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Dream About Chaste Wife meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: MUSLIMS:what does it mean when dream of a baby white lamb?

Acquiring a Sheep : If a person sees himself acquiring or becoming the owner of a sheep it is a glad tiding that he will acquire superiority and wealth. An influential and powerful person will become subservient to him.

Slaughtering a Sheep : If he sees himself as slaughtering or killing a sheep not for food it means he will subjugate or gain victory over a powerful and strong man.

Skinning a Sheep : In the above case if he sees himself as skinning the animal it means he will rob him of his wealth. He will enter into some dispute with him. Finally, he will separate from him.

Eating Mutton : In the above case if he sees himself as eating the meat of the animal it means he will usurp his wealth.

Mounting a Sheep : In the above case if he sees himself as riding the animal, leading it to wherever he desires it means he will derive tremendous benefit from such a person.

Carrying a Sheep on the Back : It means he will bear the expenses of another person.

A Sheep Mounting a Man : If a person sees a sheep mounting him and riding on him it means some powerful and strong man will subjugate him, rendering him powerless.

Overpowering a Sheep : In the above case if he sees himself as overpowering the sheep, dropping it to the ground, it means he will over power him and render him helpless and powerless.

Becoming the Owner of a Flock of Sheep : If a person sees himself as becoming the owner of a flock of sheep it means he will gain superiority over some noblemen and great personalities. A similar interpretation is given if he sees himself as a shepherd of a flock of sheep.

Sacrificing a Sheep : If a person slaughters a sheep or any other animal with the object of sacrifice or qurbani, it means he will be freed if he is a slave; or he will be released if he is imprisoned; or he will regain his strength and health if he is ill; or he will pay his debts if he is owing someone; or he will become wealthy if he is a destitute.

Ewe : It symbolises a noble, chaste and fortunate lady.

Acquiring an Ewe : Acquiring or becoming the owner of an ewe means he will acquire a woman with the above qualities.

Slaughtering an Ewe for its Meat : If a person sees himself as slaughtering an ewe for its meat, it is a glad tiding that he will receive some benefit from a woman.

Slaughtering an Ewe not for its Meat : It means he will marry a woman.

The Ewe Escaping : If he sees the ewe escaping from his house or dying or being stolen it means some unpleasant incident will be witnessed in his wife.

All Products of Sheep : The fat, meat, skin, milk, wool and droppings of sheep symbolise wealth and booty for a person if he sees himself as acquiring any of them.

A Lamb : It symbolises a child.

Receiving a Lamb as a Gift : A child will be born to him.

Slaughtering a Lamb not for its Meat : A child or member of his family will die.

Eating the Meat of a Lamb : His child will become a means of prosperity for him.

Example: In A Midsummer Night's Dream, what dose Imperial Votaress mean?

As it should pierce a hundred thousand hearts.
But I might see young Cupid's fiery shaft
Quenched in the chaste beams of the watery moon,
And the imperial votaress passèd on,
In maiden meditation, fancy-free.
150 Yet marked I where the bolt of Cupid fell.
It fell upon a little western flower,
Before milk-white, now purple with love's wound.
And maidens call it “love-in-idleness.”
Fetch me that flower. The herb I showed thee once.

I am not sure what he is trying to say. What dose that mean?

Example: Do you like the names Aaliyah,Aamina,Aamira for my 3 newborn triplets?

My Hubby and I have decided on these 3 names for our kids I'm 28 weeks pregnant so I urgently need one.

There last names will be Ali if that helps .Feel free to suggest more arabic names that begin with A.

Example: Men-what do you want put of your wife?

i try my best to fulfill as many dreams he has dreamt of as i can. play with my fingures in his hair for hours. even though i am tired from my job & just wanna sleep. appriciate him, support his decisions listen to his frustration without giving advise. just been there all the time. the only thing i fail to do is cook. its not that i dont try but without much help in learning its once in a while that i manage something edible. y is it so difficult for him to understand that i have some dreams too. why is asking for something like a hug or just a light & a quiet time with each other so diddicult to understand. i have nobody here i know & can spend time with. our family is in a different country. any job i need to get done always gets postponed to tomorrow that never comes. do my needs not mean anything to him?everythime we go out he namages to find an excuse to get angry & then the whole trip is ruined. i almost dome want to go out with him anymore. what do i do please help.

Example: Did Our Lady have a chaste relationship with St.Joesph?

Didn't Our Lady have a chaste relationship with St.Joesph?
Does this mean he was more like her Uncle/Dad than her husband...i'm really confused! :$

Example: Had a dream about a baby on my door step?

went to the stor to buy supplies me my wife and my daughter were giving her a bath

Example: Description of a witch?

Example: I had the weirdest dream of my life ? Please interpret ?

The dream is definitely weird. The dream given below.

I was sitting in a bench. It was in a hospital. I was actually sitting next to a delivery room. So I could her a lady moaning and shouting and after sometime , I hear a baby's cry. The next thing I knew was a nurse handing the baby to me saying " Congratulations! , You are a father now". The baby was a boy.I never got to see the moms ( my wife according to the dream) face.

What does this mean?
P.S- I am male , 17 years.

Example: What do you think of these qualities in a wife?

"feminine / wifely" qualities...

1. Virtue - virtue means to be clean and pure.
2. Loyal - a feminine woman is loyal to her husband.
3. Kindness - in word and in action.
4. Submission - "submission" means "to be subordinate to, to yield under to".
5. Reverence - she is in awe of her husband. she respects him with fear.
6. Shamefaced - she has the ability to blush. Her eyes are down cast.
7. Loves her husband there is a fondness in her heart toward her husband. she gives her life for him.
8. Chaste - she is sexually pure. She keeps herself for her husband and only unto him when married. she does not commit adultery.
9. Obedience - she is obedient to her husband. her desire is unto him. he is the head of the family . she allows him to lead.
10. Subjection - she is subject to her own husband.
11. Desire - feminine women have a desire toward their husbands. he is the hidden man of her heart. her desire is unto him.
12. Beauty - inner and outer beauty.

Example: Looking Muslim baby girl name?

looking muslim baby girl name, attractive and sound meaning, starting 'H' or 'R', I am an Indian, also kerala state, prefer double name like Hadiya remshi. etc...

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