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Dream About Car Dealership meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream I am married to a lady-friend of mine but she is a 35ft giantess.We go to the car dealership to buy a car andwhen she gets there she says she'shungryand picks up a couple of supermodels. One is a blonde in a black bikini and the other is a red head in a zebra print bikini. My giantess wife devours the blond one first, then the red head, despite my protests. Thenthe female ownerofthe dealershipthen walks out and starts yelling at my wife for eating two employees. The owner is a pretty, young, blonde woman in red high-heels anda black and white dress. My wife simply ignores the woman's yelling and picks her up and eats her alive. She spits out the owner's high-heel shoes andthen I startyelling at her for eating those people. The dream ends with my wife looking at me like she might eat me next. What mightthis dream and its symbols mean?

Run! Stay away from that woman. Also be really careful who you marry.

But on a serious note, you know exactly what this means. Search your heart and soul. What were you feeling when all of this was going on. Were you scare? If you were scare during this dream that says a lot. I would love to help you but you are the best person to interpret this dream, not I. Please answer me this question, how were you feeling when all of this was going on? Were you feeling courageous, surprised that she was eating these people, frightened? At the end when she looked at you were you scare, or were you more like "i wish you would eat me"? This might seem silly but I need to know this if I'm going to help you :)

Thanks Jacob for the additional information; it helps a lot.

This dream is less about the people and symbols but more about you. The fact that "your wife" was eating people and you were aroused by it concerns me. You are attracted to trouble. You are or will get involve with something or someone that is too big to handle, or that you should not be involved with in the first place. This could be a person or an activity like taking drugs. The fact that you knew in your dreams that she used to “eat people” and you still married her is a tell-tale sign.

I take this as a warning if I were you. There is something or someone is in your life right now (or in the near future) that you shouldn’t be involved with but you are. For whatever reason they (or it) excites you, you are attracted to it in some way and there’s a weakness in your human nature that isn't allowing you to see or recognize the danger you are putting yourself in. Or you do see the problem with the activity or the person but you don't mind because it turns you on or gives you some type of high.

However, be careful you are walking a dangerous path, because any day now, that person or thing might be the end of you. It won’t harm you at first but sooner or later it will turn on you. Whatever trouble that this thing or person brings you, you brought it on yourself. Don’t mean to scare you or frighten you. Just want to help you. Don’t let you flesh weaken your judgment.

Good-luck and I hope this helps you :)

P.S: this is my interpretation from the information you gave me. As I said before, you are the best person to interpret your dreams.

Example: Can a car dealership do this?

My dad bought my mom her dream car on an ebay auction the other day (a mustang) and he won the auction by bidding at 9 pm est. And the next day my dad called the dealership at 1 pm and that day at 11 am they sold the car to somebody else... he already won the auction and they didn't check, and they sold it. What can he do? Can he sue? I want him to do something because that is wrong!

Example: How do I start my own car dealership?

Ever since I was young, I've developed passion for cars. Everyday when we go out, I would look at all the cars passing by. My father would let me sit on his lap and I'll take over the steering wheel while he does the gas and the gearbox.

Now I'm in 9th grade, I'm starting to create plans for my future business as an auto dealer or establish my own car dealership. It's not into manufacturing, but instead, it's on selling imported cars. I have listed over 50+ car makes for me to sell, however, it won't start that big, it all starts with about less than 10 car makes. As I make profit, I add more makes. I'll take luxuries last perhaps, when I have enough money to play with, they're not in big market demand. I'll also sell commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses.

I've started designing my car showroom just this June, all meeting requirements of a usual showroom. From scratch to scratch, I've been sketching what my showroom would look like. At last, just after few weeks, I've came up with the final design, perhaps not final. It still needs some fleshing out.


Now my first concern here is, are the suppliers. I've been searching suppliers from Alibaba and I thought, they aren't that reliable. Perhaps I would order directly like from Toyota Japan, Hyundai Korea, Chevrolet U.S.A, etc. I do not have the general knowledge yet, but how do I get them to supply for me? Well of course, contact them. But are there any steps/processes should I undergo?

My second concern is, the drive position. Our country only allows left-hand drive, whether brand new or used. Take for example, Japan is a right-hand drive country. Like for Toyota Japan, can they supply me units which are factory-converted to left-hand drive? Will it be possible? Will it charge me for it?

My third concern is, are the vehicle's features/trims. Take for example, the manufacturer usually sells a van which has 4 doors, meaning, 2 doors on front, 1 sliding door on either side and 1 liftgate/hatch door. Will it be possible for me to have the van 2 sliding doors on both sides in which they do not sell? Because take for example, our local Toyota, offers the Hiace with dual sliding doors which isn't found elsewhere in the world. Another question, will it be possible for me to create my own vehicle trim? Take for example, our local Toyota, the Hiace Super Grandia has dual sliding doors, and this trim isn't found elsewhere in the world other than in our country alone.

A question: Take for example, our local Toyota offers all same models throughout the country. Is it then owned by Toyota Japan? Or is it owned privately, just like my future business, this private business who contacted Toyota Japan to be its supplier? If it is owned by Toyota Japan, then are the unique vehicle trims for my country's market demand?

What problems should I expect/face?

Thank you. If you have any clarifications, please include them in your answers. I would be happy to clarify them for you.

Example: What does it mean WEIRD dream!?

i have this dream where these men at a car dealership
are trying to kill me and my friend. we run and hide and try to kill THEM too but to save ourselvs. in the first dream ( i had it before)
we got away unharmed. but last night my friend got seriously hurt. then this huge creature came and said " you must not hurt the one who owns..." something idk then the wrierd lady said she was dead but someone gave her another heart and she lived?

idk it was effing weirdddddd and i just don't understand what this means im sorry i didnt give much detail but its hard to explain,

can anyone tell me what this means?

Example: Decent Car Dealerships in the DFW area?

Are there any decent car dealerships in the DFW area. My mom has been looking for a new car and has been jerked around so much that she is ready to cry. We have been to several KIA dealerships and they promise you the moon until you are ready to sign. We have been promised payments of XXX amount of dollars and then they go up $100 for what is quoted, cars are not in stock as advertised, salesmen are jerks, etc. Her credit is sterling, she has cash to put down. What I am wanting to know are there any good car dealerships in DFW to buy a nice small SUV from?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok I just had this absolutely ridiculous dream, and I'm wondering if you think there's any underlying meaning to it.

In my dream I had just moved into a new apartment. It was a really sweet place and I was loving it. The first day I moved in, I bumped into this girl down in the laundry room. She was gorgeous, had this really sweet accent (I think she said she was from Ukraine). We hit it off instantly, and in the dream I was pretty much convinced that I found "the one." That same day, I was walking outside to get a sense of the area, and a dog came up to me. It was this medium sized grayish dog, and it was instantly incredibly affectionate. It didn't have any tags on it, and was so loving so I decided to keep it since at the time it didn't seem like it had just wandered from its owner's house. I wandered down to the car dealership, where my car was being fixed up. They fixed it up, and it was in perfect shape, ready to go. Here's where my dream took a turn...

On the way back from the dealership I stopped to get some coffee and do a little people watching. As I was sitting there, in front of the coffee shop, I met this dude who was homeless. He was limping severly, and he asked me if he could get a ride about 5 blocks down to this area near a bridge underpass. Normally I don't think I'd do this, but in my dream I said yes and let him hitch a ride. On the way driving there, he started pissing himself. I was like, "duuuude wtf," and as I was distracted by all the pissing, I crashed into a telephone pole. He hopped out and left the scene. He also left a POOL of piss in the seat. Like, the entire front foot area of both the passenger and driver seats was just filled to the brim.

Then the police get there, and I explained what happened. This seemed to go on for a looooong time, and eventually they told me that they would have to confiscate the car because the piss in it was evidence in the "crime." I thought it made no sense, but they insisted they had to take the car. So I walked home, pissed off, and slightly injured. I made it back to the Ukranian girl, who somehow magically was now my girlfriend, and I started to realize something. She started saying some of the absolute dumbest **** I've ever heard. For example, while we were talking she started eating an cigarette. EATING it. I was wondering why on Earth she was doing that, and she basically told me, "Oh, I learned from my grandmother that it was good to have a cigarette every once and a while." Over the next couple hours she started doing other ridiculous things, like putting forks in the microwave, and eating laundry detergent. I then basically realized that this girl was not this mysterious worldly european girl, but basicallly a semi-retarded person whose stupidity was masked by her accent and mannerisms.

After this the dog came back to me, and it started pissing every time it would hug me. It was uncontrollable. Later on, I ran into the homeless guy, who for some reason was dressed up in a suit at this house party, and was apologetic about what happened. I gave him the hardest stare down I could, and basically didn't even think about talking to him because I was on the edge of just beating the **** out of this guy.

Then I woke up. What on Earth could that dream mean?

Example: Serious Inquires Only Please 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo My Hubby's Dream Car?

Today I bought my Hubby his dream car a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo It has the Moon Roof, Cd player (stock), Power Everything with the Tan Leather Interior and Tinted Windows. But my real Question is my Hubby is 31 and is in Iraq right now and I want to improve this vehicle for him before he gets home. But I need to know what men his age (31) would like done to improve it. Understand that this is a suprise gift and I am going to pick him up in this car when he gets stateside on October26th.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I saw the most beautiful golden wheat field gently rippling in the breeze. This field was of gigantic proportions, as large as California and Texas combined. I seemed to be floating just above the field and as I gazed downwards, I saw hands reaching up out of the wheat field. The hands were of all sizes and colors. They seemed to be trying to reach or grasp for something or someone.

I then saw a few people, perhaps a half dozen, go into the field and start to help those whose hands I saw grasping. Those they helped in the field also began helping others. This scene was really heartbreaking as there were so many who reached up and so few to help. Many more were missed and overlooked than were saved.

I then looked at the edges of the enormous field and saw much frantic activity. Construction workers were busily building large churches and big houses. I saw business people rushing to work and car dealerships selling expensive cars. They were all totally oblivious to the tragic scene in the wheat field. They rushed about as if nothing was wrong.

Example: Does this dream mean anything at all?

My grandma just passed away a few days ago and my whole family is in shock. I had this strange dream and i wonder if it has any significance.

First off i do not beleive that dreams mean something, i think that's all fantasy. I told my Mom about my dream and she's going crazy thinking its a sign or something so i wanted to know what you guys think

Okay so in my dream the doorbell rings and i go downstairs to answer it. A woman with long blond hair and blue eyes with a yellow raincoat on is at the door. I regonize her admetily.
I used to take dance lessons like six years ago and that woman's daughter used to dance with me. I didn't know her daughter real well or her Mom. I talked to her a few times and she was really nice and had a deep Czechoslovakia accent. The last time i saw her was at a car dealership when we were buying a new car. She was very friendly again but none of my family remembered her name.
Okay back to the dream, the woman gave me a huge hug and i asked her where my grandma was. She just stared at me and said "She's with me now". I remember thinking to myself that she wasn't God so why is she saying that for?
I asked her if my Grandma missed me and if she still loved me.
She then repiled "It's all different now,".

Then I woke up.
My Mom says its a sign but i think my mind was playing tricks on me or something.
By the way my grandma died on Tuesday morning and i had that dream Tuesday night. I don't know that woman's name so i have no idea if she's dead or not.

Am i just cold hearted or was it really a sign?

Example: Weird work dream...does it mean anything?

Ok, so last night I had a dream about having an affair with a co worker (I am a receptionist at a dealership, the co worker was one of the salesmen) who I occasionally exchange pleasantry's with but nothing more than that.

In this dream he persued me, I said no a few times then gave in finding that I was attracted to him. I am a happily married woman and he is a happily married man. Does this dream mean anything?

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