subconsciously remembered but we didnt. sometimes i get confused about whether or not this place is real and when i wake up from one of these dreams i feel intense sadness and disappointment.

if anyone knows if this means something please let me know if its just imagination or reincarnation or something.

Example: Would a cherry blossom tree tattoo and a dream catcher tattoo go well together? please share your thoughts!?

so, for the longest time i wanted a cherry blossom branch tattoo on the side of my ribs, i love the meaning behind it and its beautiful and delicate. However i want a dreamcatcher tattoo on my back, medium size. but I am unsure if it would look to scattered all over the place you know? what do you guys think?

Example: Black cherry blossoms(fixed)?

ok, last night I had the most messed up dream,3 of the closest people I know died, for unknown reasons, but people that didn’t even know them came to the funeral, and somehow when I got home their headstones were in the backyard, then later that night some one brought me a tree, I went to sleep(WTF) and woke up(double WTF) and the tree was planted, it was a cherry blossom tree, but the blossoms were black, and were endlessly falling, then I couldn’t move, I herd voices, but couldn’t understand them, WTF dose the dream mean, ive been looking for the meaning of the black cherry blossoms for who knows how long, it happened weeks ago, but im sure that the petals aren’t roses, help me find what it meant

Example: What do you know about Cherry trees?

What does a cherry tree symbolizes in a dream? I had a very vivid dream, in which i was laying under a huge blossoming cherry tree. It was late afternoon, I think, because the light was golden, and the air was warm and every once in a while some pink petals would float from the tree towards me. It was peaceful and pleasant, but i was wondering if cherry trees have a special meaning.

Example: I had a strange dream, what does it mean?

I had a weird dream last night. It was of a beautiful porcelain geisha plucking baby heads off of a cherry blossom tree. She was in a cloud of white, and tiny fairies with demon horns were gathered around her, dancing and singing. Then, I approached her, (but for some reason I was in the body of an elegant prince from baroque times) and She gazed at me...and with red flaming eyes, said "time will tell young friend." and then she vanished, and I woke up.
I was very creeped out, can anyone tell me what this means? O.o

Example: What does my dream about him mean?

So I had a dream about my crush where him and I went to a beautiful japanese garden ( he is japanese) at a local park and sat under the cherry blossom trees. We where originally working on a science fair prodject and we went and sat their for a few minutes while our other partner went to get supplies. It started out not romantic at all but I was tired in my dream so I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. A few minutes later he kissed me on the cheek. In my dream I felt the warm sun on my face and I smelt the trees. What does this mean? Do I seriously like him? Help I think I should thy that at school soon because we are good friends and always hangout at lunch. Dream tellers help me please?

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