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Dream About Car meanings

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Example: What does a "dream car" mean to you?

I personally like to keep my dream cars as in reach as possible. They arent the most expensive, fastest, or sexiest- nor the most expensive (I actually hate expense. For obvious reasons. The cheaper a car is = the faster you can get it; the faster you can get it = the more time you have to enjoy it.), but they either are unique in a way that I just love, or just plain fun!

My dream car(s)?

Subaru Impreza WRX STi (might go due to cars below)
Mazda Miata MX-5 (might take the STi's place due to price, fun-factor, size, and reliability)
Toyota MR2 (Might take the STi. Same reason as the Miata really)

How about you?! Whats it mean to you? Whats your dream cars?

My dream cars are based on design or innovation (1932 Ford Vicky, 1957 Thunderbird). Some designs are just classic and almost art just to look at.
There are others which were or are just pure speed machines (Stutz Bearcat, Ford GT40).
What they all have in common for the most part was a step towards speed and performance. Two seated cars seem to take precedence.
As much as I wish I could afford a Ford GT, early Jag XKE or a Benz Gull-wing (50's version), I am happy with my Miata/s. They are over 20 years old now (1990's). Along with a fickle RX7, I have the dream cars I can afford.
The Miata is the best choice. This is based on ownership and doing a little "Ridge Running" against the likes of MR2's, Ford GT Mustangs, BMW's, Evo's and WRX's. Been a lot of those others come and go in the hands of more affluent car owners. However "Little Blue" still has their respect. They can keep trading cars, and they can catch me on the straights, however the passing zone is gone before they can catch up and in the turns "Little Blue" just pulls away.
Now I want to warn you, drivers skill (and sometimes level of insanity) has a lot to do with these games. Sheer acts of speed and/or stupidity are to be avoided even on a closed race course and most certainly not on the open road.

Example: What does this Car crash dream mean?

So last night I had a dream that I parked my car in a parking lot and then a middle aged couple parked their car and it made it so nobody could get out. So I was like hey nobody is going to be able to get out if you keep your car there. So then they told me that I had parked wrong and i needed to move mine. Then I stood there like hmm maybe their right and then they were like look we'll move your car for you. I didnt want them to touch my car but i just stood there. they didnt get in the car though, they put it in neutral and let it go and then it crashed into a car, then they said oops and did it again but this time it crashed into another car.. and this repeated about 5 times. I tried to stop them by that time it was too late. I told them they needed to reimburse me for the damages as well as for the other cars they damaged and they just kept giving me excuses as to why they couldn't. The woman when her husband left told me i could have their fully paid for 2010 BMW but then the husband told her no when he found out and still didnt reimburse me at all and i woke up pissed... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Example: What does it mean when i dream of a car accident?

My parents were in the front seats my dad was driving and my mom was in the passenger side and i was in the backseat, and i knew we were going to crash before it happened, when we crashed i got mad and i left. So then i woke up. I think this is a strange dream to me i don't know why. Can someone interpret what it means? Or what or might mean.

Example: What does it mean to dream of car accidents?

I keep having dreams for the past 5 days that I'm either the driver or passenger in a car wreck but when the impact hits its like I'm watching it from the outside like a viewer watches a movie. And they're always at night. Can anyone tell me what my dreams mean?

Example: What does a car accident dream mean?

My boyfriend told me that he couldn't sleep last night because he dreamed that there was a car accident and someone died. Right after that he said he is so happy to be with me and know someone like me. What could the dream have meant?

Example: Meaning of car dream?

last night I had a dream that i was sitting in a very expensive car for going somewhere. Someone outside the car asked me to go and get it. So i started the car and going downhill. But I dont know or forgot where to go. what is be the meaning of this dream?

Example: What does it mean to dream about losing my car?

so i always have dreams about running away from someone, and i run to my car and its never where i had parked it and then the person im running from catches up to me!

Example: What does it mean to dream about driving a car scared?

well i have had this dream often and its me driving a car down the high way or where ever i am, and im scared. first it was me taking my moms car, and i was scared when driving. (in real life i dont know how to drive) and then this last time i was driving my dads old car i think, and he was in his new white car driving behind me to corpus. when we were turning a big curb on a high way i scraped my knuckles a little bit on the wall, but kept turning calmly.

Example: What does it mean to dream your car got stolen?

i had a dream my car got stolen and the main suspect was my best friend.. later i was proved wrong and got my car back without a scratch!

Example: What does this car crash dream mean?

Last night had a dream that I driving & trying to turn into the place I needed to go and all of a sudden my car hit something, flew off a cliff, I flew out, was falling, and landed in some type of pond thing. I could FEEL me hitting the pond and I could feel my face all messed up and I was THNKING in my dream "wow I'm not dead yet?" and I could hear everyone yelling my name. I woke up and nose was all tingly (that was a part, along with the rest of my face) that was messed up from my 'fall'. Does anyone know what the hell that could possibly mean? It scared the hell out of me. I didnt think you could feel pressure or think in your dreams?

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