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Dream About Chains meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do dreams mean?!?

i always wonder what they mean!
are dreams a sign to life or what?!

well dreams are a chain of thoughts which involve sometimes personal thoughts and memories. dreams sometimes are normally difficult to remember although some can be if you are lucky enough to remember a dream and you want to find out what it means go to the website at the bottom of the page and type in a key word
e.g if you dreamed about going to a haunted house with witches a graveyard
type in graveyard or haunted house and it gives you the meaning of the dream
here is the web address:dream-of.com
hope this helps x

Example: What does this dream mean ?

so this morning i woke up REALLY relieved to find out i was alive. I had a dream that i was a new years party (which is TOMORROW) and i walk out to get something from the car, and while i was crossing the street a white car passed through really fast and it run me over.Right when that happen something like my soul lol pops out and i could see my self laying there dead and there was blood around me. And then everyone walks out and gets around me and calls the ambulance. and there was my ex who runs up to me and starts crying and my boyfriends is the only one who can see my soul so i go up to him and hug him and start crying and i tell him over and over again why did i die tonight when i have alot of things i still want to do in life but with alot of anger and just crying. and then i wake up. and the creepy part is when i wake up to receiveng a forward message on my phone saying " if you die "TOMORROW" i wouldnt be at your funeral for killing the fuckerr who killed you send to 13 friends" i was like WTH ! ( notice the TOMORROWS!) so what do you think it all means ?

Example: What does this Trex dream mean?

i had this TREX dream last night and i havent had a dream about a dinosaur chasing me since i was a little girl. it was TREX stompping on everything and everyone but he was looking for me and i would hide in the bushes between cars and trucks and houses. he would spot me everytime i moved and there was some guy with me i cant remember who though. he was by me the whole time. but then the dream changed. this beast TREX became powerful as in politically. he wore a suit.lol funny a TREX wearing a suit. but he was powerful he was a man but inside he was TREX and only i could see it only i knew how evil he truelly was and he made ppl join camps and had them in cabins according to gender and age. anyone who was caught outside of the camp site was killed anyone who called some one by fone was killed. and i was trying to escape but always feared he would kill me. he had his eye over the world and had people working for him. what does this dino dream really mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamed that i was in some place like Chinatown and I had a gold fine chain necklace and a gold fine chain bracelet put in pawn. a day after <yup, there was tomorrow and yesterday in my dream>, i paid my debt and took the necklace but they gave me a different one, it was made of rubber with a gold pendant; i was planning to take the bracelet out too but they said they couldn't find it yet so i took a walk around the area and waited all day. before the day ended, i returned to the pawnshop to get my bracelet and have my necklace replaced because it wasn't my necklace. they gave my necklace back but they couldn't find my bracelet and asked me if i could have another bracelet instead. i agreed and they offered me this gold dragon bracelet <head as the hook, tail as the eye> which was far better than mine.

Example: I've been having incredibly strange 'chain' dreams? Why and what do they mean?

In the strangest occurrence of dreams; last night-this morning, I had a dream that I was some kind of government soldier and I was in some kind of Russian-American City State.. At first, I just enjoyed talking with everyone, but then people started making me do jobs for them... A party for a newborn child. The mother's sister was a woman I liked (in the dream. Completely fictional). Someone ambushed the place or something, an explosion, and I had to go check and see that everyone and the newborn baby had a pulse. Everyone was okay after I went room to room checking on them, but the woman I liked just stared me in the eyes like I'd done something wrong.
That was the end of Dream One.

Dream two occurred just at 11 when I wanted to take a nap, and each that came after it as well. They were directly linked to the one I had last night.
The next dream, I started off talking to the same woman about revolution or something, and she suggested I talk to Mikhail Chertkov. I drove for a bit in a white sedan and got to his house (the neighborhood was vividly detailed in my dream). The guy looked something like John Malkovich (the real life actor) but he sounded a little different. He told me to steal ammunition and kill some older man who was working with the government. I agreed to the task. I drove to his house and parallel parked. Then of course, I got out, and I knocked on the door. This old man came up and opened it, and greeted me with the nicest face. He politely invited me in without me having to say more than 5 words, and he made me a cup of Coffee. We sat down drinking together.
That's where Dream 2 ends.

Dream 3 is much more emotional, because in it, I actually become friends with this old man. He starts telling me that he suspects I'm working with the rebels, and he doesn't have much longer left to live anyway. He confides to me that he was a government official, but that was a past behind him. His wife and daughter were murdered by the government he worked for because of a shopping hassle, and he wanted to become a Rebel but wronged too many of them. He went on to talk about his childhood, and a bit more about his modern life, and I told him about Mikhail wanting me to kill him. He seemed reluctant to answer about Mikhail, and suggested we go pick up the ammunition.

He drove a nice compact SUV, I think it was a Mitsubishi or something, but it was a darker shade of blue-green. He drove the way, and made a bit of small talk about how the Rebels have changed over the years into a much more organized force. I told him the truth that the government was already so crippled that it was about to topple over. (I was afterall, a government soldier prior. I think I was supposed to be a double agent but turned out helping the rebels too much.).

The Grocery Store was a new dream.
We got there in the SUV, and he had me pick up some things (foods and other things) from off the shelves, or I could go straight with him while he opened up the ammunition locker (which would take about 30 minutes to open up). I decided to shop instead, and he told me where to meet him in the grocery store. I just looked around at all the shelves, and pulled down all the food. Then, I got caught up looking for something, and was running late. I hurried to catch up to the old man, but Mikhail was there, and he was going to shoot him with a silenced pistol of some kind. I rushed to catch up, but the old man was shot before I made it. Mikhail already knew that since he had to kill him myself, I apparently betrayed him. I was mad, the old man was already my friend after just an hour. I pounced on him and brutally beat him to death, and I saw everything in the dream. 4 officers arrived (guys in conventional military uniforms) and they were proud of me for killing *them*. I admitted Mikhail killed the old man, and they just responded "All the same." They hoisted the old man up onto a fountain, and the highest ranking military official just started poking at his expensive shoes; and said something about how a traitor had been brought to justice. I was furious, but I did what I could with civility. I saluted the old man, and I began trembling, and sweating. The military officials were astonished that I saluted the one they thought was an enemy.

That was it. I woke up afterward. Probably an excellent topic for a book or movie, but what does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I slept at my mother in law, we were chatting about ghosts and stuff like that. So I fell asleep and in my dream was someone like shaking a chain with a lot of crosses, and a huge lock in my face. I didn't see a face or anything, but it was a quite big black figure. I don't know if this could help I lost a few people that were close to me in the past two years!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have a reoccuring dream that I am unable to walk/in a wheelchair and being held captive or cannot leave where ever I happen to be. What does it mean?

Example: Shark dream meaning?

I've been having strange nightmares that seem to relate to nothing I've experienced recently in real life that would trigger these dreams..last night in had a dream I was sitting in a shark exhibit, but it was really in a boathouse ( filled with water- is that how they usually are? I've never been in one) a very dark one I could barely see, and was sitting on a floating mat that was chained to the bottom - I was looking at a fake shark mounted on the wall then suddenly I was thinking how everyone I looked a fake shark was there and too close to me, and got this intense feeling of panic and the mat started tipping into the water so I had to swim to the edge of the boathouse where they had a walkway. In order to swim there, I had to swim past a bunch of sharks sitting still in the water and I wasn't sure if they were real or not. I began screaming for my mom and wasn't able to swim, my mom came but couldn't reach me and I ended up waking myself up. Even thinking about it now I get very scared and panicky, like something about to grab me, any clue what it means?

Example: What could my dream mean?

Last night I dreamed I had a girlfriend, but she had a deep, dark secret. One night, rumors of an attack of some sort spread throughout the town. There were victims whose bodies were ripped as though they were attacked by some wild animal.
Some believed it to be a werewolf attack since they only happened during the full moon--no attacks happened on any other night. My girlfriend and I were talking about it, then it came up: she had a suspicion that I was the werewolf. So she chains me to a tree on a full moon.
It turns out that she's the werewolf--while she's keeping an eye on me, she transforms. Then my dream ends when she kills me. Right there, chained to the tree.
What could my dream mean?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming people somehow chained together?

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