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Dream About Car Alarm meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed of a girl being killed with the car I was in, I could feel her bones crushing and her blood squirted everywhere. Then I ran away and the man driving the car chased me, and I got int someone elses car, and they said i would be safe. In their home, I heard voices, and called the cops. But someone heard me and I hear footsteps. The burglar alarm went off and I went through the escape route and started flying, so I flew to the mall and there was a dead end of windows. I smashed the window with my hand and felt the searing pain, and I flew out. Then, I was running, and there were hundreds of men chasing after me in dark green uniforms with yellow triangles on the back. They were shooting at me. But just in time the cops came and arrested them.

After a few days, I went back to the house I stayed at and saw a man in the window. I called the cops but they said I was overreacting, and I had gone through so much already. The man saw me then, and I ran. He was shooting at me again and I started flying again except this time the wind was pulling me out of control. I almost crashed into buildings and I heard womens voices laughing in my head, mocking me and saying I'll never be in control and that the wind will take me everywhere and anywhere it wants to. Then the cops got the guy.

It skips to later I'm in church telling another girl about my horrible story, and she tells me about hers too, and as we're whispering there's a man's voice that puts our voices in the background and he says (like movie), "The two women in the hospital whispered about their schizophrenic and disassociated identity worlds."

Meanwhile I see the two old women talking, one is me, then it fades to show them in a church which is what they think is happening.

dreams mean nothing. they are production of DMT and brain noise in the brain that present random events that are similar to reality. they literally have no message and your brain makes the most random of scenarios to keep itself entertained while you sleep

Example: What does this dreams mean?

I dreamt I was at the movies with my friend, her cousin's friends and relatives,and my friends friends.And so was this guy I like alot.He was in a R rated movie with my friends cousin and her friends and I wanted to go inside and hang out with him but I didn't wanna get caught by her.My friend was in a movie that was really little kiddish and i didn't wanna see it.So I couldn't decide on what to see.I was back and forth back and forth.I hung out in the lobby too and talked to people.Then I went outside and I saw my crushes car and his door was open but I didnt wanna shut it and the car alarm would go off and he would hear the sound alarm go off.

Example: What is the meaning of dream my car being stolen and replaced by a rusty old and stripped car?

I have a dream last night. I couldn't find my parked car on the street, and when I used my remote to find the car, I found the alarm of a rusty old and stripped car responded.
What is that mean?

Example: What does a dream about chasing a stolen car mean.?

Ok so in real life I have two cars. So in my dream I was driving one car and I was at a shopping mall and saw my other car there with someone eles driving it. So the person sees me and takes off. I chase after them. I get pulled over and explain to the cop what had happened and he takes me in the cop car and continues to chase the stolen car. I realize I then have the keys to the other car in my pocket and my cars have lojack so the cop said oh we will get it back then and takes my keys. After that my alarm went off. A very complex dream. I get what a stolen car means someone is using you but I don't think its that I think it is different especially since I'm chasing that stolen car.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've always been a firm believer that dreams truly have a meaning in our wakening lives. Last night, I woke up alarmed because I heard the sound of a continuous horn honking/blaring in my dream. My dream:

A friend and I was in a car, we were trying to exit a parking lot structure. She was driving and I was in the passenger seat. All of a sudden, many cars appeared out of no where and they would not let us exit. They just kept cutting us off. We were in a sedan and suddenly this massive SUV just zoomed right in front of us. I remember it was a lady and she was wearing a purple shirt, she seemed angry. (I thought it was funny because we should of been the angry ones). I remember stating aloud "wtheck is going on" in my dream. Than, I started to honk the horn. I just kept honking and honking. I was also wearing a light blue blouse in the dream. And before all the car action occurred, I remember touching the collar of my blouse and feeling the silk like material between my fingers.

So, what do you think my dream mean? Help!

Example: Dream meaning? I was being chased by a car, then I see the guy I like and the cars gone?

Ive been on and off with a guy I like for a year.
Anyway last night I dreamt I was being chased by a car that was trying to run me over. As Im escaping, I run into the guy I like. And im thinking yes! And I feel more safe..
It was great but just then my alarm woke me up...
Any meaning?

Example: What dose my dream mean?

i had a dream that i went to the gym but when got there it was closed for a birthday party but i stayed and watch and when came out i was at my old school. i then went home to a strange house and there were loads off evil cats that kept clawing me, so i went out the house and then went next door to ask for my car keys, but when went to go to the car, i couldn't remember what car was mine has it was in a car park, and when checked to see if anything on the car key, it said Hyundai but the key alarm opened a Citroen so took key back. and thats when i got woken up.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

Ok so I can't forget about this dream at all, and it happened last night. It starts out in my kitchen, and my mother is kind of sad. I ask her what is wrong and she replies that she saw something last night and was showing it to Sally, our dog. This whole time she was packing up food and clothing because apparently a tornado is coming, which is odd because we live in a place with little to no tornado's. I then find out she saw an alien last night and that is another reason she is making us leave the house, the aliens are coming to invade earth. (Let me remind you this dream was very vivid.) I go into her room to help pack and find a drawing of hers, it is a skeleton-like purple alien in a coffin flying through the sky, I ask her about it and she says she saw that last night. Then we get in the car and drive to a Chevron because the shelter is there, I text my boyfriend and he meets up with us there, and then it ends. However, I woke up very scared for some reason, and had a sense that I should not cough at all, and I needed to cough badly, but I keep it in. So, am I seeing something important or just something my mind made up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was night and I sat on a shed with 2 of my friends(boy and a girl) at the local school where I used to go. One of my friends(the boy) live fairly close to me and the other one(the girl), whom I'm actually in love with, live approx 6 miles away. Well, I fell off the shed and walked over to this car that was parked and yanked it so the alarm went off. I saw someone sitting inside the car so I ran as fast as I could. I tried to hide in some bushes and I saw this chinese guy run past me extremely fast. Apparently he found me and began to shoot at me with all different kinds of guns but he didn't hit me a single time. After a while he left and I saw this wolf. I tried to pet it but it bid me and I ran. I ran into 2 people who was arguing and one of them had a gun. I asked if I could borrow it so I could shoot the wolf and they must've said yes because I got the gun. I tried to shoot the wolf but I missed. I ran back to the school and saw my friends and told them about the wolf. I think this is where I woke up.

If you know what this dream means or have an idea, please submit an answer!

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay so this isn't the first time iv'e had a dream like this but it was at different places, So me and my family are in a car and my sister's driving on a bridge and she swerves and drives right through the railing breaking it and we land right into the water and die. iv'e had this dream exact like this 2 other times but in different places.

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