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Dream About Celestial Spheres meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Need help with animal omens: Coyote, Raven, & Hawk.?

Yesterday, Coyote crossed my path. This morning, so did Raven, twice. This afternoon, it was Hawk. In each case, I was close enough that, had I not been in a vehicle, I would have had heard toenails on pavement and the flutter of wings.

BTW, I live in a large metropolitan suburb, where sightings of pigeons, feral cats, and stray dogs with collars are common, but not so many wild creatures. Especially in such a small area of land, and short span of time. Such an occurrence is not likely (let alone common) in even a wilderness setting. So I am inclined to attribute these particular sightings more to spirituality than to science.

I am old and wise enough to know that there are plenty of people who cannot wait to tell me how foolish my superstitions are. For them I ask that you politely refrain from wasting your time and mine by sharing such opinions in response. Please understand, I acknowledge your right to your beliefs and opinions. I only ask the same courtesy in return. Thank you.

If you are still reading, and care enough to help, here are some pertinent details.

When Coyote crossed, I was driving home from an errand, traveling east to west, and he was heading South. I had to slow almost to a stop to avoid running over him.

This morning, I was on the same stretch of road (going home after dropping daughter at school), again heading west, when Raven No. 1 flew across, heading south like Coyote. Raven 1 had just robbed a nest and was being chased by a smaller bird, but less than a mile later a second Raven 2 flew past the front of my car, also heading south. In both cases they were low enough and close enough to me that I could distinguish their left eye from the feathers around it (meaning really close), even through the windshield.

Finally, this afternoon, after picking up my daughter from school, Hawk flew over, only a few feet above the car. Hawk was heading south, like the others. At that precise moment, the car was facing east, but as we were circling the block to turn the car towards home, my true path was, once again, westward. This occurred less than a mile from the other sightings. It was also only a few blocks north of the same street I was on the other times.

I have been visited by Spirit Guides on many occasions throughout my life. Owl, Coyote, and Hawk have each brought messages to me over the years. However, as it only required one of them for each previous message, I feel a sense of urgency attached to any message requiring four messengers in two days.

I have no one (that I know of) in my physical sphere that can illuminate this for me. I am hoping that the Spirits will guide the Shaman of their choice to read these words and reply with enlightenment. (It may be no more than an interesting coincidence, but the street where the sightings occurred is named "Thunderbird.")

I am not a Shaman, but perhaps what I share may help you:

West is the dying sun. We head west to chase our visions and dreams, our quests and goals. When we reach them though, we learn that the west is also the land of conclusions and finality. The land of the west is one of mist, mystery, and darkness. (As a side note, many of the Pacific Northwest People refer to the west as "the home of the Thunderer").

South is the midday sun. South is protection, triumphing over obstacles and having the strength to do so.

Coyote the Trickster, the Meddler, famous or infamous depending on the source. Coyote is sly and talkative. The Karok say Coyote stole fire and gave it to Man. The Wishram say Coyote is the reason why none of the People return from the dead unlike plants (the tale is very similar to Orpheus and his search for Eurydice). Coyote is the master of deception, he can change shape and freely walk the land of dreams. Coyote is brother to Fox and friends with Badger (and will often hunt with Badger).

Raven is daring and cunning. The Haida say Raven stole the light, which became the sun, moon and stars, from one who thought to keep it locked up in a box and leave the world in darkness. The Tlingit add that Raven also released famine and diseases into the world, as well as the celestial bodies (much like Pandora and her box, actually). While Coyote occasionally helps because the People ask him to, Raven often does things simply to prove he can. Or, as the Salish say, "I am Raven. I upset things. It is my job. It is what I do!"

Hawk is courageous and also fiercely parental and territorial. Hawk will attack and eat poisonous snakes. The Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) say Hawk will carry messages to and from the Thunderbirds. The Ojibwa associate Hawk with leadership, deliberation and foresight. Hawk soars above the land, although he can be attacked by smaller birds.

Best of luck to you.

Example: Can some tell me what this dream means i had it last night.?

My dream had a magnificent event. There was a sphere in the sky and my family was near me, it was also in the midst of twilight.The atmosphere was a warm and comfortable color it also felt that way. No sense of danger or sadness but just calm tranquility. The sphere in the sky with a color of red, orange, and fiery green spun in a Symphony of stars spinning along with the sphere in the sky. It was so coordinated, so...beautiful. It resembled a rotating Universe but then it shrunk condensing into the center where the sphere once resided. Then it exploded not in a violent manner like grenades in a war. But as if everything just expanded spreading many new stars into the dark sky which is now night. We all went back to what we were doing though i don't think we were doing anything to begin with or even existed until that event occurred. I don't know what it means or meant but im hoping it means or meant something convalesce though im also faithful that the things this world and I hold dear do ot change so much. Well that's my dream maybe i shouldn't dwell to much on it, god knows it's meaning would be easier to find if i could find it online but i guess i can't. Maybe you guys can help me thanks for reading this was from a real dream i had i'd like to know what it means and if you can't figure it out well guess ill let my spirit find the answer. :)

Example: Analysis of longing by Matthew Arnold?

I'm doing a project for my English class and I'm confused with this poem, I can't analyze it.
Please I need help

Example: Question/s about Astral Projection?

Please Answer as Many as you like, It would be great to hear from all of you on your opinions :)
Recently I am getting really interested in Astral projecting, And would like to know some things before I try just in case

1) How can you know if you've stumbled apon a bad spirit or person?
How do you get rid of it?

2) Can something Physical happen to you if a bad spirit does something to you while your astral projecting? Like sore leg for a week for eg.

3) Do you always have a sidekick to help you fend off the bad spirits? If you dont, How do you get one?

4) How long can you astral project for?
Im afraid I will do it for too long and stay in bed for a long time on weekends.

5) How do you get to places your not sure how to get to? Do you just think and you'll go there?

6) Can anything bad happen during astral projection?

As you can see I am very Concered about Bad spirits and how to tend to them. I know how to be comfident, I just dont want to be mocked by them and not fear them to much, I want them to be afraid of me.
Its just because I have seen a friend mess with a ouiji board, And I dont like bad spirits.

Hope all of you can help out in some way :)
Thanks in advance.

Example: Lyrics to pi pi mathematical pi?

does anyone know the lyrics to the pi pi mathematical pi song? full version please! o, it goes to the tune of american pi. thnx!

Example: I really want to be immortal, which of these methods do you think would work?

1) Converting myself into a sort of cyborg, like attaching a permanent life support system to me to keep my organs running, brain decay might be hard to avoid though...

2) Finding out how to control my dreams, and my RL vs Dream Time ratio and then live as a god for the next few trillion years in my dream while i sleep for a few seconds.

3) altering my genetic code to make it so cell regeneration never slows down, and so that each cell can be replaced an infinite ammount of times, thus stopping me from aging (although i think this would be excedingly dangerous and would likely just end up killing me)

Example: Did you know it is possible to live forever,and it not just a dream?


Example: What is the fastest a space ship can go?

I had a dream once where I talked to an alien. He said they create a magnetic field around a spaceship that prevents any space debris from hitting it at high speeds. He said this field also prevents gravity from building up inside the ship.

Now I have always heard that you can't go anywhere near the speed of light because your body weight, ie. your gravity, will increase to a level that will crush you. Now I have a problem with this theory because from what I understand, our galaxy is already going over half the speed of light as a result of the Big Bang. That is why they say the universe is expanding at faster than the speed of light, because we are moving in the opposite direction of the furthest galaxy that is on the other side of the theoretical universe membrane sphere. So if we are moving at over half the speed of light as also theorized by red shift viewing, why are we not now being crushed? So a response to that might be that we are not in that movement relative to our galaxy but only to the rest of the universe, which of course implies a theory of fixed space which Einstein rejected but others have embraced. So if we are crushed by gravity from going over half the speed of light where is this gravity orginiating from precisely? Our planet, sun, galaxy or dark matter? We know that the effects of gravity are weak on a small scale, like a ship or human body as opposed to a celestial body.

Isn't is possible then that if we were at high velocity in areas of space outside of solar systems we could safely approach the speed of light if it is a given that we will not collide with any space debris and yet did not have an artificial magnetic field? And itsn't it also possible that the velocity could be acheived safely with the magnetic field.

PLEASE STAR MY QUESTION because I really want to know what people think. And if you are not smart enough to understand what I am talking about, please do not ruin it with rude sarcasm.

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