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Dream About Cataract meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

It's election time. The two main candidates (one man, one woman) are fighting hard to get elected, but they are long time friends. My oldest brother knows one of them (the man) because he is a Chemist working in a hospital research lab, and the candidate is a doctor involved in neurological chemistry activity and diseases. They work in the same hospital. This doctor - candidate is very much respected by the medical community, and loved by his staff. He is a just and compassionate human being.

The polls show this is going to be a very tight election. The woman candidate is also loved and respected.
The woman candidate (I don't know her background or occupation, but it seems she is already a politician) is feeling tired, and a bit sick. I go with her to the hospital to see a doctor. We are not worried, really, we think it might just be the stress of the election.

We are welcomed by the doctor-candidate's staff. The woman-candidate has been there before. She has received treatment for a minor condition While we wait to be seen, they show us around. They take us to the new wing, where new procedures are being developed. We see people inside glass incubators, with different kinds of materials attached to their heads or bodies. One of them even has something like leeches in the head! We are disgusted.
Something happens in one of the incubators. Nurses and technicians rush into the room, and start working on the patient. We peek through the window. We ask what's going on. A nurse tells us it is the doctor-candidate's mother. She is having some kind of trouble. The female candidate looks to the patient, and gasps. She screams. She tells me it's HER mother in the incubator!

Chaos starts. The doctor-candidate runs to escape the security guards. We (candidate and I) start looking at the incubators. There's people we know, they were not sick and now they are being tortured! We ask the nurses to help us take the devices out of the patients. We don't know what the damage is to these people.

The mother tries to tell us something. It's hard to understand. It's like she's had a stroke. She says She was there for a cataract surgery. The doctor suggested some kind of alternative wave treatment, with no surgery involved. The things connected to her head are somehow interrupting her nervous system, and she couldn't speak. There are probes going inside her brain. This is some kind of lobotomy! The other patients have different story. They were sold an alternative treatment for sinus infections, depression, visual surgeries, etc. Some cannot react anymore. They are in vegetative state!.

The candidate and I contact the CIA and the FBI (?). We go with them to the doctor's house. He has two kids. One of them is a mute teenager girl who seems to be in a constant state of terror. The other one is a crippled boy, about 12 years old. He cannot talk well, and it's like his legs are glued together. He has some kind of IV somewhere in his body. This boy points his eyes to the pool outside. We go out with armed officers and detectives. The doctor starts walking, saying something about him being the greatest researcher in history. He will soon come to an amazing discovery. The humanity will lack the answers because we are interrupting his research. They arrest him and take him out.

We take the IV out of the boy. He suddenly starts to move his legs a bit. It's the doctor's son. The doctor has been experimenting on his own children!

We go to my house. The woman candidate goes outside to get rid of a machine that the doctor had given her, which was supposed to do something for her stress. She says that while she was using it, she was seeing flashes of light. She throws the remaining rays of the machine to the sky.

I wait in my house. My brother comes home, and I start telling him the news. I tell him he is going to be questioned by the authorities because he knew the doctor. He gets scared, because he thinks I am telling him that the FBI thinks he is involved. He says he didn't know anything, and that he really loved the doctor because he had given him a job when he didn't have one. He is like his mentor. He is so disappointed he starts to cry. He says he was not involved, that this is impossible, that he does not want to be question. That the doctor was good... he suddenly seems so depressed!
I go to my car. From the outside I see my brother is taking a rope... I start to scream to my teenage boy who is inside the house; he does not understand what I am telling him. I say: "open the door, he's in danger. Get the rope out of his hands". I rush into the house. My son is very confused. He does not get what I am talking about. I hurry to my brother's room. I try to open the door, but there is something blocking it. I push hard and I peek inside. My brother hung himself.

I shout "NOOOOO", but my voice almost does not come out. I wake up to my own weird mute-like scream: "NOOOOOOO".
I wake up an

well dreams comes from ur mind storeing the infirmation uv recieved through the day

(u probabally hav been thinking of the candidates who will win etc.
so that is probabally y u were dreaming about an (strange) election

maby if something strange happened that day or
u were watching a movie while u fell asleep the sounds were being heard by ur body
and it cause u 2 hav a scary dream
what u were thinking about right b4 you fell asleep (u might not remember the last 2 min of being awake)

or u just simply had a night mare

like i was thinking of the book twilight searies b4 i fell asleep

and man my dream was wierd
but i know it didnt mean any thing

Example: Little Girl Carrying a Lantern?

Recently I've been having dreams, every once in a while, about this little girl, maybe four or five years old, walking slowly across the yard in front of my house, carrying an old-fashioned black wrought-iron lantern in her right hand. She's holding the lantern far out in front of her as if to light her way, and in the dream I can clearly see a candle or some other light source inside the lantern. The little girl always looks exactly the same - she's got sort of dark red hair that falls in loose waves around her shoulder blades, and she's very pale. She wears a dress that actually reminds me a lot of one I had when I was a kid myself - but it's not the same dress, and the little girl definitely isn't me. In the dream, it always looks like very early morning outside, and I can see the little girl as if I'm standing in my kitchen, peering straight out of the window at her. What could a dream like this mean? I've only started having it recently, but it hasn't come again in several nights, and I usually have the dream in the morning right before I wake up for the day.

Example: What does this mean? i heard that tooth extraction in dreams indicates a bad thing to happen..?

i dreamed that all my teeth at my lower gum are extracted but not a single tooth on the upper portion is removed. i woke up around 6:00 am and i was so thankful its just a dream after all

i remember my mom once told me that dreams after 3:00am are meaningless. does this mean its meaningless

Example: I am having zombie dreams, what does this mean?

I rarely dream, only about once every few months. When I do dream I never remember very well and I only know that I dreamed but I don't recall being in the dream while its happening, if that makes sense. Three nights ago I had a zombie dream. I don't really remember it that well but it was pretty freaky. Then last night I had a continuation of that dream. It freaked me out and I woke up gasping for air. In the dream their was a dead dog on the side of the road. When I walked past it it moved, got up, but it had its eyes closed. I backed away from the animal and it was slowly coming towards me. Then the dog stopped moving and opened its eyes. They were glazed over and looked cataracts. He was drooling from his mouth and was showing his teeth. Then the dog lunched at me and tried to bite me. Thats when I woke up gasping for air. I fell back asleep and the dream continued. I was in a room full people that I knew. One person puked on another person. It was pretty gross. Then the person that puked started to act strange. They became slightly aggressive and were yelling and being rude. Somebody calmed them down but when they did the person became extremely violent and bit the person calming them down. The dream goes on like this. Even my own mother got bit. When she turned I ran and hid under a bed. It was really hard to get away. This was about the scariest dream I've ever had. My descriptions don't do it justice and the dreams were much longer than I described. So, why is this happening. I had forgotten about the dream a few nights ago before last nights dream. I always used to watch scary movies, zombie movies and I am a big fan. Never have I had a bad dream from them though.

Example: What does my dream mean, can anybody explain?

side story: well, these past few days my girlfriend has been quite some pain in the ***, she always gets upset with me, saying i dont have time for her and she cant take it anymore. i have been thinking of accepting her offer of breaking up, but its not that easy.

my dream: i was walking in this place, some sort of a hall/lobby... (i dont know what kind of place)

there was a glass window (like those window in banks, where there is an opening at the bottom where you slip your papers)
i saw a beautiful lady, she is lying on her back on a some sort of bed im not sure if its a bed, she's lying close to the window... then i smiled at her, and she smiled back... i asked her digits, i gave her my phone through the opening of the window and she typed her number. i said "i've seen you before but i never got the chance to talk to you/get your number".

next, we were sitting outside of that window... doing some chit-chat, and i've learned the she's blind... she has this some kind of cataract looking thing in her eyes, i offered help... if there's something i can do.. (we'll obviously i like her, according to my dream:i've seen her before and i fell in love at 1st sight but i know ill never get to meet her again. then after that i met my girlfriend)

then while we were talking a friend of my girlfriend saw us sitting together, she's pesting me, asking things about how my girlfriend is doing in front of that blind girl. (LOL) then the pest left... then the blind girl went back to the room.

and suddenly my girlfriend came, (whew! good thing the blind girl had left already) as she approaches me, im telling myself that she's beautiful.. but the blind girl is much more beautiful. hehe

in the end, i never got to ask the blind girl's name... (though i managed to get her number, but not her name)

the dream ends there.

back to reality: though im considering breaking up with her... im not seriously going to break-up with her... i love her, but she's just a pain in the *** these past few days.

please help,

Example: My dad father mentions my dead aunt in this dream - please help?

My father died 14 years ago. He was in this dream, sitting on a couch. It took place in the last house he lived in before he died. That house only had one front door; however, in the dream, it had three. My dad said that our new puppy closed two of the doors (I have no idea what that means, the puppy is only six months old) and that one door is still open. Also, he said my Aunt Wanda (his sister, also deceased) said I should get a beebee gun.

When I looked at my father's eyes, they were clouded, as if he had cataracts. He was only 54 when he died.

Any ideas?

Example: Ferocious dogs/werewolves in my dreams?

usually i can fly in my dreams. one time i was riding naked on a shaggy very large black dog and he was taking me somewhere, after flying around in a cloudy sky with the wind blowing (it took me past all these trees and bushes trimmed into different things like in edward scissorhands would create) then the dog lowered me down into an area that was surrounded by a cobblestone wall/fence. then two men with brown and black german shepard style faces came running toward me. with my back to the wall they stood there barking and snarling in my face as i coward. ***last night i was flying on my own on a partly cloudy day the grass was green and i flew in between houses and finally i came to a place with brown and black german shepards all over laying on the groud together. i was afraid and i felt myself losing flight, i noticed there was an office door because this place was a dog training school i aimed for the office and lowered down, as i got to the door their was a golden retriever on the roof with cataracts over its eyes as i made it to the ground it snapped at me. then i woke up. any suggestions?

Example: Way to stop being visited in dreams...?

Okay, this is kind of a sequel to another question I had about bad dreams. So (since most of you haven't seen that one), here's the story. I had a dream about my great-grandmother. It was a nightmare because in the dream, she was evil, and she made me evil. But anyways, in the dream I went to visit her and she was really nice at first, but towards the end of the visit she started turning nasty and violent. I remember then how creepy she looked, for she was very skinny, had a wisps of white hair on her head, wearing a white turtle-neck sweater with black dress pants. But above all were her eyes, which were blue, and VERY pale, so it looked like she had major cataracts! Like, they were almost white, but you could tell they were blue. Well later in the dream, after I left, I was playing with some friends near the woods. Now, for some reason, everyone just knew that they weren't supposed to go into the woods. Well, I convinced my friends to go in with me (I didn't know WHY I wanted to go in there so badly, I just did.) So, I led them to a patch of Savanna grass in a clearing (the kind lions crouch in when stalking their prey) and out of nowhere she (my great-grandmother) just comes up out of a crouching position in the grass. She smiled, and all her teeth were very pointy. I smiled back at her, and then awoke. Now, here comes the part that led me to put this on here. I figured it was just another nightmare, so I described it to my mother, and she told me I was spot-on with the description of my great-grandmother. I had never met the woman, for she was dead before I was born, and I have never even seen a picture of her. So, though I was a little disturbed, I just passed it off. Well, I posted it on here (with many others) asking people to tell me what their interpretations were. One girl explained to me how people can be visited by spirits in their sleep, and that could be why I was so spot-on, and maybe my great-grandmother's spirit had gone bad. Now, I am a Christian who does believe in ghosts and other various spirits, but I'm not sure if this is possible. I am very aware that this could just be, and probably is, just another serendipitous dream, but I would like to know your opinions on this. And the idea of being visited by spirits in my dreams DOES freak me out a little, so I would like to know some ways to stop it on the off chance it happens again. And please, no rude or stupid comments, lets all be respectful and remember that we are all human beings with feelings, and neither I nor anyone else here wants to be treated like crap because of their opinions. Thank you =]

Example: My sister is having dreams with a dark shadow in her bedroom?

and when she wakes up she can still see a dark shadow and no one else is in the room. it is happened in different houses. what could this mean?

Example: I had a very good dream but weierd as well?

I was walking down the high street and went in to get my hair cut and the person who was doing my hair was dev and no one else knew who she was and we became the best of friends and exchanged numbers as well and then I was with her and then also met the cataracts as well it was the best dream I have ever had what does it mean? Am I fearing to one day meet dev?

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