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Dream About Casino meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

A few nights ago I had a dream that I can never forget... I was in a casino with my parents then we went outside to see what everyone was screaming about. When we got outside all we could see was dust coming our way, so I went to Fox 5 news and it said "the Apocalypse is coming! God is ready for YOU." So I looked up at the sky and there were very dark clouds. I looked back down and people were going as fast in cars and getting gas quickly and panicking. I heard a loud boom.I looked at the sky and it was the worst thing Id ever seen, Lighting bolts were hitting the ground. I looked for my parents and they were gone.Then I woke up. So,does this mean anything?

I think that dreams tend to mean something symbolically (although sometimes I think that was a pointless dream w/ no possible symbolism)
However without going very deep and just touching the very surface dreaming of an apocalypse signifies an emotional and dramatic change taken place within yourself. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another.

Dreams evoke a feeling of doom when this is how you normally feel with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Other symbols in the dream will tell you how to heal this in reality.

If you ever see numbers, or colors, or specific things in your dream be sure to take note of them as often they're important.

Example: Dream meaning, evil friends?

I keep having these dreams where one of my coworkers(the only one I really talk to) is a super villain, and her super villain antics always revolve around our job, like she's trying to destroy the store to build a casino and stuff like that, or she's plotting to kill everyone, does friends as super villains have any significance as a dream meaning, or am i just having silly meaningless dreams?

Example: What does my repeating dream mean?

I have had this repeating dream of this lost boy who finds me. He doesn't look to good, so i ended up in the hospital with him. At the hospital his real mother shows up thanking me for finding him. The doctor told us that he was going to dye if we don't get this transplant for him. In this dream i was rich and i said that i would pay for it. Then i ended up in a Casino at this game wereit was also sponsored for this boy. It had stairs, i started to climb up these stairs to play but they must have greased them or something and i fell down them. That was the end of my repeating dream. Can you tell me what this dream means.

Example: What does this dream mean?

so im in a casino and im playing the machine and my boyfriend is playing the one next me on my right and his best friend is on my left telling me how to play the machine my boyfriend wins 400 dollars and i win 13 and he was like ya i always win this much...my 21st b-day is comeing up too so i dont know if this is why i dreamt it?

Example: What cold my dream mean?

i dreamed me and my boyfriend were invited in some function but we couldn't go because it needed a lot of money and it was short notice, but we really wanted to go to it. So after sometime we were going through some casino so my boyfriend started playing some casino games and he won but he was playing on behalf of some rich guy, so the guy took all the money that was won. but he did give my boyfriend just a little money to thank him, i was happy because i thought finally we were going to that function. then my boyfriend told me there were more important things we could do with that money besides going to a function .

The dream is still very clear to me, and me and my boyfriend are currently expecting a baby

Example: What does dream mean?

My dream in short was that i was in a room and i was in my king size bed but i have a small one and i was like play hugging with this girl which i don't talk to to but i was sooo happy like you have no idea.. she is super omega hot... and then all of a sudden this other girl that goes to my high school just walked in and she saw us and smiled and idk why but i asked for a kiss and she gave it to me and i fell in love with her i just started hugging her and kissing her so much it was so hot and romantic i didn't want to let her out of my sight it was wonderful... and then all of a sudden she left with some friends and she was in a fast food restaurant then i met up with her and kissed her and etc i woke up... what would this mean idk i like her so much in real life but i dont know her and we have made eye contact a few times but like idk when i woke up i felt like my heart was broken now that dream was over it was sooooo good what does it mean lol..(by the way im trying to make the dream short i cut some details like we all of a sudden in a casino and we were partyiing and drinking and then she left with her friends

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

My dream
I was in a casino it had red walls and red carpet and every machine was shaped like a video game machine with edison light bulbs outlining them .the lightbulbs were flashing.Although no one was playing them everyone was just walking and talking it was as if the machines were just there for decoration.i was on the balcony which overlooked the bottom floor. I realized I was dreaming and then decided to have a little fun. But I don't know why I did this, there's this boy I had a crush on for 2 years who sees me as his little sister and this week I finally moved on and came to the realization he didn't like me amd they we weren't going to end up together, but in my dream,once i realized I was dreaming I just kind of made  him  show up and I rapped my arms around his neck and he kissed me .Then everyone wanted to chase me like they were mad I knew it was a dream I ran away then realizing its my dream and that I can control them  i said freeze and they froze,then i woke  up and opened my eyes to a white room and I was in white sheets an blanket but the bed post was black and iron then I was really happy I had a lucid dream,only to actually wake up for real in my room.what does This mean?Why did i have my old crush show up a kiss me?And why did I dream that I woke up?

Example: Scary DREAM? WATS IT MEAN?

i had this dream several years ago but still scares me. i went with my family to a casino. we were having fun but then all of a sudden thousands of snakes lunge at me. evrybody runs out and my mom hands me a vacuum cleaner to blcok the door . i am pressing against the vacuum wit h her help. then she runs away i dont hav enuf strength i let go the snakes lunge wen the door opens and then i wake up

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was a cowboy in the wild west and I walked into a small casino room where there was this old man who was looking at one of the portraits on the wall next to the machine. I put a coin into the machine and the machine starting making loud noises and the word VICTORY flashed in red on the machine. The old man saw this and he said "OMG, you just won a million dollars! I'ma grab you a bag!" He left and returned to give me the bag, I filled it up with the money. After that, some champion/dramatic music started playing.

Example: Last night I dreamt of winning lots of cash.What does this dream mean?

It took place at a casino.

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