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Dream About Celebrities meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if I dream about celebrities?

A lot of my dreams tend to involve famous people, Also in various circumstances.
Here is a list of celebrities I've dreamt about:

Raquel Welch
Rosario Dawson ( she was my gf in one dream)
George Carlin
Ronald Reagan
George H W Bush
Richard Nixon
Paula Abdul

Dreams are symbolic. Those people have associations to the real people, situations, or aspects in your life. Look for double meanings in names of actors or the shows they are on. For example if someone is on the show Lost, they represent feeling lost. Someone dreamt about Craig Kilborn and he symbolized an aborted pregnancy. Kill-born.

All the presidents probably represent extreme authorities in your life. Paula Abdul was a judge on American Idol so she might represent someone judging you or you judging yourself.

Or, in general, a star represents something unreachable. One person dreamt of meeting a famous actor on the subway and had the opportunity to chat with him but couldn't remember any of his films and had a feeling she should have been more prepared. In real life she had met someone she liked but she was intimidated because she felt dull and unattractive.

Example: What does it mean to dream a celebrity tells you they dont like you?

well i had a very strange dream that Megan Fox randomly texted my sister on the cellphone and the text said " i simply dont like ola", which is very strange cuz im not really that much of a fan of megan fox but i still think shes pretty and beautiful and everything. i dont hate her or anything but its just strange that i dreamed of her.

Example: What does it mean when I dream about celebrities?

I had a dream about Rosario Dawson , I am a fan of hers too , . so can anyone explain this dream? Here goes: I was James Bond-style secret agent . One day I reported to my boss's office who gave me my assignment,. I had to take 2 suitcases full of money or something valuable and give to them to someone in another country. He said:" Here are your plane ticket , the suitcases and the address you are supposed to deliver them to. Then he said these 2 security guards will escort you to the airport"
So next thing I know I am at the gate in the terminal ready to get on the plane and one of the 2 guards said:" Just get on the plane we will put these 2 suitcases in the luggage compartment for you. I said ok but I suspected something. So I was on the plane and the only people on the plane were me and the pilot , the cockpit had no door, I could see him we started to taxi down the runway then started saying in a very maniacal manner " here we go , here we go!" But instead of going down the runway he turned toward the terminal and crashed through it , The plane broke in half and the cockpit exploded and the pilot died, Then I was lying in the terminal semi conscious. There were absolutely no people in the terminal, and there were puddles of water all throughout the terminal. Then , along came the ambulances which were skidding all over the place in the puddles. then they came to my rescue, and one of them was Rosario Dawson who was my girlfriend in the dream ,

Example: What does it mean to dream of a celebrity?

I recently dreamt of Woo-Young from the korean boy band 2PM. While I like the band, its nothing anywhere close to obsession (like how I feel about Big Bang, another band) but, this dream seemed to be so vivid that I thought it was wierd.

In the dream, I walked through a dance studio with various rooms until I passed by a room where 2PM was practicing. I looked in and was welcomed by the band was able to take a picture with Woo-Young.

Mainly, I've had dreams of celebrities before, but considering the way that this dream panned out, I wondered if there was anything specifically odd about it.

Thank You.

Example: What does this dream mean? About a celebrity?

Last ngiht I had a dream I went on a date with Mila Kunis, which I found was strange because I don't have a celebrity crush on her and I don't think about her that much? What could this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about celebrities?

I'm just curious to know what it means when you dream about a certain celebrity?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about celebrities?

what does it usually mean

Example: What Does It Mean To Dream About A Celebrity ?

I Had a dream a few days ago . I was hanging out with Megan Good . Ive never been a huge meghan good fan . I don't know anything about her or anything . I haven't seen her in any movies recently or had anything . Why did She show up ? I read once that Celebrity names could mean a pun or something if you dream about them. Or have some type of significance . Help ?

Example: What does it mean to dream about kissing a celebrity?

I had a dream that I was friends with Daniel Radcliff and we kissed. He was really nice in my dream too. :) It's not that big of a deal because I've always thought he was cute to an extent, but I'm just confused as to why I would dream this. I wasn't thinking about him or Harry Potter at all before bed or since I saw the latest movie last month/year. I'm not a crazy rabid fangirl or overly obsessed with Harry Potter, but I do watch the films on occasion. I once thought my ex looked a bit like him as well, but he hates Harry Potter. What could this dream mean? And please don't tell me 'nothing'... Not everyone believes dreams are just nonsense in your subconscious.

Example: What does it mean if you dream about a celebrity?

So I just woke up from it and in my dream I met Drake and Lil Wayne.( not too crazy about lil Wayne but I do like Drake) Anyway it seemed as if lil Wayne knew me and my family because he came to my house and called me by my nickname. But it was my first time meeting Drake. And I called 2 of my best friends like guess who's at my house. But I was only talking about Drake and like I wasn't excited or surprised lil Wayne was there, neither were they. We were all just excited about Drake. And when I had them guess they were like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber. Which I guess that has nothing really important about that part since my friends and I love them both. Anyway Drake and I hung out and talked and laughed a bit but then I woke up. It was kinda weird.
Does this mean anything?

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