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Dream About Caveman meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a this dream mean?

I dreamt that i witnessed a black/grayish pig get preyed upon by a larger anteater. As im watching the anteater approach its oblivious prey Im thinking to myself (in the dream) why doesnt the damn little pig get out of the way or run or something, at one point the damn pig just looked at the anteater and let it as it came towards it. Yeah I know anteater dont eat pigs but in the dream I knew it was a predator.

Anyway not long after, the anteater wraps its jaws around the pig and strangles it with its huge teeth. The pig starts screeching and making these gut wrenching gargling noises that made me nauseous. It went on for a while and I really wished it would stop, so then came along this man who looked like we was a caveman and stabbed the pig in the heart and also eventually killed the anteater...

Im witnessing all behind some trees and bushes btw

what does this mean?

Pig may be be gluttony, ants are a symbol of work, team work or something like that...
Caveman is you, a primitive but genuine side of your personality.
Your gluttony or greed nearly destroyed you but you have a genuine side to you that saved the day...

Example: What do you think these dreams mean?

I had a dream that i was a caveman searching a cave. a dinosaur jumped out, roared, and asked me if i wanted to go out for ice cream.

I had another dream that the whole school choir turned into cats and attacked the audience.

Lastly, i dreamt of me driving a car illegally, hitting an old lady, and having to pay for fines.

WTF do these mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

This was the longest dream I've had in a few nights,so it's probably going to be a little long. Lol,I don't know...we'll see.
Anyways,I was with my cousins,and we were in three different places. 1.A little local dollar store,we were just going crazy,and having fun there. Lol. But I remember seeing them there a little before Christmas,or after. 2.We were in a local Walmart,as well. We also went crazy there as well,except this time,Zak Bagans was there,lmao. I'll add more soon. And lastly,we were I think in Africa,or some where like that. My cousins,and their parents and once again {Zak Bagans} were with me. And I guess we were going Dinosaur hunting,or something big like that. We were going on an adventure. And we were dressed in caveman clothing {Except for Zak},and I asked my cousins questions about when I used to go to their house,they thought I was 18 years old in the dream. Anyways. I don't know why Zak Bagans was in my dream,probably because I think of how adorable he is all the time,lmao. And when I was in Walmart with my cousins and Zak,I was really trying to get his attention,and eventually,while we were going to Africa or wherever it was,we were leaving Walmart,and Zak was holding my hand. And I asked him what kind of girl he liked,and he said:"I want a classy,fancy girl." Which I know he was bluffing,lmao. He held onto my hand and kept smiling at me,I don't know exactly what it was about,but that was pretty much it. Does anyone know what this might mean?
Any help would be appreciated!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Awile back i had a dream Where i was walking wit my friend in some sort of slum when a car wit a truck bed for the front hit us gently enough for us to ride it. This took us up a ill to a drive through Mcdonalds and i never ordered but the guy told me it was 8 dollars. I gave him a 20 and he Handed me back 2 dollars and we left. We were then at someones House which i assumed was also a jewlery store. We hopped a fence and came in through the back sliding glass door and from there i saw a Door, I picked the lock with a screwdriver and entered to find a room tat looked like mine, Except the only things in it were My bed and night stand. There was a girl on my bed and i saw that her phone was charging so i Took the phone off the charger and replaced it with my own Phone. When i looked at the girls phone it brought up a webpage that resembled a facebook. On the left collum was The girl that i like except She looked like a caveman and had one eyebrow. It Didnt really look like her but i knew it was her.

HaHa trippy. Any ideas on what this could mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was getting ready for gym class and getting changed in the locker rooms. I'm in my bra and all the sudden a guy comes in and stares at me and is like an inch away from me. later on all the guys were staring at me in gym and lunch and btw this is in MY DREAM.

Example: Could you tell me what my dream meant?

I was with this certain family (not mine never seen them before) in my dream in my church (but it was their house there was a bed and stuff but I knew it was my church). The father had gone crazy and was trying to kill his family including me (I just had this knowledge) so I was running down a huge flight of gray stairs, trying to help the mother get all her little boys out before he caught up with us. I finally got them out and I called 911 on my cell and some lady was like here, I'll send the camera crew. And told her we got out and she sounded disappointed but said maybe we could interview the father. and The camera crew was there then I woke up.

The thing is I felt the danger but I saw the father and he looked so broken, hurt and tired but I still tried to get his family out of the house away from him. One of the little boys were taking too long and I had to push him out the door.

The dream was so strange, what could it mean?

Example: What does dreaming of your close girlfriend with a beard mean?

I had a dream where I was at the community center, and I found my girlfriend there. She looked like a caveman with a beard and all and long hair. She was working there with her co-workers at the front desk where she usually works and the people didn't seem to mind. Just doing there jobs all around her. Do you know what that means? Thanks for your answers.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

normally i think about dreams for a while and then forget them, ut this one is just too weird.
I dreamt that there was a family of cavemen (a father and 2 sons) who lived in a vast, beautiful forest. then two nuns came and took the little son away. when he returned to his family, he was an english speaking gentleman, while the rest of his family were still cavemen. I think this is the weirdest dream ive ever had, and i need someones opinion.

Example: What do you think of this dream? what does it mean?

About a week ago, I dreamed I was a middle-aged white man, wearing a dark pinstriped suit and carrying a briefcase. I entered a tall building, and asked a white woman, also wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, which elevator I should take. She pointed to a wall and said, "The elevators are over there". So I entered one, the doors closed, and it immediately went down, without my pushing any buttons. I noticed. it only had one button going up, to the second floor, and it disappeared. The elevator kept going down, and I wondered if I was going to hell. Finally it stopped, the doors opened, and there was this huge, cavernous room; the walls, ceiling, and floor were all huge black and green squares. A whole bunch of business people were walking fast. I thought, this couldn't be hell, because there was no fire and brimstone, and I wasn't isolated from people.

What do you guys make of this?

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Are dreams a sign for anything, or are they just a collection of things you may have seen or experienced recently?
This whole week i've been having pregnancy dreams what does this mean? I heard once that if you have a dream that something happens to you its actually happening to someone else, not sure if I believe this, but what do you think, does a pregnancy dream mean anything specific?

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