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Dream About Captive meanings

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Example: Dreams...what does it mean?

well, basically this dream I remember in full detail, it was very very strange and I somehow tricked myself in it, like one of those movies where you are like WHAT?!?! at the end...

It started with me being in a class-room, all of a sudden there was a weird sound kind of like lazer beams and the walls and windows turned purple and yellow really fast for about a second and i was just like man the hell was that? all of a sudden im at work (pizzahut) and this person comes up to me and has a frozen baby, saying she just gave birth to it. Another lady now comes and has a second frozen baby, saying she just gave birth too and that both of them won some kind of world wide pregnancy award or something and thats what the sound & lights were. so they put the babys and sweet potatoe fries into a freezer and left. after that these two hydras (were long neck dinosaurs though) were coming out of a river and they had the two frost babys on their back and the landscape was filled with a beach full of evergreen trees and my friend tyler was throwing rocks and fries at them and he needed food so i scouted the trees and found blocks of butter, jello and lollipops (i remember this like it literally happened) and i gave it to him, then we were infront of a school walking around and we were going to go into a pool when someone asked me if i was going to his party, i said i could that I had work and proceeded by telling him that I am going to the pool; he said good luck the guard will never let. Turns out the guard was one of the frost baby bearers and let us, when we got there I was randomly in this holy shrine-like room with statues and weird pillars and all of a sudden a big long head and neck rolls in, I tell Tyler to be quiet so it doesnt attack us, it couldnt see clearly but it was sniffing around and tyler started making weird noises so i flicked a rock away and it hit the far wall and it turned and went for it.. turns out the neck with the head was just a badger? after this a weird man in a purple suite comes in and says good luck. followed by a little girl who says her mom wont give her any art supplies, so i pulled out some paint brushes and equipped her. After that she just decimated into the wind and dissapeared, so we went outside the room and saw a schoolbus outside. we got in and it started driving full speed towards the river. I asked tyler what would you do if it went right into the river? he said " i wouldnt like that lake anymore!" and as it was about to go right into the river and I started to panic a bit and all of a sudden the bus did a drift on the sand, but really fast, fast enough that it shot me out the back and I could see myself flying far across and i just saw the land under me moving.. (like 1kilometer up in the air) ... all of a sudden i wake up (in the dream) and people are surrounding me, I woke up as one of the frost babies..when I looked over, Tyler woke up.. as the second frost baby. kinda a mindfuck just woke up and was like what the **** just happened?! I told my friend tyler in real life and he was like the hell?! post it on yahoo answers see what you get! so I am.. I know it's probably nothing but theres some type of theory to such dreams, why did I remember it so well? how could you possibly mindfuck yourself? not sure. might've just had a higher release of dimethyltriptamine during my sleep.

if you actually read all this congrats :P

Okay, I can't sleep, so I am actually a captive audience for you psychedelic, magic mystery tour, acid induced dream. I have absolutely no idea what it means, but it is refreshing to find someone who still seems to a have a firm grip on the English language and know how to employ the spell checker. And know, after your Tolkien like saga, I'm not sure if I want to sleep with that novelette so fresh in my mind for fear of the dreaded ice babies. Oh and also it pisses me off when no one answers my awesome questions, so I didn't want you to feel the disappointment when you checked back. There, hope your happy

Example: Do my dreams mean something?

I'm a 14 year old girl and I can almost never sleep until about 1:00-2:00AM in the morning. When I do get to sleep I usually have dreams about being the main character from whatever it is I'm obsessed with at the time.
Recently that involves being Danny Fenton/Phantom from a cartoon called Danny Phantom. Before that it was Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series, before that it was Jacob from a book called Reckless... You get the idea...
In the dream I'm almost always getting chased or captured by someone or something and sometimes I don't even know why!
Also I wake often at night, either freezing or sweating... sometimes even both I think... sometimes I even wake up crying!
Is this normal? Do the dreams mean something? Or is it just my crazy fan-obsessed mind scaring me in my sleep?
Someone please help me! Thanks!

Example: If you dream that you are being "held captive" by a "captive" lion, what can it mean?

Example: Dream meaning?

Its really weird but here it goes,
My principle from last year, (she moved to a different school irl) held me and 4 other people captive. I only remember one person, she is my best friend emily. The others i just can't remember. Anyways where she kept us had this sky roof type thing, i don't know if thats important. It was a huge house with an upstairs that spiraled upwards. We couldn't leave. One day she took me for a walk and said she would give us the opportunity to leave if we made a speech in front of the town. She also asked if i would include "618" into my speech. (Not sixhundred eighteen, she said it as six eighteen) i said okay but i wasn't really going to do it because i thought if i did it would kill me and everyone else held captive. Also if i said 618 it would blow up the sky roof and thats what would kill us. She forced me back into the house and there was a police officer there and everyone had sonic. I was going to tell them what happened and not to say "618" or we would die but i couldn't because the officer was there. I tried to take one of my best friends french fries and she punched me in the face. That is when i woke up.

Example: Hey does my dream mean anything?

Ok so I had a dream where me, my friend Emily, and a bunch of boys (I think it was Elliot, Hunter, Baily, Robby, Brennan, Ethan, Aidan, and Connor) who are in my middle school class. So we were trapped in a classroom and the rest of the people on Earth were being held captive by these giant fly people. So then later on in the dream I take a desk leg and start bashing all the fly people. It was actually kinda fun. But really weird. Does this dream mean anything?

Example: Being held captive and more.. What does my dream mean?

I just recently had a dream that was very interesting and I'd really like to get some type of understanding, like some type of meaning behind it. So this was the main part of this dream:
I walked out of the grocery store with my pastor and we were looking for the church van, which had the rest of the youth group in it and one of the youth group leaders. There was a dog outside of the store that was not tied up or on a leash and it was barking at us and it started to come closer. We kept looking around for the van, frantically because of the dog, but we couldn't find it. Then all of a sudden, a man in the middle of the parking lot pulls out a gun and tells everyone to get down on the ground. Everyone follows his instructions and then we are all handcuffed and put in lines by his many accomplices. We are all sitting in lines outside vans, waiting for a long time to be put into vans to be taken away. During this time, my pastor was the only one who was not handcuffed. She was walking around giving people coffee, talking to strangers, and just serving people. When I saw her serving people, I started talking to her. I said things like, "Do you remember back before you started serving people? Do you remember being sad?" I was basically asking her if she remembered the time when she felt lost and depressed and without purpose.
I woke up, so the dream ended there. Does anyone have any idea what this dream could mean? I appreciate your input greatly! Thanks so much!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have a reoccuring dream that I am unable to walk/in a wheelchair and being held captive or cannot leave where ever I happen to be. What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean when im being held captive, sexually abused and beaten?

in my dream i wake up in a house with some guy and a couple others. there's also a couple other females. he keeps making me go wherever he goes. out of nowhere i wake up all beat up his friend did it. and the guy that has me is constantly sexual with me. he finds out hes friends with the father of my child and lets me go, What does that mean?

Example: What does it mean when u dream of being held captive? and tryin to escape? ?

Ive had scarey dreams for the past week and they are starting to bug me. Im 22 and normally dont have nightmares! Lol.

Last nite i dreamt i went shopping. I went downstairs in the shop and then all these criminals with guns came pouring in, said we were being held captive and threatned us with putting us in concrete or on fire. After a while of feeling scared and helpless we were all escaping and running. But then i was on the phone to the police and they didnt believe me that it had happened. They sent one officer down and she looked about quickly and missed all the other people still being held captive! After failing to break them free i woke up.

What could this mean?

Previous nites i have dreamt about being followed and hiding in my car, and a stranger appearing at my door trying to get into the house. Any ideas why im having so many negative dreams all of a sudden? Thanks.

Example: Dream about being held captive by wolves?

I had a reoccuring dream about being in a room full of wolves. They were aggressive but they wernt killing me for some reason. They were more agressive to other people in my dream but not me. Kind of like i was being held captive by them. They kept snarling and growling at me. What message could this mean?

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