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Dream About Capital meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had A dream. What does it mean?

I'm not sure if I believe in the meaning of dreams, but i would be interested in knowing you opinion even if your not an expert.

- I was in school, throughout my day i would see this man. He was around his 50's, like 55. White Caucasian, and with short grey/white hair. He was dressed like an ordinary civilian, grey polo shirt and khaki long trousers.
But when he was walking around i got a sense of a very high status. Although he was important for whatever reason, he he was dressed so ordinarily.

Any ways. When I was seeing him through my day he would be talking quietly to important staff member like the head of years, ect.. Every time he would be in a one to one conversation with someone he would at the same time giving them a small pile of notes of money. He would give it humbly, but no one else seemed interested because it seemed ordinary.

Being curious, at the end I decided I wanted to know who he was. I asked him for his name and occupation.
He didn't answer me, but al he did was pull out his wallet. I thought he was going to give me money ( I wasn't happy about that) I just Wanted to know who he was. He pulled out his wallet, and where his identity card should have been, was a picture of me.

It was a picture of me in the future. And In white capital letters my name was written
'R O C K Y' he then walked away.

And that was the dream. I would really appreciate you feedback guys.

(You might be able to guess why i put this question in this category)

Schooling and being in school means struggling through some every day routine mixed with moderate hardships.
Money (especially paper notes) are grief and sorrows.
The fact that you saw yourself in future and saw how you will be called (or anything related to you will be called) - it's a good sign. Take notice of that "ROCKY" word - it may be the key to your success in future.
Overall meaning is: you are in pains of getting thing work for you the right way, and you will have more difficulties (because of your own mistakes - remember - you have asked for it from the man).
But in future you will be ok.
The details to be filled into the gap between now and then - are up to you.

Example: Vampire dream meaning?

I have a dream about, a vampire who wants to drink my menstrual blood 2 times a day. and i gave him. the vampire being nice to me like we love each other. what does this dream means?

Example: Attracted to girl with a penis in my dream. meaning?

I saw a question about a woman who dreamt she was a hermaphrodite, and it reminded me i had a similar dream last night.

IN REALITY I'm an 18 year old gay girl and My 17 year old step sister recently tried to set me up with one of her openly bi friends (girl A, Alice) that thought i was quite fit. So we flirted quite a bit beforehand on FB, I thought she was alright, kind of cute. Then my sister tried to set us up at her party, and things went well for all of about 5 minutes, I had my hand on her waist, then i went to get her one of my jaegermeisters from the back room and when I got back She was with the girl (girl B, Bella) she had had a crush on since forever as my dozy sister had invited her too. Fair do's, she'd only known me 5 minutes. Well they kissed apparently and unfortunately some underage people at the party spotted my booze and being a soft touch one thing led to another, and somehow while they were smooching I ended up smoking outside with a load of drunk old men moaning about love and philosophy while remarking at the number of teenagers suspiciously falling over and laughing at themselves. ANYWAY, Alice and Bella got together about 2 weeks later properly. And that lasted all of one week, before openly bi Alice realised she wasn't attracted to girls. lol. And the other girl, bella who had been in the closet and come out to everyone including her strict catholic parents was not best pleased.

IN MY DREAM, there was a second party. And at this party they were still together. However, they went into the toilets and there was loud screaming. They ran out and Alice looked really freaked out and disgusted and Bella looked dissapointed and embarrased. Alice said it was over, saying she was into girls, and ran off. I went over to bella to ask her what happened. And then she looked down and I looked down, and she had a huge b*o*n*e*r under her purple velvet dress, and for some reason, I was INCREDIBLY turned on. And she looked like she was about to cry so I gave her a side hug and she explained that she had learnt to accept herself, and she quite liked her D*i*c*k and wanted to keep it and thats why it upset her that Alice couldn't accept it. And the whole while i was just ridiculously turned on and so confused by the way I felt, I mean alice and bella are equally attractive I would say, but Bella's b*o*n*e*r in that dress really did it for me for some reason. And I was being all comforting and touchy feely and saying how crazy Alice was because I found it so sexy and I was pressed against her hip and running my hand up her thigh over her dress and then i reached over and felt up her bulge and felt more turned on than ever. And at that moment I woke up feeling disappointed and confused at the same time.

In reality I hate D*i*c*k and would rather be the one wearing a strap on any day than the other way round.I am so confused right now, It's having that wierd effect on me where I'll be convinced I want something for about two days. Like if I dream aboutsomething happening with a particular girl I wouldn't normally fancy I will be temporarily attracted to her. Fortunately this did not happen when I dreamt I had to seduce M (judy dench *shudder*) from james bond in order to infiltrate the secret service and save the world. Believe me, I wish i was joking aswell. Anyway I'm currently curious now not so much for Bella but for hermaphrodite girls...thanks brain. But I wanted to know if this dream means anything? what do you think?

PS. Bella and Alice aren't real names, coincidentally thats the name of the couple i switch off and dream about when forced to watch twilight ;)

Example: What could my dream mean ?

I have it since I was a child, actually. It always occurs during springtime, leading up to summer - logically.

This is sort of what happens in my dream.

It's a warm night, with damp, hot weather, humid air. I am walking by a forest, when I hear a hunter's horn calling out. I always seem to want to go into the forest, so I go inside it.

In a clearing, there is a gathering of people. Men and women, almost naked, atop horses. There are also braying hounds running around as well. In the middle, there is a horned figure, taller than the rest. With horns I mean antlers like those of stags, not devils. His feet are like those of goats. He does not seem threatening, even though he is big and muscular.

He turns to me, and says: "Join me on my Wild Hunt. (I'm writing it in capital because he says it with such a grandeur) Come, brother of the wild." Then I wake, bathing in sweat, sometimes in my mind I hear the horn blaring still.

Now, it doesn't bother me. As I have been having it for years upon years. But my girlfriend is worried about me. She says, as summer comes - and I have those dreams - I am much more vivid, enthusiastic and my green eyes shine more clearly, and my hair becomes more brown. Conversely, when winter comes, I seem to fall into a depression, if you will, my hair turning grey, and my eyes becoming a darker hue of green, and sentimentally more down to earth.

What could be wrong?

Example: What does it mean if you have lots of dreams about drugs?

I have never done drugs and here are some examples of my dreams. Once I dreamed I was doing glow in the dark cocaine and then I dreamed that I had to hide my huge bag of pot from the police. AM I CRAZY?

Example: Please tell me what my dream means...?

I was home, on white ballet pointe shoes, my sister and some girl were helping me becus it has been my first time on pointe. The shoes were really white.. [Does white mean something bad?] and then I was going to change into another pointe shoes..
I'm not yet a ballerina but ballet is everything to me. I struggled a lot to find a teacher and now i did but he lives in the capital so im organizing sth so that he comes and teaches me here.. I had that dream a while go.. please tell me what it means.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

i've seen a dream:
a boarding school was opened in my town and I registered there. in that school my friend and i were and two other groups were working on a project in front of some people. in our desk there was an advertisement where was shown a phrase for life in blue background and with a rainbow. my friend pushed the desk and everything we was working with fell. the teachers punished us and i was sad. my dad understood that the phrase for life wasn't true and wanted to take me from that school but he couldn't ... in school we had to do an exam but i didn't write anything even if i knew it and we had to go for ice-skating and i was very good at it... then we were at a hot air balloon, someone fell (the balloon was near the ground) and i helped him to get on the balloon but then i fell too and he didn't help me ... then i was in the centre of town, it was night ... i felt lost... i saw some coins near 2 boys and i felt i needed them so i took them.. i thought there could be an hidden camera to show it on tv and then i saw that one of the boys had a blue camera. so i asked whose money were it and the other boy said let me see and took the coins and then he gave them back... i could notice he took some coins in a hidden way...then a boy with a long stick in his hand ordered me to give him some coins, but i didnt wanted to and he followed me to hit me with the stick...i asked my ex classmates passing by to help me but he avoided me... then 2 girls from my class found out the town where the guy with stick was from... then i saw my bro coming from capital with a bicycle... he took another way to get home ... when i reached home i saw my cousin outside and the front door had a hole in center... then i opened it and on the hall i saw many of my family shoes and ym mom came, i began crying and i hugged her

complicated right?

Example: What does this dream mean ..?

Last night I saw a horrible dream,
I was cutting the throat of a stranger ( a young man ) and there was so much blood bursting out of him
what does this mean,
thank you in advance

Example: What do these dreams mean?

First I dreamed that my little sister had dance classes (she doesn't dance. Than rain than I dreamed of a field trip with my class to some white place that kinda looked like a store it had white walls and carpet and everything & I dreamed of snow.
And than I dreamed I was a hotel and it was white and I had to lock my door because there was some little kid that wanted to kill me.
Than I dreamed of being in a toystore and looking at baby stuff.
Than I remember going up to a little kid in my dream and saying "I'm a witch so if anything happens to your cat... you'll know why"
Than I dreamed of old fashioned gangsters with black slicked back hair.
Than in my dream I was swimming.
Than I remember being on a wooden playground bridge except it was really high up and shaking and everyone was scared & it was right by the ocean.
Last I dreamed that there's a big, green waterslide that goes into a harbor in the capital of my province
And I screamed to my mom and sister that I didn't wanna come

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that a rich none English speaking man was in debt and needed those tiny small rose head flower to get himself out of debt. So his translator asked me and lots of other people to find it in what seemed to be a large forest for a nice sum of money. So anyway after loads of random things happened finding it I remember in the dream digging a hole under some little growing red plant and it was under there about a foot deep. I took it to the business man that was in debt and started negotiating a deal with him about it. I know this may be a bit of a random dream to ask about but I never usually remember them so I thought why not. Thanks for answering :) :) Happy Christmas/new year! :)

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