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Dream About Car Battery meanings

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Example: Why do I keep on having dreams about a dead car battery?

Car means comforts.Car with dead battery means you are unable to enjoy comforts.Perhaps you are disappointed about something.Loss of energy,fear of loss of attractiveness.If you are single and over 20 unhappy sex life.If you are employed poor performance in job.Feeling that you may not be of much use to others.In male it means impotence or lack of energy/drive.

Example: Whats does it mean when my car battery and waych battery die?

Example: Fire dreams lately meaning?

i had this strange dream that a car battery started to sprak and caught fire i tried to pick it up and i got electrocuted and it was sitting in the snow burning and burning.

i don't drive by the way,

i recently been having alot of fire dreams. does anyone know what that means?

Example: What does my dream mean? Help?

I have two dreams i would like analyzed lease: One i had last night, and one reoccurring dream. The one i had last night, i was in a very nice house in the basement playing around with an electrical setup to charge the battery of a hybrid push to start car. Then the scene changed and i was in a library pushing a blonde girl on a swing and then i stole an action figure, but then later returned it. Then i picked up a book and to my surprise, it was a picture of me and the blonde girl on a mountain with a title of: "the gathering is not a greenwood". It was the third book in the "greenwood" trilogy.

The next dream (the one that i keep getting) is that i am home alone and i hear a car door close. I look outside and see people (its always a different group) in my driveway approaching my house with crowbars and the like. I push the house alarm alert button and it rings (but the cops never show up) and then run upstairs (or somewhere "safe") and then the other events are different as i am trying different ways to get out safely in every dream.


Example: What does fire/flame means in a dream ?

What does fire/flame means in a dream ?
Two days ago I saw in a dream I was at work conducting a building check with my partner when the smoke detector went off and he told me FIRE FIRE, so we got out. In the parking lot I saw it was a car battery that went on fire, I didn't see the fire but i saw the flames.

- That was a day after went to an oral board with Lieutenants and Captains ( i was late b/c i couldn't find the building on the campus) for the same job with another campus (for a better pay) and was not selected.

-Prior to that ( tow or days days) I saw myself in a dream where I was kissing my girlfriend's left cheek and noticed she had a tattoo "Dream" written in cursive. I do not have a gf presently and I am not talking to any girl neither.-I have a friend I met at my College who i haven't talk to and seeing since May.I liked her and her cousin told me she felt the same and didn't want to admit it b/c i was such a nice guy. Funny thing the conversation with the supposedly cousin came from her phone.She back a tattoo on her back hips that reads "The Dream" She let me wrote it on her hand once in cursive, with my pen while we was having lunch at school and told me I didnt make her endorphens react. Last time we talked she told me she was having a child and the father had broke up with her. We use to stay up until 2.3 or 4am texting. I don't know if the dream has any relation with her.

Any body can shine some light on these two confusing dreams please ?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

FIRST DREAM- Well these people came to my house and kicked me out! they just said that I (only me they never said my mom and it's only me and my mom who live in the house btw) And i had my cell phone so i called my mom and she just said "okay". I hung around outside my house for a while until my mom got home but she never did! She didn't come home for 2 days! and by then my phone battery died so i just started walking. I walked all the way out of the neighborhood and then i just kept walking to i don't even know where! By then days had gone by and i met all these homeless gangsters and i kind of became one of them but i didn't want to be! every single person there was like "do you wanna buy some drugs?" "who is this chick?" "damn shes fine!" "let's **** her" to me! (i know really disturbing things, they scared me really badly!) But i don't know why i just accepted it and let them assault me and put drugs in me and such. they forced me to be like them! so slowly (about 3 days in dream) i was them. then i just woke up

SECOND DREAM- this is kind of a carry-on from the first dream and they were separate nights! okay well i decided to go back to my neighborhood but for some reason i had to have a lot of people there. so i invited all of my "gangster" friends and i knew that we were going to get into a big bloody fight but i just don't know why and with who! so i starting walking and all of a sudden i was back in my neighborhood in my subdivision! then i came to my senses and i was myself again! i knew that what the gang people were doing to me was wrong and i became really terrified! so i called my friend with a phone a gangster gave me and she said to walk over to her house and we would figure something out. so i did and her parents were not home so she got out of the back door and ran. i ran after her and i have no clue where we were running but then we got to my house and she was asking all of these questions and i told her everything that happened. i got to my front door and it was unlocked! but i couldn't go in (not sure why i just couldn't) and my dog was there! i told her he had gone days with no food or water and i was so scared he was going to die! so she ran in and gave food and water for him. then we walked to my front yard and we saw my mom standing by her car texting! i went over and hugged her and told her everything and by then i was crying. but she didn't even move. all she said was "oh okay that okay" it's like she wasn't even there! (i am having trouble with my mom in real life feeling like she doesn't care, could that be a link?) then the police came and told us to put our hands behind our back and all (my mom didn't) and he didn't care that she didn't! he fired his gun straight at me but before it hit me i woke up

so what do you think this is about? i was totally terrified!

Example: Does my dream mean anything? ?

I recently had a dream that has been bugging me for days. It isn't reoccuring, but it's extremely vivid. To be honest, I don't believe in things occult, etc., but if you can tell me anything, whether it be about my personality, my feelings, or even about something as unbelievably fantastic as my future, I would appreciate it.

Basically, a few months ago I had confessed to my crush, but I told her that I didn't understand my feelings completely and told her not to reply, and she accepted that and told me nothing.
I met her for the first time at some academic enrichment program, and I was leaving the program, so I also told her that I wouldn't see her anymore, and that was that.

I also knew that she didn't like me. Maybe as a friend, but I knew she liked a few other guys. She tended to avoid me at times, but not to he point of alienation. I even told her that when I confessed.

Anyways, the dream went like this.
I was trying to build a computer out of scrap, based on the idea of Alan Turing's impossible machine (tape infinitely long with 0s and 1s written on it), and I did so with the help of an obscure Hispanic kid my age. We worked in his dad's van, and we needed a single Double A battery. I left the van, and right across the street was that academic enrichment program. I went in and began looking for a battery. When I had found it, a Duracell, the thought of that girl hit me. I went into the old room that we used to be in, and I saw her. But this time, her hair was pink instead of black, and she wore a really girly sweater (light blue or pink), which she would never do. She was busy reading, or playing some handheld game ( i can't recall) and so she didn't see me. I felt pretty embarrassed, so I left. Walking out, the van changed shape but my Hispanic buddy and his dad was still in the car. ( White car, always had been white). Suddenly, I felt a tug on my shirt, and the girl I like was behind me.
She looks up at me with these pathetic eyes, and she says...

Example: (Dream) What does she mean?

Alright, let me just tell you the dream.
Or, the sum of it, to keep this short.
I was in Louisianna (I only know this from the air and surroundings), and I had finally gotten a new car.
I was testing it out, going through the basic steps of operating it, when I'd been shocked from behind.
A truck had hit me and kept going.
They never stopped, and kept going past me.
I called bullshit, and snapped a picture with my phone.
I saw a bunch of letters, and numbers on the liscence plate, but they were in the form of this, roughly: AB9 388592588 9165ABJJEI J1
Least to say, it confused the crap out of me.
Time froze, and I was able to get back in my car that was somehow good as new.
I tailed them and after a few blocks the scenery started to change.
The atmosphere seemed a little more urban, and it reminded me of Chicago.
Took too many right turns to count, and then the driver of the truck (We're actually talking 18 wheeler, here) went into a heavily residential area.
Like a gated community.
I hate gated communities.
Took an epic shortcut. Ended up 5 meters in the air, and landed in a pond.
I got out dry somehow, and planned the trucks route ahead of time so I could stop in front of it.
Well, skipping ahead to when I did, it ended up wrapped around a tree.
A girl stepped out.
19 years old. 4 inches below shoulder height blonde hair. 5'9". Athletic fit, but beautifully casual.
She shocked me.
I didn't care about the car any more, I wanted to know if she was okay.
I felt connected.
And it wasn't an infatuation, but I had a strong care for her.
I don't remember what happened.
She smiled and ran towards my car.
I blinked.. and it was bright...
Bright like Texas.
More buildings, but they were all tan and dusty.
Just not uninhabited.
I followed her, and we turn a few corners.
The views were fascinating, because I'd never seen them before.
Anyway, she seemed pretty athletic, and I didn't mind because I run a lot, too.
But this took forever.
She finally ran into an unmarked building, which looked whiter than the others.
Probably because it had gotten really hot out, and really bright.
I ran in after her after a few seconds and immediately... Stairs.
My worst. Focking. enemy.
Couldn't tell if she went up or down, beause they were like spirals.
Like, the ones you see at schools.
I started down.
Apparently I was trespassing.
Let's fast forward.
I assumed that it was a building for models or some ****, because I'd seen many dressing rooms and many people working on finishing extravagant clothing.
I guess there were security guards, and that I was disturbing the peace or something, because I was being run out of there by an asian that looks like Kim-Jong-Un, and a couple of random dudes..
Dressed in black suits, o'course.
Let's finish this up, further.
Kimmy got tired, and the other two vanished.
The poor guy looked pretty bad, and I decided to help him out.
I found a room with some sliding glass doors leading to a balcony, and let the breeze fly in.
I laid him down so he could rest and gave him some water from a mini-fridge.
He said thanks and that he was wrong, yada yada...
He welcomed me, and I went to go look for her again.
And she almost walked right by me.
I caught her face, covered in make-up, a wig, and this beautiful sky-blue shiny dress.
She looked like Sam from ICarly.
Weird, I know.
But I finally stopped her, and I asked her name.
She said her name was Courtney, and I remembered immediately that she'd already told me after she got out of her truck..
Fast forward, we talk, she explains some things, said she was sorry and there was no sweat about it.
At the exit, she was on the stairs, and she gave me 3 cameras.. Slim, and full of battery and pictures.
I didn't know what was in them, but I had a feeling that it was of us.
She finally gave me one last camera outside after chasing after me.
I guess she forgot, and this one was big and had a low battery.
She told me to take one worthy picture and give it back to her.
I held her beside me and took one of us.
The camera died, and the dream ended.
It was weird, and I want some help.
What does this mean?
Thanks for reading this for so long.

Example: Why can't we generate Electricity from a running Car. There could be various ways & means to do so.?

Running car can charge a Battery, so why can't we store & transfer this Energy. More the Car Runs more the energy will be produced.
Why can't several dynamos be fitted in a car to produce Energy. Why can a blower kind of thing be fitted in the car to produce wind mill sort of Energy. Am I out of my mind...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I just cannot get this dream out of my mind so I thought I would post it on here to see if anyone has an interpretation for me :)
Before I tell the dream, something you should know about me is that I am extremely close to my family and my niece and nephew and would do anything for them (I often consider them my best friends).

The dream started out going to a town, Bowdle, where I basically grew up because my mom had asked me to take my niece and nephew there. The town is my mother’s hometown and a lot of my relatives live there currently. I go to school about five hours from the town. I drove two hours home to my current hometown, Watertown, to pick up my niece and nephew. I didn’t get there until about 10:00 at night. Another thing you should know about me is I absolutely hate driving at night because I hallucinate, and it actually really scares me. After I pick them up we start driving. I end up driving a way that I had never gone before for no reason and got completely lost and had no idea where to go. I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so I decided to stop at a gas station that is very large and lit up, also in the middle of no where. There are a lot of cars parked outside. I, for some reason, left my niece and nephew in the car, doors unlocked, and the keys in the ignition (which I obviously would never ever do). I go into the gas station and I see a lot of really creepy people. They all look at me weird and say weird things to me (which I cannot remember) and ignore them and try to find the bathroom. The gas station turns into a giant maze. I got lost for a really long time in the halls and no one would help me, but I eventually find the bathroom. The bathroom has two doors to it on opposite sides of the walls connecting to the halls. I locked both doors. Right when I do so, I kept hearing a bunch of people at both doors banging on the doors asking who is in the bathroom. I finally unlock one when I am finished and two or three really creepy girls with blonde hair and pigtails are standing right in my face. I start crying because I realize I left my niece and nephew in the car unlocked, and I also had not changed the little ones diaper or asked the other one if she was hungry, thirsty, or needed to go to the bathroom. Right when I was about to turn down the hall after the bathroom to go back to the car, my mom and one of my sisters were standing there walking with my niece to the car (when we get out I realize another sister was in the car with my nephew). They seemed to not notice I left them in the car at all, and were saying how much they missed me and they ended up wanting to go to Bowdle, also. They end up leaving my sisters large vehicle there and hop into my little car. So it was my oldest sister driving my car, my mom in the front seat, and another sister, my niece, my nephew, and I in the back seat, somehow all buckled up individually. I usually don’t let anyone drive my car, so it was weird that I wasn’t driving. My sister takes out a bowl and starts smoking weed while she is driving with her two kids in the back (which she would NEVER do) and hands it back to me. I didn’t smoke, and neither did anyone in the car besides my sister driving. My mom is really against smoking weed, which I don’t know if that matters in my dream. So we start driving, and everyone else knew the way (the way that I previously mentioned I was completely lost). Every gravel road we went down ended up having something wrong with it, and there was water on both sides of the road no matter what road we went down. Some roads would be fixed just by having large boulders that connected one side of the gravel to the other, like a bridge. Eventually, every road ended and turned into the water, like it was once a road but the water covered it now. I am also terrified of water, especially driving by it. So, my sister kept backing up not thinking anything of it to find a different road. In fact, no one else in the car thought it was weird but me. Same with the smoking weed thing, leaving the kids in the car, the gas station, and having four seatbelts in the back of my car. So my sister, still holding the bowl, had been driving and reversing the entire time with only one hand. This happened about 5-10 times with the roads ending and turning into water. The last time she reversed too far to one side and we slowly submerged into the water. Everyone just sat there looking at everyone and didn’t move. I had to unbuckle everyone and try to save them by myself. I got my niece and nephew unbuckled first and got my window rolled down before the water filled up too high in the car. Right when I unbuckled the baby (the second one I unbuckled) he started floating to the top on the water in the car I woke up. I remember being terrified when I woke up and I was also crying. What does this mean? It has really been bothering me!
Thank you :)

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