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Dream About Car Tires meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was scared when I woke up... My Dream started at Six Flags, wherever that is. I stared at the rides, they were so high! Then, my best friend was with me. THEN! Death showed up(wearing the big black coat thing), and we ended up in a car with him. We were riding down a train rail thing, and we stopped in this weird meadow. It was dark, and ominous. He told us to find a concrete bat wing. When we did, we too it to him, and drived on. Then, we were at this house. We went in, and started searching for another Bat Wing. I had a handgun, and this person came down some stairs. A women. We his under a cabinet, and she walked by. Then, A man. He saw us, and I pretended to be a doll. I then pulled out the gun... No bullets. The Bat Wing was above us, so my bestie grabbed it and we ran. The man followed. He grabbed me, and I started beating him with my gun. His head. He fell, and the women came. I beated her jaw with it, and she fell. We shot out the door, and got in the truck. I asked Death if we could sleep, and he said no. The, I woke up.

What does this mean?

It means you fear death and being alone (that was why your friend was in the dream). Death seemed kind of cocky and arrogant, meaning you are tired of being pushed by the wayside for other people. As for the woman and man, idk? Hope this helps.

Also, if you want to find this out for yourself, go to a bookstore and look in the occult section. All major bookstores will have one. I know Barnes & Noble and Bools-A-Million definately have one. The books on dreams are relatively cheap being as they are up to 7-in. thick and only $30. I reccomend Dictionary of Dreams: Understanding Dreams and Understandng Their Message. This one is actually only $10-ish. Or The Dream Book : Symbols for Self-Understanding by Betty Bethards (at b&n, for $12.76).

Hope this helped!

Example: All 3 of us friends had very weird and spooky recurring car/road dreams. What do you think they could mean?

Okay My dream first, last monday morning:

There is this guy, who is crossing the road, and a street cat (its not black, rather striped dark brown, choclate) is watching intently. Suddenly there's a crash. I look at the cat's face, and its smiling face morphs slowly into that of a woman's , and in 4 seconds, it slowly turns into a woman squatting in the same position as cat was sitting, smiles ( That smile was deadly. Ugh!) at me from across the street and goes away.


Example: What does my dream mean? - Car Accident - Tires on Fire?

Hey Guys,

I had a weird dream the other day and it felt so real. In the dream my gf had asked me to go back home to grab something for her. I drove my car back home, got it, and as i was driving back something happened where my car swerved and a tire poped off the rim... then my car did a 360 and i jumped out to see all my tires burning and car left pretty much sitting on the bare rims.

What the hell does this mean? Does anyone know how to analyze dreams properly?

Please help me piece this together.
Thank you

Example: What does my dream mean?

Two nights ago I had a dream a man in a sports car came to my fathers house. My dad went out to talk to him but later came back in, I asked him what did the man want. he told me that he gave him a bunch of money, looked like all hundreds. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does it means when you dream about a car crash in the middle of a living room?

It's really weird but i had a dream i had this gathering over someone's house i don't even know but 4 of my friends where there and the rest were adults what scared me the most was that we were talking about traveling and i asked my friend about her passport we were talking about it but suddenly we hear tyres squeak and something crashing... someone how there was a room on my left and i opened the door the only people who actually hear the crash sound were me and my 4 friends after that i open the door and turn on the light...
My auntie just had a car crash... she crashed against this sort of bookshelf and she was dead as if she just crashed into a lamp post the front of the car was totally damaged i just remember running to my mother crying telling her my aunt died..
The thing is there was no hole on the wall or whatever there was no way the car could of got in and the bookshelf looked so familiar as if i have seen it before but i don't know where... i don't talk to that auntie of mine cause she really hates me but i don't understand why her?
Could any one could help me?

Example: Trans Am with white wall tires - what does that dream mean?

As a student in Canada, I used to be driving this ramshackle old Smoky and the Bandit style Pontiac Trans Am 6.6, "Thunder Chicken" with an eagle on the hood, you know the type. I bought it because I loved the looks of it, and hey, I was 19.
These days, I frequently dream about that car now, twenty years on.
In my dreams, the car is always there, in some capacity - I drive it, I park it, I am looking for it, I am getting into/ out of it, but every time, I notice, as if for the first time, that the car has a brandnew set of disappointingly narrow whitewall tires and hubcaps instead of the fat Goodyears and dep dish mags it used to have. And I'm always thinking "gosh, that's gotta be taken care of, this looks so ridiculous!"
I've been on a weightloss campaign with daily gym exercises now for half a year and it's beginning to show. Could that just be my own impatience kicking in, wanting to see my academic office flab of a decade go away?
Or is there some other, more official, interpretation to a white wall tire dream?

Example: What does it mean if I had a dream of my 2 yr old son being hit by a car?

What does it mean if I had a dream of my 2 yr old son slipping from my grasp and running into the street and being hit by a car? It was so vivid, I watched him get hit, go up into the tire well, and then I was holding him screaming. I as still very shaken from it.

Example: What does dreaming of your son getting hit by a car mean.?

I am new to this and didn't know who to ask. I had a terrible nightmare last night. I remember my son crossing the street coming toward me. He had something in his hand's that he was focused on, so he did not look before he crossed, :which he alway's does". As he was crossing, I saw a car coming down the street and yelled to him. He did not hear me, as the car hit him. I actually saw him go under the car and under the car tires and continue to role down the street as I ran toward him. The car did not stop. I picked him up crying histerically and ran toward the nearest house. As I was running and holding him, he opened his eyes and spoke to me. I then stopped. At this point I woke up from my nightmare and made shur he was ok in bed. I told him I loved him. I never had a dream like this and I am very scared. I have custody of my son. It is just him and I and he is all I got. I did not want to ever re-live that dream or re-tell it but I need some answer's. Please help.

Example: What does it mean if you dream your car spins around?

I was with my children and all of the sudden the car starts to spin a lot.

Example: What's it mean if you dream you were in a car crash, astrology related to dreams?

I was in a van, I was at the far back seat, then i rember calling it out car crash right before i happend, i saw the windows break, the impact on the vehicles, the impact on the people, then I remeber feeling like I'm still fine, but seeing smoke come out the engine, then driver gets out and goes to my door and yells everyone get out now

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