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Dream About Chaos meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's this dream mean?

I had a dream that a hurricane hit my city(my city isn't in a coastal state) and caused chaos. What does this dream mean?

I know it's not entirely relevant, but about a week before the earthquake in Japan, I had a dream that I was on a heavily populated island, and there was a tsunami. Maybe it's a premonition to something that could occur- either a hurricane somewhere else, or something big happening in your city. *shrugs* iunno

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okayy so i had this really wierd dream, an its strange because normally i dream about my gf lana :/, okay well, i was lost in the jungle trying to find my baby, he was a frog & his name was trevor chicken, i never found him. then all of a sudden i was in lapland, lost in a bush, then before i knew what was happening i was pushed off a cliff in a pram. :/ Does this mean anythingg?

Example: What do certain things mean in a dream?

I have a dream book but it doesn't help much is there a website I can read about what certain things mean? I have looked at many websites and none are really clear. Someone please help!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was on a mini bus going to a haunted house with all my friends, but when i got there, it was really modern. it was made out of shiny metal and was in the shape of a raised pancake. so i went inside with my friend emma and my dad was sat there. We started talking, when i say my nan and grandad (not real, just in dream), in a swimming pool next to us. Then this little dwarf thing with face paint came over and zapped them with electrons and they started hitting eachother. They where pushing eachother in the pool and trying to drown them and then the pool drained out and they both died. My dad didnt care, and nor did i or emma tbh. Then, another little dwarf thing came over to us and zapped me and emma and told us to kill my dad. i was trying to hold back but emma said to me 'come on *grabs a bucket*, lets drown him!' but i shouted 'NO!' and i was running towards the stairs and then 12 mini double decker red buses came to try and stop me, but i managed to run up the stair. When i got up, people were having dinner in a restaurant, but the house was now a ship (if you get me), and then the ship started moving and we where flying through snowy mountains. Then we hit one and we started spinning and then we landed, but the ship was now a really haunted house. So i got out and i sat on a beach infront of the haunted house. Then i said 'i must remember the dream i was having. hum. now let me think...there was a tidal wave...' Then the sea went massive and it was a huge tidal wave. So i ran to the top of a scafold that was holding the house together and i held on the top of the scafold for dear life. The waves were hitting everyone but we were all ok. Then i really needed the toilet so i went down inside the house, but when the wave came, i dint get wet. So i ran to the top of the scafold again and then waves started coming from the lake behind us. It was really getting over us. When i did fall off, i flung back from a mile away in an elastic effect. Then someone shouted 'EVERYONE! WE HAVE TO GO! GET DOWN!' so we got down and when the wave cam, we hid behind a curtain and we dint get wet. Then we got in the mini bus and we drove round the house. We dint go, we just drove round the house. What does this mean?

Example: Meaning of tornado dreams?

About once every other month I get a dream with tornadoes. I always watch it through the window for a few seconds, then run to my room and gather anything I can carry and head downstairs. Then I realize that I forgot to get something important, but I don't go back for it because of the tornado coming.

In real life, I'm not afraid of storms whatsoever. Make your answer as long/short as you need, but have it get to the point. Thanks!

Example: Meaning of dreams.?

my dreams are with such depth i wonder if they are prophetic or not. the other day i had a dream the every king in the world was preparing for battle and was sending their troops, but for some reason it started in old egypt[as in the old times where cleaopatra was still there]. and ended in the modern era. it was odd...what do you tihnk it means?

Example: Dream meaning earthquakes and general awful chaos?

I had this awful nightmare last night where the whole world was having earthquakes. We were sure the end was near. There were multiple earthquakes, of course each one worse than the last. They were shaking the whole world (I saw it on the news).

I could predict the earthquakes, though, b/c before every single one I'd start vomiting, and the harder I vomited the stronger the earthquake was going to be! It was so scary and miserable. It was so bad it shifted the great lakes and caused them to drain and the parts that were water became land and the parts that were land became water (I was there for it, too, which was so scary).

I also was trying to find my best friend (who I kind of have a thing for). I couldn't find her and was freaking out, and I was so sad I was crying hysterically. It was like I would cry, cry, cry... calm down... be normal for a bit... vomit... run and take cover as the earth shook like crazy. Repeat.

Any ideas? I've never had an earthquake dream before! Thanks! :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I had this dream last night... I'm running in a field of what looks like gold idk why I'm running I just am, there seems to be a golden blanket falling on me, there is no way out to escape the blanket that I can see. As I run I stop and stand to see this beautiful teenage girl who goes to my school, I know her and idk my real feeling about her
So what's it mean?

Example: Why does this dream mean?

I had a dream I was at kennywood with my mom and dad the pirate ship had overfollowing water coming below it. The weather was sunny and cloudy. Next thing I know I'm spinning in a coconut across the Pittsburgh plunge and my parents are playing golf then I dive into the water what does this mean?

Example: What does this house moving dream mean?

I dreamt I moved to a new home the inside was beautiful and the size I wanted it was spacious yet cosy and the rooms where decorated to the way I liked, But when I looked out the window I already saw it was a crime area and in a ghetto area and realised it was a maisonette meaning it was a house but in a flat compartment so I realised I liked my old home better as there was no crime and it was in an a apartment complex and it was just better so I started making plans to move back to my old home...while I was at them new house I did start taking control and pushing out what was causing negativity I realised I was putting my foot down more in this new house...What does all this mean?

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