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Dream About Cat Eyes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning to dream of a black cat?

I had a long dream of a black cat attached to my back and it won't let go. I personally don't like cats at all in fact I'm terrified of them every since I was pregnant with my last son everywhere I will go to a corner store or a friends house the cat will get too close to me that they will pass their tail to my legs or surround me. In the dream I went to my old childhood home n someone was living there and she told me the cat is going to get attached to you because you are afraid of it n the only way for you not to be afraid is for the cat to get attached to you and you will no longer be afraid. It felt so real that in the dream I actually felt goose bumps that woke up me up.

I think that your feelings towards cats actually exhausted you during your pregnancy and caused you some stress. So this dream is just a reflection of that, somewhere deep down you actually realise that it would be easier if you didn't have this fear.

The cat is black because it represents the hidden/unknown and the cat was clinging to your back because that is a place where you can't easily remove it from your body.

That is so sad that you have such a fear of cats, I love them and I sleep with mine: both of us curled up together. To me the cat is warm and soft and playful and sweet. I can look into a cats eyes and know what they are thinking.

Example: What does a eye of horus dream mean?

in my dream i saw an adult black cat peeping from our rear gate looking for food or water. when our eyes met i realized the cat has only one big eye and it was the eye of Horus and the eye was colored turquoise blue. just wanna know what it means.thanks

Example: What does a dream about a three eyed cat mean?

last night i had a dream about a black three eyed cat sitting in the front seat of my car just looking at me, does anyone know what this might mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream you are talking to an english speaking cat with one eye?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a black cat?

Last night i was dreaming about a black cat. The cat was nice and was always sitting on my lap...i want to what this means...does anyone have any information?

Example: What does it mean to dream of snakes, a cat, and a rabbit?

In my dream I was with my grandmother picking blueberries inside a shed with trees growing inside. I was holding a blue rabbit when I seen the first snake. I then Dropped the rabbit. A second snake appeared in another tree. I asked my grandmother to begin to pray and we began to ran. Just as we were exiting this shed, a third snake, wrapped around my grandmother. I looked the snake in the eyes and I remember them being so black. I shouted take me; it released her, turned into a guy I know and laughed. As I was slamming the door, we seen the second snake with a cat; the cat helplessly struggling for survival. I plan on majoring in psychology next fall and would love some insight on this stuff. Any ideas?

Example: What does a Deamon Cat dream mean?

Last night I dreampt my cat mercedes was inside (we just recently made him an outside cat) idk all of a suddon he got marble black eyes and crazy look he turned into a deamon cat and started spazzing, then I threw him out of the upstairs window, he was still alive cause someone came through the front door and I yelled "Don't let Mercedes in" but he ran in under their feet... and then i woke up, I was scared crapless and I won't let him back in the house it freaked me out... Any ideas what this dream might mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream a black cat?

ok so i was dreaming about a black cat was following me and his scary yellow eyes keeped looking at me. at first i was trying to walk a away a little scared but then he got close to me somehow i let the black cat get really close, when i did i looked into his eyes and i think i dominated his look and then i picked him up and started hugging him and touching him with no fear, i carried him like a baby and made him feel special... what does this mean in my life?

Example: Why did I have a dream about my mom with cat eyes?

I had a dream that my mom had cat eyes. She was mean because of those cat eyes, what does it mean?

Example: Cat with Bleeding Eyes Dream?

Last night I had a dream I tried out for a play...didn't make call-backs...but this pig (like the animal - maybe supposed to be my boyfriend?) did make the cut. But the strangest thing was, I was in one room - my roommate in another. My roommate was a cat and she had been attacked. She had big round wounds on her back. She said she would be okay, so I turned away, but when I looked back she was bleeding profusely from one eye. I said we should take her to the ER just to be safe. Sof I picked her up to go, but kept forgetting things (purse, cell phone, etc...) Finally, I began downstairs to get out the door to the ER.

Any ideas? It was very strange and her eye kept bleeding worse & worse. I looked on normal dream symbol go-to sites and didn't find anything that helped. Thanks so much!

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