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Dream About Car Seat meanings

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Example: What does it mean when u dream about a car wreck?

So last week i had this dream me and my friend was in my expedition and we was comin down a hway from russelville through littleville to muscle shoals.. when we got to littleville i went to to turn to go to my boyfriends who is a fire fighter in littleville and when i did i had a very bad car wreck in front of the big store in littleville a 18 wheeler ran into me made me flip several time and then finaly rolled and spun and all that... My friend was thrown from the car and i kept screaming for my boyfriend... When he finally go to me the roof of my car was caved in so he couldnt open the door to let me out he jus sat there held my hand told me i would b ok... Then we broke up 3days later...
Then this morning my friend had a dream i had got this car which is one i have been lookin at... And my now ex bf was drivin i was in the passenger and she was in the back seat.. long story short he ran a stop sign slamed on the brakes and we spun a round a van or truck hit the front of the car crushed it split the car in half and she was sittin there half dead and i got out the car fine with a few scratches screaming at my ex bf i was goin to fin kill him cause he killed her... He starts freakin out and cried ans sayin omg i killed her freakin out the i woke her up:/ lol so what does all this mean?

Dreaming of being in a crash or something crashing around you implies that you have finally been able to overcome an obstacle or hardship. It may also symbolize anxieties you have regarding becoming the victim of an accident. I dont think it mean death. Dreams itself have a completely different meaning. This doesnt necessarly mean your going to get into a car accident.

Example: What does this car crash dream mean?

I would really appreciate your help. Well it's where me and the boy I love and my friend are driving along blasting the music really loudly. I was sitting in the passengers seat in the front while my friend was driving and the man I love was in the back.

Before they pulled up my sister was there and me and her were arguing. She shouted, "You've got to tell him." I shouted back "He wont like me then will he and then you will have him to yourself." then the car pulled up and I got in it and we sped off. We were driving round the corner when out of no where this fox ran across the road so we swerved to avoid it and the car hit something and we went flying over the cliff. It wasn't a big drop but it made impact. I was knocked out because I didn't have the seat belt on but my friend and the love of my life were okay. I saw them screaming when they saw me on conscious (from a witness point of view). They called an ambulance then I was in the hospital bed just staring at them not blinking and they were talking to me trying to get me to talk. What does this mean exactly? No nasty comments it has just really freaked me out.

Example: What does a "dream car" mean to you?

I personally like to keep my dream cars as in reach as possible. They arent the most expensive, fastest, or sexiest- nor the most expensive (I actually hate expense. For obvious reasons. The cheaper a car is = the faster you can get it; the faster you can get it = the more time you have to enjoy it.), but they either are unique in a way that I just love, or just plain fun!

My dream car(s)?

Subaru Impreza WRX STi (might go due to cars below)
Mazda Miata MX-5 (might take the STi's place due to price, fun-factor, size, and reliability)
Toyota MR2 (Might take the STi. Same reason as the Miata really)

How about you?! Whats it mean to you? Whats your dream cars?

Example: What does it mean when i dream of a car accident?

My parents were in the front seats my dad was driving and my mom was in the passenger side and i was in the backseat, and i knew we were going to crash before it happened, when we crashed i got mad and i left. So then i woke up. I think this is a strange dream to me i don't know why. Can someone interpret what it means? Or what or might mean.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a car accident?

ok last night i had a dream that me and my brother was driving in the back roads of my neighborhood. he was driving and i was in the passenger seat. we both had on our seats belts too. but he started swerving ang we were spinning outta control. i told him to stop but he exclaimed it wasnt him. so we hit a tree and the car was totalled. he crawled outta the car wit a hurt leg and i was hurting from head to toe. he dragged me outta the car and carried me all the way home. what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a car accident?

I was in the back seat of the car with my friend and two other friends in the front seat, let's just say they were messing around and being dumb while driving too fast and we of course crashed.. the interesting part is that me and my friend in the back got out unscathed and my other two friends who caused the accident appeared to be injured as they were laying on the ground outside the car, i knew they were alive but they were clearly injured. for some reason i don't remember being very concerned for them at all, it wasn't like i was mad at them for causing the accident and happy that they were hurt or something.. i just wasn't worried about them being hurt/dying for some reason. can anyone tell me what this dream could mean or be trying to tell me? if it matters: the two friends that were in the front I hardly see anymore we haven't hung out in months, not for any particular reason we've just gone our seperate ways. is this dream trying to tell me something about myself or those people? warn me?

Example: Had a dream I was in a car accident? What Does this mean...?

Last night I had a dream I was in the car with my best friend and this guy who I like. I'm not sure if he was driving, but I know he was either driving or in the passenger seat. I can't remember if I was in the front with him or in the back with my best friend. But I 100% know he was in the front and she was in the back. (Not sure if this is important or not lol)

The car ended up slamming into another car and the entire front of the car was messed up. I saw me and my friend were fine and I saw the airbag blow up on the guy I liked in the front seat. I immediately was worried about his safety, but was relieved when he told me he was alright and the airbag had saved him. We got out of the car easily and took care of the situation. I was shocked at the damage to the front of the car.. and ended up walking off to nearby places.

I just really want to know what this dream means.

Example: Car crash dreams? what do they mean?

i have been having this recurring dream that im in a car with my boyfriend, and we are driving through town. and the accident always happens at the same busy intersection, and the same car always hits me. but anyways, what actually happens, is that when the light turns green for us to go, my boyfriend starts going through the intersection and then out of the corner of my eye i see a big car hit me on my side of the car. i always end up dying, but my boyfirend is always safe...does this possibly mean anything?

Example: What does this car crash dream mean?

I guess i was coming home from school, and my friends had a car of his own and he asked if i wanted a ride in his car. It was raining and i guess he lost control of the wheel in this dream and we crashed. I got woke up in a dream hospital where they were Doing some emergency stuff on me and all i saw was blood everywhere. then i woke up again in a hospital bed. they asked me to look at things and testing to see if i had brain damage or something in the dream hospital . and then i learned that i was the only one who survived the car crash and i woke up for real.

i know this really isnt a question but i just wanted to share this weird dream . Does it mean anything? or was it just a weird dream.

Example: Dreams about cars with no drivers?

I had a dream the other night that I was in the back seat of a car that was driving around by itself. What does this mean?

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